shattered prime

Transformers Antagonists
  • G1: The original Megatron. Turns into a portable gun.
  • G2: Original Megatron with a sensible alt-mode and insensible color-scheme.
  • Marvel: Rotating cast of bad-guys.
  • Headmasters: A scorpion's head.
  • Masterforce: The Black Repaint of that scorpion.
  • Victory: The Dinosaur of Death who's also a Kaiju. His boobs are alive.
  • Zone: Cancellation.
  • Kiss Players: The evils within the hearts of humanity. Also Ecchi.
  • Beast Wars: Dinosaur Megatron who says "Yes" a lot.
  • Beast Machines: Dragon Megatron who doesn't say "Yes" enough.
  • Beast Wars II: Galvatron? Unicron?
  • Beast Wars Neo: "Magma"tron.
  • RID: The Megatron who turned into a giant hand.
  • Armada: Antler Megatron.
  • Energon: Boredom.
  • Cybertron: The most powerful incarnation of Megatron.
  • Dreamwave: Shitty business practices.
  • Animated: Helicopter Megatron.
  • War for Cybertron: D-16.
  • Fall of Cybertron: The smear on Metroplex's fist.
  • Rise of the Dark Spark: Disappointment.
  • Shattered Glass: Evil Optimus Prime and Rodimus's evil Spock Goatee.
  • Prime: OG Megatron returns.
  • Alternity: Quality Control.
  • RID-2015: Furry Bait.
  • Bayverse: If there was a giant Transformers-sized motorcycle for the Transformers to ride in this universe then Megatron would consistently ride bitch to all the other villains.
  • Combiner Wars: Needed more Megatron
  • IDW: The complex multifaceted issues in a society. Also Shockwave, he did most of this shit.

Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime, First Edition, Dark Energon and Shattered Glass, all given a piece of the Matrix….but what each of them does with it is another story.

anonymous asked:

I just had an idea..... what about highschool au but in shattered glass? :D

Oh my goodness, Anon.

  • Tarn, Overlord, Megatron, Helex, Sentinel and all those other assholes teacher are so lovely, and care so much about their students. 
  • Meanwhile, Optimus, Wheeljack and all the other Autobot teachers are fucking terrifying. Everyone hates going to their class because they bring a whole new definition to ‘asshole.’
  • They torment their students so much, give them too much homework, mark their tests unfairly, and just love to inflict terror.
  • Cyclonus and Tailgate are that asshole couple that no one likes.
  • Rodimus bullies everyone, especially the freshmen.
  • Drift used to be nice but now he’s a dick because he’s hanging out with Rodimus.
  • Overlord is the most supportive football coach. Doesn’t pressure his students at all, and is so sweet to everyone.
  • Misfire and Fulcrum are terrifying dicks.
  • Soundwave has such a warm disposition.
  • Rumble and Frenzy are so polite and well mannered. They never had anything mean to say about anyone. 
  • Starscream is such a nice teacher. Soft spoken, loves his students, can’t get enough of teaching. Encourages his students to come to him if they have any problems. 

Shattered glass headcanons where….

Megatron doesn’t want to fight Rodimus but always manages to run into him during battle. 

Rodimus doesn’t care he’s outmatched and will attack Megatron, but Megatron will either knock him out or just go fight someone else because he afraid that he might seriously kill Rodimus as he still doesn’t know his own strength

Optimus will always send Rodimus after Megatron because he wants to see what will happen, it’s entertainment to him. Plus he knows Megatron doesn't want to kill so sending Rodimus after him he knows is tormenting  Megatron values during the war

Megatron tries to coax Rodimus to the Decepticons 

While Ratchet tries to coax Drift to the Autobots

Instead of the D.J.D being atheist they’re super religious

Vos is known to sprinkle holy water on people randomly

Megatron treats all the phase Sixers like his sons

Megatron and Overlord spar weekly

Black Shadow helps Kaon teach Vos English

The Wreckers are terrifying and Overlord hates them.

Fort Max is terrifying and Overlord hates that

and in this alternate universe, the scavengers are still very much confused

Fic Prompts: Transformers Tuesday

The strange, blue-eyed Decepticons poured out of the space bridge and into the battle. Optimus blinked, astonished, as a Megatron in gleaming white slammed into Overlord from the side, knocking him away from Cliffjumper.

“Hello, little friend!” Megatron laughed. Laughed! “Good to see you in one piece!”

“Nice to see you too!” Cliffjumper clasped hands with the giant. “Where’s Starscream?”

With a screech to wake the dead, a white and red blur shot past them howling “WITNESS ME!”

“I’d stay out of his way if I were you,” Megatron cautioned, cringing slightly, “He’s in a mood today.”

Shattered Glass Megatron and Miko are so important to me, because of leggystarscream’s idea of Miko being Megatron’s human friend. 

Miko playing with the Eradicons, a variety of games that are mostly centered around catching the human, and scaring the life out of everyone but Megatron, who is confident that his little human friend is capable of looking out for herself. It doesn’t stop him from keeping an optic out, just in case he needs to step in.

Megatron’s shoulder is right out as a place for a small human to ride. Miko sits on top of his helm, instead.

She says it like a joke, she says it like it’s funny, but it’s not really, and the lightness of her voice can’t make it any less true, when Miko tells Jack how weird it is that Megatron, Lord of the Decepticons is the only adult she knows who hasn’t lied to her. 

When Optimus Prime threatens Megatron with the death of his human friends over the Omega Lock, there’s no fear in Miko’s heart, only boiling rage because how dare he make her a weak point for the strongest person she knows.

(Accordingly, the day she gets the Apex Armor is a dark day indeed for the Autobot Cause, and particularly for Optimus Prime, for even the power of a Prime cannot break the Armor, and experience and cruelty can only do so much against something you cannot squash and that simply won’t stop.)

The monster that was once Orion Pax dies on the Omega Lock. It hurts Megatron more than anyone can see–but it’s Miko who tells him what he needs to hear, that Orion Pax has been dead for a long, long time, that there was nothing else that should have been done.

And when Unicron uses Megatron to oust Primus (that deity who foisted the cruel and corrupt linage of Primes upon ‘His’ people), Miko is enraged again. Not because it was the wrong thing to do, but because Megatron did not deserve to be used as a tool. She stands in the shadow of the god that is the core of her planet, and scolds Him, and He hears in the back of his mind Megatron’s pride in the little alien who is all but a sparkling to him, and is scolded. Megatron will allow nothing less.

What if, instead of Functionist Universe, the Rod Squad was transported to:

1.    Shattered Glass Universe

2.    Aligned Universe

3.    Live Action Movie Universe

4.    Marvel Transformers Universe

5.    G1 Cartoon Universe

6.    Animated Universe

7.    Unicron Trilogy Universe