shattered fate

shat•ter (ˈSHadər) [verb]: to use excessive force in order to break a Gem into several shards, thus dissipating the Gem’s physical form and dispersing their consciousness between each shard (the thoughts of which are only capable of basic ideas, like wanting to form or create a bubble).

Shattering is irreversible.

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shirokagami1910  asked:

Senpai~ This is kinda similar to the previous one ... But I can't help but asking for the lords reaction to see MC, at HIS wedding with someone else (some sort of forced or arrange marriage) Arigatou, senpai~♡

Nobunaga frowned despite the celebrative athmosphere and the grinning woman at his side. But it wasn’t __. He hated himself so much for doing this right now, especially because he knew how she must have been feeling lately. Of course she didn’t dare saying anything or letting anything on and was smiling, but he knew. He just wanted to be with her, but he was also sure that she would never agree to be his concubine. She had too much honor, too much grace and most of all, she was the most stubborn. This thought brought a wry smile to Nobunaga’s face, the reason for it misinterpreted.

Mitsuhide carried himself with grace like everyone was used to. He was too collected to show how he truly felt, but he already missed __. He couldn’t imagine having a life with another woman at his side, but that was how it was going to be and he couldn’t do anything about it. Everyone was having a good time, including the woman that was going to be his bride in a few hours, adding to his distress. However there was one person who was already watching him, as he glanced over and she clearly was not having fun. But she was so strong, as always, as she offered Mitsuhide a pressed smile, just getting a deep sigh in return that would surely have suffocated him otherwise.

Masamune couldn’t believe what was happening. Everyone was jovial, it was loud and the woman whom he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with just didn’t stop talking. But what was worst of all, was surely not that his ear was talked off, but the sight of his most beloved people, on the verge of tears. Those wouldn’t be tears of joy, but of utter grief and misery. Shigezane wasn’t even looking at him anymore, his expression a mix of desperation and anger, whereas Kojuro was looking straight into his face, his brows lowered in pity. However what hurt Masamune most, was __ who was staring at his future wife without a hint of frustration in her eyes. She rather seemed to have accepted her fate which shattered Masamune’s heart into pieces.

Kojuro would go through hell for his precious girl, but he also had his duties. No woman could make him feel like __ did, and he knew that there would never be an emotional bond with the woman that was standing at his side right now. She was quite silent, intimitaded by Kojuro’s polite, yet aloof and cold behavior. But he couldn’t care less, as the only woman he could see, even in that very moment was __ herself. Indeed, no woman could give him the happiness he felt when seeing her smile, he didn’t want any woman as much as he wanted her. And no woman could give him that sorrow, when seeing her sad, like __ did, as she looked at the floor in front of her feet. He was watching her the whole time, but she never looked up once, seemingly having put everything behind herself already.

Yukimura’s phase of panicking was already over by now, as there was nothing left, but to be exhaused for him. He felt so alone in his situation, as Saizo was nowhere to be found and Shingen didn’t understand Yukimura’s behavior. This wasn’t because he was flustered or anything, but because of __. He avoided her for some time now because he couldn’t bear seeing her, while having to marry another woman and was afraid to see her shiny eyes that would surely have lost their mirth. Finally he was able to look up at her, expecting to see a disappointed or angry expression, but all he could see was __ meeting his gaze and blinking once slowly, as if approving his choice.

This was probably the first time that Saizo was actually confused about his own actions. What was he doing? And since when was he so dependent?
No question in his mind and nothing else could change the fact that this had to be done. No matter how overwhelmed he was, he didn’t show it on his face or gestures. Yukimura had tried to retain him, to sway him, but it was all for nothing. He knew he just did it for him and also the Little Lady. But she was the only thing Saizo had in mind and did this for in the first place. Protecting her was his most important mission, even though he had to hazard the consequences. One of them was his Little Lady watching him throughout the whole ceremony, her eyes begging him to stop this all. He couldn’t.

Ieyasu was so annoyed by everything. Even though he had told everyone to shut up, including his future wife, there were still ceremonies and celebrations he had to attend. He just wanted all to be over already. All those people and annoying activities aside, he was really mad at __. Always having something to complain, never be able to let things be, why wasn’t she saying anything now? Just the slightest objection on her side would be enough to make him drop and abandon everything, but it didn’t come. She was just there, standing and watching, just adding fuel to the fire in his heart.

Toramatsu constantly had to deal with many things and accept what he didn’t stand for himself, but still this was harder than everything he was used to. The only one who could truly made him feel complete and would love him unconditionally was __ and not the woman who he was marrying.
Putting his own thoughts and feelings aside, he watched __ who was working, working for him during his wedding. His heart was now aching for her and only her, completely ignoring his own fate of marrying someone while seeking another. But what gave him comfort was the thought of her marrying someone worthy of her, someone who was better than he was.

Mitsunari didn’t care for women or anyone at all and was wondering how it had even came to this. He was standing there with some woman he would have to spend the rest of his life with. And some distance away, he could see __ smiling as she had a conversation with someone else. Mitsunari was boiling over with anger. How could she smile in a situation like this and ignoring him completely while talking to another man?
However his rage soon turned into sorrow, as he realized that all she did was concealing her own sadness, as she looked over at him, their eyes full of regret and desolation finally meeting.

Hideyoshi was trying his best to be polite and cheerful as ever, not wanting to offend his future wife who wasn’t at fault at all. He had success as nobody seemed to notice his distress. As he looked around, trying to avoid focusing on any face, he saw __ and this time he didn’t have success. She was already looking at him and as always, he was just transfixed by her beauty, overcome with emotion, while remembering the fact that he had to give up on her. He tilted his head slighly, smiling at her. She would see the sorrow in his eyes, he was sure of it and as she smiled back with misty eyes, he knew it.

Toshiie was dissatisfied anyway and seeing __ at his wedding didn’t make things any better. He knew that this was how it should be and that they couldn’t do anything about it, but he just didn’t seem to be able to leave hold of his dreams he had since forever. He wanted her to be at his side at this moment, as his bride, and make more endless, positive memories together. Instead she was standing at the end of the hall, her head tilted and a fake smile pasted on her face. He knew that smile. She always had it when she was about to cry and when she was thinking of something completely else, not really aware of what was happening around her. And he didn’t want to be conscious of this moment either.


“Yello- my Diamond, Jasper repor-”
“Hmm? Oh by the stars! Look at you. This planet has distorted you terribly, you are as much use to me like this as Rose Quartz and her rebels are, and so you shall share her fate… shatter this monstrosity.”
Steven doesn’t need to win Jasper over to redeem her, she just has to be at her lowest.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Explained

Hello friends! Long time, no explaining. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed us. And yes – I also missed painfully digging through hidden in-game codexs, dialogue logs, and pondering the implications of harder-to-grasp narratives. I guess you could say that I’m a glutton for punishment. So, let’s talk about the highly regarded first entry in what is assumed to be a new Final Fantasy sub-series: Type-0. Type-0 HD, to be specific as it has additional narrative elements and a secret ending.

As always, these “Explained” articles break down each game’s biggest questions through an easy to follow QA format. If you’re interested in seeing other entries in this blog series, the same approach has been applied to Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, XII, and XIII’s Mythology. Non-Final Fantasy titles such as Chrono Cross, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Resonance of Fate, and The Legend of Dragoon have also been explained. That isn’t all that is discussed on this cute little blog though. Attention has also been focused on the Jenova Reunion Theory (FFVII), the Twili-Ancient Ones Theory (Zelda), the Final Fantasy III Connection Theory (FFVIII), the Rinoa is Ultimecia Theory (FFVIII), the Squall is Dead Theory (FFVIII), the Likely Outcomes of Chrono Trigger’s Cast, the Parallels Between Silent Hill 2’s James and Real-life Murderor Jack the Ripper, Whether Avalanche is as Bad as Shinra (FFVII), and What the Wolf in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Represents. 

Basically, if there is an obtuse plot element or a complicated ending in a video game – we’ll try to explain it. 

The last thing I’ll mention is that spoilers are to follow, which should be obvious to anyone who read the title of this post. Furthermore, this plot analysis isn’t for people who have never played the game; the intent is to help gamers who have already played and may still need clarification. 

Any who, let’s get into it.

What is Final Fantasy Type-0 really about?

On the surface, Type-0 appears to be a historical account of a world at war with a heavy emphasis on the themes of loss and expectation. Even though many of the characters can’t remember the people who have died in their lives, they know something is missing and they know that they have a lot to live up to while they still live. Like I said, however, that’s all on the surface. 

Final Fantasy Type-0 is tied into the same Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos as the Final Fantasy XIII titles and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV (though, I assume, to a lesser extent in that case). As such, this war that is at the center of all conflicts in Type-0 has its own ties to God-like forces and deities. Big ones, at that. 

What do Gods have to do with the war? 

One only has to look at the game’s primary antagonist for answers. Why exactly do you think the high commander of an empire’s military and technological forces would perform a coup d’etat and initiate a world-wide war against all other nations? Even power-mad men wouldn’t do something so risky in real life. 

Imperial Marshal Cid Aulstyne discovered a big secret at some point before the events of the invasion at the beginning of the game. That secret is that Orience, the land all nations in Type-0 call home, is actually a part of a large-scale experiment put on by the Gods. An experiment that has been repeated a number of times actually. The conclusion of each test sees the land and all of its inhabitants annihilated. As such, Orience is caught in a continuous spiral of death that has seen the world destroyed and reborn 600, 104, 972 times.

So, while much of the single player campaign portrays Cid as a heartless villain (at least on the first playthrough), he is actually a hero in some respects. All he really wanted was to take action for the sake of freeing Orience and humanity as a whole from the slavery of the Gods and four Crystals. His methods are extreme and he has a lot of blood on his hands, but it doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t simply bad for the sake of being bad.

Why is this experiment happening at all?

The land of Orience is at the will of three deities, Diva, Gala, and a third deity who follow the wills of Pulse and Lindzei, the beings that were created by the God Bhunivelze, as detailed in the Final Fantasy XIII games. Diva is mostly just an observer of events. Gala and the third deity, however, are actively involved and use different methods within the land of Orience to accomplish the same goal: finding Etro’s Gate. 

You may remember that we mentioned why finding Etro’s Gate was important in the Final Fantasy XIII Mythos post. Basically, the mighty god Bhunivelze killed his mother, Mwynn, in order to seize power over the realm of the living. At some point, he became quite troubled at the thought of her placing a curse on the realm so that it might one day end. To ensure this would never happen, he sought entry into the Unseen Realm where she and the dead were said to go. 

Unable to reach that realm without losing power over the mortal world, he created the fal’Cie Pulse and gave him the task of finding the entrance to the land of the deceased. Etro was created not long after to assist Pulse, but was stripped of her powers once Bhunivelze realized he had inadvertently made her in the same image as his mother. In a final act, Bhunivelze created Lindzei to work with Pulse and then fell into a deep crystal sleep, only to be awoken once the door to the Unseen Realm was found. 

This door to the Unseen Realm would come to be known as Etro’s Gate after the former deity killed herself. She had become depressed and lonely as she lacked purpose without her power, but in dying she accomplished two very important things: (1) from Etro’s spilled blood, humanity was born and soon flourished, and (2) it gave the Unseen Realm a new caretaker. 

In the Unseen Realm, Etro found Bhunivelze’s mother Mwynn. Mwynn was being overtaken by the chaos that permeated the realm, but in a dying request tasked Etro with protecting the balance of the universe and maintaining the cycle of life and death from her throne in the Unseen Realm. Still, not knowing of that careful balance being maintained, Pulse and Lindzei work tirelessly to find the gate and awaken Bhunivelze. They used three deities to chronical and control the fate of Orience. 

Diva serves as Type-0’s female narrator. She appears during the game’s opening and mostly exists as a neutral observer of the world’s history. She simply records events and announces the arrival of certain events. She may have been the creator of the Nameless Tome, which describes the legends and purpose of the world. Diva has been instructed to never interfere with the events of Orience.

Lindzei, who is often vilified in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos, is the master of Gala. Gala is introduced towards the end of the game as the Rursan Judge and looks somewhat similar to the masked dark knight villains of earlier Final Fantasy titles. His role is to arrive when Orience becomes imbalanced as the result of one nation dominating the other three. He uses his forces to slaughter everyone in Orience in order to create a flood of souls to force Etro’s Gate open. He has successfully killed all in the land of Orience 600, 104, 971 times without being able to force the gate open. Still, his role is pivotal to the events of Tempus Finis (or, the end times). 

Pulse, also known as Hallowed Pulse or “the Maker,” is the master of the third deity. Pulse instructed her to select twelve individuals in each experiment cycle and see if the quality of their souls was strong enough to become Agito, allowing them to interact and pass between the realms. To augment the experiment, she had then introduced the four crystals (as demonstrated by all l’Cie having Pulse’s brand) to the land of Orience and would impart the ability to absorb Phantoma to her chosen Agito cadets. The overall intent of this initiative was to find Etro’s gate with the least amount of human casualties necessary. 

So… who exactly are the third deity and Gala? 

The third deity is none other than Arecia Al-Rashia, the archsorceress in the Dominion of Rubrum, the head of the Sorcery Division at Akademeia, a member of the Consortium of Eight, and the one who each member of Class Zero refers to as “Mother.” While very few people know of her true role as a deity of Orience, it is not as though she is as cold as other power figures we’ve seen in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos. She has faith in human potential, and is nothing but genuine in her love for the students of Class Zero. 

Gala is more of a specter than an actual person. He wears a full suit of armor and has no care for human life. He seeks only to obliterate billions of lives to force Etro’s Gate open. We honestly don’t see him in his true form often, but he does come to possess Cid. When Cid arrives in Pandaemonium, the testing grounds of Tempus Finis, with the intention of becoming Agito and freeing humanity from the cycle of death and destruction Gala tells the Imperial Marshall that it is his fate to become the Arbiter of Tempus Finis. Cid then kills himself in an attempt to prevent his body from being possessed and used to destroy humanity. It was ultimately in vain, as Gala takes the body anyway and uses it to test the Agito cadets. If they are able to best him, even though none have before, he falls into a deep slumber. 

What the hell does Agito even mean?

A good question that could have been better answered in-game. Agito is a term that refers to the messiah prophesied in ancient mythology to appear at the time of the apocalypse. At least that is what the public thinks. In actuality, Agito are able to find and open the gateway between the mortal world and the Unseen Realm. While Arecia Al-Rashia is largely responsible for the creation of Agito, the term is championed and used as a tool to inspire the troops of the neighboring Empire by Imperial Marshall Cid. 

All previous Agito cadets under Arecia Al-Rashia had failed in part because they chose to become l’Cie, but it could be argued that there were also pieces of the puzzle that were missing. Without these pieces in motion, the spiral Orience is caught in is without change. 

According to the Nameless Tome featured in the Rubicus, sixteen constellations were found at the same time. It is said that the sixteen will arrive in the world at a certain moment in the form of human beings, to see if they have the strength to prevent Tempus Finis from occurring and open Etro’s Gate. 

The first twelve represent different internal powers:

  1. Ace – trust
  2. Deuce – gentleness
  3. Trey – knowledge
  4. Cater – bravery
  5. Cinque – innocence
  6. Sice – persistence
  7. Seven – understanding
  8. Eight – calm
  9. Nine – action
  10. Jack – ignorance
  11. Queen – intelligence
  12. King – resolve

The four that Al-Rashia removed from the experiment represented internal fears:

  1. Machina Kunagiri – fear
  2. Rem Tokimiya – love
  3. Joker (00)  – pain
  4. Tiz (10) – decrepitude

If the Agito cadets choose not to become l’Cie and manage to overcome Cid while he’s possessed by Gala, the phenomenon of Tempus Finis will have stalled. At that point, it is up to Aracia, the deity, to decide the final outcome of Orience’s latest cycle.

Who are Joker and Tiz?

You may not have seen them unless you played through the campaign more than once. As I alluded to, they were removed from Arecia’s sixteen constellation experiment and now serve directly under her. To that point, they are both technically members of Class Zero and Joker even refers to Aracia as “Mother.” Though intimate details of their lives are not currently known, they do have a history which will be explored in Final Fantasy Agito.

The interesting thing about these two characters, as far as Type-0 is concerned, is that they appear to have observed numerous cycles of Orience’s destruction and have somehow retained their memories of what happened. Without the eventual influence of Joker and Tiz, it would be impossible to break the spiral of death Orience has been caught in. But we’ll get into that a little later.

And Phantoma is?

Phantoma is what sets Class Zero apart from the rest of Orience’s humans. The easiest way to describe it would be as the remains of the dead, or their life essence. It is used as a source of magic for Class Zero, and is the reason why Crystal Jammers that inhibit other cadets from accessing magic do not affect the Agito cadets. The ability to absorb and collect Phantoma is also what allowed Class Zero to break the spiral and defeat Gala.

And the Crystals?

They’re pretty unique in this game as they all share a few properties, but independently feature unique benefits to their respective nations. Each crystal has its own l’Cie, which are bound to follow the will of their respective crystal. These warriors can exist for hundreds of years, but the great power granted to them also forces gradual memory loss – to the point where a l’Cie will lose sight of who they are. In a similar fashion, the citizens of Orience cannot remember the people in their lives who have died.

In terms of how they differ, I suppose we should examine each nation and its crystal:

Dominion of Rubrum: Rubrum controls the Vermilion Bird Crystal, which grants the citizens of Rubrum the power of magic (a feat restricted to l’Cie only in other nations). This includes the ability to summon Eidolons, at the cost of the summoner’s life.

Militesi Empire: Militesi controls the White Tiger Crystal, which holds the power of advanced weaponry and technology. The crystal has been used by Cid as a weapon of war, in that he uses it to command the l’Cie.

Lorican Alliance: Lorica controls the Black Tortoise Crystal, which contains the power of the shield and grants its citizens a much larger size. Lorica is a nation to be reckoned with in terms of brute force.

Kingdom of Concordia: Concordia controls the Azure Dragon Crystal, and holds the power of the dragon. The ruler of the nation is able to communicate with the Dragon Queen and the crystal allows its citizens to control monsters. It could be argued that Concordia rules the skies with its fleet of wyverns.

The nations, for the most part, follow the will of these crystals, and as far as most of the citizens are concerned the only higher powers that exist in Orience are the crystals themselves. The crystals, being dropped into the world by Aracia, are actually just a part of the Tempus Finis equation. While they have an impact on all people in Orience and drive the cycle of death forward, there are still higher powers at work.

How are l’Cie different in this game?

Instead of following a focus given to them by their fal’Cie, the l’Cie of Type-0 bend only to the will of their Crystal. It doesn’t matter what the military or political powers of their land expect from them, they can only do as the crystal wishes. In fact, there are times where it seems as though these l’Cie lose control of their bodies completely to the will of their crystal.

That isn’t the only difference though, as l’Cie are now also categorized; Primus l’Cie are combat oriented and Secundus l’Cie possess special abilities. They also aren’t seen as having a curse. They have regal titles such as Lord Zhuyu and Lady Celestia, and serving the crystal in such a way is seen by many as a blessing. This power also can be passed from one l’Cie to another, though it is said that this transferring is also the will of the crystals.

Not all has changed though. Orience l’Cie will enter crystal stasis when the crystal deems his or her purpose fulfilled. Unlike other citizens of Orience, they can still be remembered once crystallized.

How does Class Zero change Orience’s cycle?

They chose not to become l’Cie when given the opportunity. That’s the key. In their place, Machina and Rem became l’Cie for the White Tiger Crystal and Vermillion Bird Crystal respectively. As Agito cadets, they had the ability to draw Phantoma from their defeated enemies and while they were weaker as humans, they would still fight against the threat of Tempus Finis to save Orience. Almost defeated, the class receives assistance from the spirits of Rem and Machina and overcome Gala (possessing Cid). The class had successfully saved the world, but the experiment still failed as all twelve were on the cusp of death.

It was at this point Joker and Tiz, who had been observing these events, called upon Arecia to inform her of Class Zero’s final moments. She feels the pull of emotions for her “children,” and wants to know how exactly they gave their lives. Joker and Tiz tell her to speak with Machina and Rem, the two who “took their place.”

Machnia and Rem, having been made l’Cie to competing crystals over the course of Type-0’s story, fought each other not far from Class Zero’s final battle. In dying together during this combat, they crystallized together. Arecia asked them of Class Zero’s efforts against Gala, before releasing both from their crystal stasis and deciding to end these experiments.

Arecia allows all of Orience to remember the dead and abandons her search for Etro’s Gate. She leaves Orience and the cycle is finally broken as Gala, her opposing force, is left in a state of eternal slumber. Machina and Rem return to Rubrum only to find the bodies of Class Zero.

That’s it?

Not exactly – this timeline continues and Machina manages to rally all of Orience under him in order to found a new age for the world where no peoples rely on the crystals. Years later, at age 67 and married to Rem, Machina writes down the events of the war to ensure his classmates would never be forgotten. It is assumed that he is the male narrator of Type-0, and this game was, to some extent, his retelling of those events.

In an alternate end, Arecia removes the crystals from Orience’s past and the war never happens. Class Zero and all who died in the war are still alive. Machina is shown being close friends with Ace and all students are preparing for a new semester. It is assumed that this alternate timeline is the one that Final Fantasy Agito (the mobile and Vita spin-off) take place in.

And then there’s the hidden ending.

There’s a hidden ending?

Well, there’s a secret movie that was added to Type-0 HD known as “Rise from the Ashes.” What we see is Ace, clad in Samurai armor. He looks to be on his last legs when a phoenix gives him new life. Dressed in spectacular armor he then says, “We have arrived.” This was the same line he stated in the opening movie for Type-0. While there aren’t many details, this seems to be a tease for a new game tentatively titled Final Fantasy Type-NEXT.

During an event in Hong Kong to promote Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, specially created concept art was shown teasing a future project. Director Hajime Tabata seems eager to work on this new title and what little we know about it seems to suggest that it will be heavily inspired by Ancient Japanese history and culture.

I guess that’s where we can leave off for today.

But I still have questions!

You do? I didn’t answer everything?

Well, what about the other parts of the story that didn’t make sense? Like, why was the Commandant being such a dick to Arecia and Class Zero during the war? Aren’t they on the same side?

They are both allied with the Dominion of Rubrum, but their intentions are different. Arecia is focused on culturing the Agito cadets and finding Etro’s Gate, while the Commandant seeks to grab at more political power within the Dominion. His military, the legions, were unsuccessful in repelling the advancing enemy troops and as such he has great disdain for Class Zero’s success and the considerable influence that Arecia commands over the Consortium of Eight (and the Dominion of Rubrum at large). He knows that Machina’s older brother Izana died as a result of Class Zero’s liberation campaign and seeks to exploit Machina’s fear of helplessness to bring about Arecia’s political downfall. He’s an opportunist asshole, for certain, but he still fights for the Dominion. He just thinks that he can use this crisis as an opportunity for a power-grab. Just like the Concordian King.

Umm. Who is the Concordian King?

Unless you’ve played Type-0 more than once and were subject to additional scenarios, you likely don’t know much about the Concordian King. Concordia is unique in that the upper echelon of government is comprised only of women, save for the Concordian King which had always been a figurehead position.

During the events of the game, the Concordian King schemed to overthrow Queen Andoria and restore the patriarchal Seiryu to power. When she is assassinated while visiting the Militesi Empire, he assumes control of the nation and forms an alliance with Militesi against the Dominion of Rubrum, which he had framed for her death.

Unfortunately for him, the Queen Dragon, being a l’Cie, would only listen to Queen Andoria and will listen to no one after her death. Worse, he greenlights the unsealing of the Naraku Cave during a battle against Rubrum – unleashing an evil that his county had been hiding for centuries: the monstrous Seiryujin.  

Were they those mutant zombie looking dudes?

Yes. According to legend, the male progenitors of the Seiryu people had consumed the flesh of dragons which resulted with their male descendants being cursed by eventually becoming monsters known as Seiryujin or Dracobaltians. The female descendants, unaffected by the curse, took over the county and turned it into a matriarchy. These horrific beasts had been sealed away for the protection of the Concordian people, and their release eventually leads to the Concordian King’s poetic downfall.

Why did the Queen of Concordia visit the Militesi Empire? Wasn’t she aware of the danger?

She was. The last remaining l’Cie by the end of the game, Concordia’s Lady Celestia, states that Queen Andoria had seen her death well in advance of it happening and followed through with it out of the hope that it would somehow bring about a better world. As a l’Cie, she was clairvoyant and saw the eventuality of Tempus Finis. She knew her death would bring the Agito Cadets closer to breaking the spiral that Orience has been stuck in.

You haven’t talked about Gilgamesh either.

Ugh. You’re thorough, aren’t you? I didn’t mention Gilgamesh because his appearance is kind of a red herring. I mean, yeah, he was the most exposure Class Zero got of the Lorican people, but it isn’t as though we saw much of him in terms of narrative development. He just shows up and starts beating the hell out of anyone he sees.


A gigantic warrior from Lorica, and a Primus l’Cie of the Black Tortoise Crystal, Gilgamesh has lost his focus. He’s presented as a wandering warrior, but he eventually realizes that he was the King of Lorica and the ruler of the Lorican Alliance before Militesi dropped the Ultima Bomb obliterating the region. In fact, he witnessed the death of his people first hand, and I think that’s why he’s so messed up.

You can actually meet the second Black Tortoise Crystal l’Cie, Enkidu, in a Dominion town not far from Akademeia. Enkidu was actually Gilgamesh’s royal advisor, and has been collecting l’Cie stones for translation since the destruction of his kingdom.

Are we done yet?

No. What about Aria?

What about Aria? She’s just Class Zero’s administrative support.

What’s her deal? Did she die in the game?

Yes, she dies. When Qator Bashtar, a Militesi officer that kept Aria in his care, dies as a result of an Ultima Bomb blast she and the guards watching her forget about him due to the crystal’s influence. Those same guards, now confused as to why a Dominion citizen is in Militesi, shoot and kill her.

You’ll recall that Aria mentioned that she was silent because she was told that she talked too much. She states that her mother forbade her from speaking in the crude way she normally does, and as a result came off as passive and quiet for the first portion of the game. While dying, she undergoes a sensation restoring her memory and begins to remember her family. She realizes that the person who raised her wasn’t even her mother and that she was using Qator to fill the void of her family’s absence. Before dying she also comes to realize that she found exactly what she was looking for.

There. We done?

One last question: what does 9 and 9 meets 9 mean? Diva says in the intro that it initiates Tempus Finis, but how?

According to Hiroki Chiba, the game’s scenario writer, the number “9” is the last single-digit number so it also symbolizes the end. This phrase is a unique abstract expression which means the end of three (nations) signifies the end of the world. It’s all a fancy way of saying that one nation gaining control over all of Orience will initiate the end of the world. That’s it.

And with that I’m done. If anyone else has questions they need answers to, hit up my ask box and I can add to this post.

Ichigo’s Instinct

aka “Mistranslations that created the IH fandom”

aka I wanted to compare two moments in the manga to prove IHs wrong and ended up writing a whole analysis on the subject of Ichigo’s Instinct

I warn you it’s IR AF

Inspired by @wijnruit ‘s beautiful post

There are a lot of mistranslations that IHs take as evidence that their infamous pairing has ever even existed from Ichigo’s side before the 686 atrocity.

There are a lot of moments in manga, that IHs take as romantic for their ship

And all those moments are as pointed out by wijnruit and many others are recycled Ichiruki moments.

But let us concentrate on this particular one(this has probably been done by many, but still. Let’s refresh our memory, shall we?)

So here’s the moment from chapter 110

I don’t have the Japanese volumes, so I went and just wrote down what ichigo says in the original anime version. They are usually the same as in the manga, if they don’t change the plot

Here’s what he says in Japanese:
“くそ くそ くそ くそ。死にたくね。 死にたくね。 死にたくね。 こんな 所 で 死んでられんか よ。 まだ 死ぬわけにはいかねーんだ。 動け。  動けよ体。  止まれろ血。  俺 をもう一度戦わせてくれ 。 俺は… 俺はルキアを助けいけねーんだ 。”

“Kuso! Kuso! Kuso! Kuso! Shinitakune! Shinitakune! Konna tokoro de shinderarenka yo. Mada shinu wake ni wa ikanenda! Ugoke! Ugoke yo, karada! Tomarero, chi! Ore wo mou ichido tatakawasetekure. Ore wa…ore wa RUKIA wo tasukeikenenda!

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die! There’s no way I’d die here! I can’t die yet! Move! Body, move! Blood, stop flowing! Let me fight one more time! I…I have to save Rukia!

Even though he knows that if he dies not only Rukia, but everyone who has come with him, Chad who’s practically dying at the moment, Ishida, Inoue, Ganju, Hanatarou, and maybe he even thought Yoruichi would die too, will die too. That’s Ichigo. He always thinks that he is the one capable of saving people. And he says so. Himself. Chapter 89

In the anime he says “たぶん俺だ”(Tabun ore da) - “Probably me”, just so you know.

But still Kubo chose for Ichigo to say “I have to save RUKIA”. Not “I have to save everyone”, but RUKIA.

Ok, 240 chapters later THIS happens. And I guess this is the translation that the IHs have read

Where Inoue says “助けて”(Tasukete) - which is just “Help” or “Save”. The same verb Ichigo used when talking about saving Rukia. And like, I know the Japanese are known for omitting the personal pronouns. But either way, let’s not belittle Hime here. She wouldn’t say “help ME” or “Save ME”, because there was Ishida literally getting beaten to death a few feet away from her. Not to mention, again, everyone else, who will die because without Ichigo they can’t do shit in this manga (except for Rukia, Rukia somehow always kicks asses. I guess Kubo just loved her very much until he decided to assasinate her and every other character in his own manga, but whatevs).
There is actually a very good post somewhere here on tumblr explaining this moment in the manga, 

but I am sorry I can’t remember how to find it, if someone can link me the post, I will edit this one with the direct link to that one.

But in short it is explained in that post how Inoue in the Japanese version screams in HIragana, indicating her just losing it. And it is explained how Ichigo’s words have no indication of him wanting to just save HER. No, he just hears someone calling and of course it triggers his instinct to protect. Here’s what he says  in the anime, for example:
“ 呼 んでる 。   呼 んでるんだ 。  聞こえる 。  立て 。 立て 。 立て 。 立て 。  俺 が… 俺 が… 俺 が 護る 。”  

“Yonderu. Yonderunda. Kikoeru. Tate! Tate! Tate! Tate! Ore ga…Ore ga…Ore ga _ mamoru”

“They(as in someone) are calling. They are calling. I hear it. Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! Stand up! I…I…I will protect”

He could have said “I will protect YOU” or “I will protect HER”, but he didn’t. You know why? Because that moment wasn’t about IH, it was about Ichigo and what drives him and his whole essence, about hi instincts. That was just a subtle continuation of a LONG discourse they had in Bleach about INSTINCTS

And you know what’s in Ichigo’s nature? What THAT instinct they were all talking about is?

… If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength… to shatter fate.”

Big brothers… you know why they’re born first? To protect the little ones that come after them!!

At first, I thought “I want to protect Mom.” The ones to protect increased with the birth of my sisters. I kept going to a dojo for the sake of protecting them. I got a bit stronger. The ones I thought I wanted to protect became more and more.

I’m not superman, so I can’t say anything big like I’ll protect everyone on earth. I’m not a modest guy who will say it’s enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect a mountain-load of people.

“Rukia changed my fate. Rukia changed my destiny. It because I met Rukia I am able to fight and protect everyone

“When he finished doing the dishes and turned to look at her, she’d already fallen asleep.          
…What a happy expression you have there, he thought as he looked at her peaceful face. He felt deeply that… he was so fortunate to come to Soul Society, that he was so fortunate to have something to protect.”

Thank you, Yhwach, for putting it so accurately, by the way. Ichigo does think he’s the only one who can protect and save everyone)

For people who like to say “He never said he loved Rukia”, in order to dissmis Ichigo’s feelings towards Rukia, to claim THAT is Ichigo wanting to protect Hime specifically, is…strange. If IHs like so much for everything to be put down into words - here it is.  He never said he wanted to protect Hime specifically. He didn’t want to protect HER. 

He wanted to PROTECT. Period. “SAVE US” was just a trigger word for him. Because, you know, it’s in his fucking name! 一護 - Ichigo;  護る - mamoru. He’s the one who protects. It’s his whole character IHs think that moment in chapter 350 is an IH moment. No. It’s an Ichigo moment. It’s the conclusion of this long talk about instincts and what Ichigo’s instinct actually is. It’s his instinct to protect. It’s what makes Ichigo Ichigo

I could try and find even more of evidence in the manga, but I think this is plenty enough.

All of that and he still said he wanted to save Rukia specifically. When everyone was in danger. So we know where his priorities lay. And no amount of bullshit pulled out of the ass OOC chapters can erase that.

And fuck that ending for ruining Ichigo’s character. The one who was supposed to protect, the one who wanted to protect, whose instinct it was to protect…living a mundane life? Yeah, missed me with that.

Soriku Fic Recs

Part two! Adding onto my original post (which will [eventually] be edited to feature these now), here’s some solid pieces I’ve stumbled across lately. Once again, not into sexual content, so nothing is exclusively about such matters. Bolded works are those you damn well oughta look through.

Have a good read!

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I need more Mayuzumi in my life! Can I request NSFW Mayuzumi and his s/o who is giving him the silent treatment (he did something that really pissed her off oops), so he decides to get her to use her voice in other ways? ;D

Thank you SO much for your patience! I have been in the hospital a lot the past year and it had me completely slacking on my writing. I hope this makes up for it! <3 Thank you again for the support and wonderful request. Writing smut gives me life XD 


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Let him go part.1 - (Klaus Mikaelson x reader)

His little paradise. This is what you are for Klaus, perhaps the only thing that kept him a little bit human. You knew nothing about Klaus, for you he was not a monster, he just seems to be a man shattered by his fate, a man broken by life. Your meeting seemed so banal but so sincere, it had completely changed the life of the hybrid.

Sitting in the grass, the wind caressing your hair you were drawing. You were passionate, every things that seemed you worthy of interest was drawn in your little notebook. This time it was a tree, he seemed rather old and worn out by life. It had character, it left you admiring. Pencil stroke after pen stroke you refined your work. You threw yourself wholeheartedly into your business when suddenly you stopped you. A noise drew your attention. There was someone else here, no doubt you were not alone. The hour was late, maybe you were in danger. You prepared yourself to go, running, when an unknown voice arrested you. A man’s voice. “I hope it is not I who make you flee, that was not my intention” You was speechless, man before you was wonderful. He looked like a living god, the kind of man we dare hardly hope existence. An amused expression on his face appeared. “Either you’re shy or what you see seems to please you” His words helped you out of your trance handsome as a god that is undeniable but also very pretentious. No wonder.

This night, you had run without even taking the time to reply. After all, despite its inhuman beauty you do not know him. It was an unknown, he possessed perhaps bad intentions. And then every night after this one you went back to the tree in the hope of seeing him again. You prayed to God every day to see him just once again. Her beauty had bewitched you, you seemed trapped in a spell. Finally one day God had heard you, he was standing leaning against the tree. The famous old tree. You did not know which of the tree or the unknown had more character. This time you do not lose a moment, you would rush you to him. Red cheeks with beating heart, you held out your hand to him. “(Y / N)”. He grabbed her and he laid his lips against your fragile little hand. “Klaus Mikaelson”

Since that day, you ended up every night around this tree. It probably meant nothing to random passers but for both of you it was the symbol of a story. A great story but a story based on lies. For you Klaus was a mere human, probably the most unique of them but it was nothing .. and yet you learned to your expense. The original had yet makes you be in any way affected by this dark part of his life. Weakness, you were his weakness which his enemies could have used to torture him. In no way he could let something happen to you. He never forgive himself.

But Klaus should have known, sometimes in life things do not go exactly as we would have desired. This famous winter night, he had not come to you. It’s the heart a little tight in the pouring rain that you went home. Your footsteps were becoming faster when you had the feeling that someone were following you. Unfortunately you were not fast enough for a werewolf. He grabs you by the neck and threw you against a wall. You did not understand what was happening to you. Why you ? Also something intrigued you. His strength. His strength seemed superhuman, a man even the strongest to you it could not be provided with such a force. The superhuman does not leave you time to think longer, he approached you. You were ruined. You made your last prayers when came out of nowhere, Klaus appeared. Something seems different about him. His eyes ? His teeth? His whole face ? Whatever it was, it was not human. Despite this, he was quick to get rid of the superhuman. He had saved your life, but in an unconventional way. He bled to death, he bit him in the neck then he literally bled him to death. Fear invades your whole body. You were petrified, you were afraid of your whole being. Klaus, with the back of his hand, wiped all the blood that was spread goshawks of his mouth before taking step beside me.

[Y / N] “: Do not you dare to approach me” You were screaming, you’ve never been in this condition almost all your life.

Klaus : “Please (Y/N) let me explain”

He held out a hand to you to help you to stand up. You repelled it violent, she was still soaked with the blood of the other

[Y/N] : “Don’t touch me Klaus !”

Klaus : “Let me explain”

[Y / N]: “Explain what for the love of god! You dumped a man of his blood, you killed him without scruple. Without even flinching. You’re a monster Klaus ”

The last sentence you had pronounced breaking a little more the heart of Klaus. You were the only person who saw him differently, now what? Now as for everyone in your sight he was a monster. An error of nature.

Klaus: “First you have to know that what attacked you, it’s not a man. It was a werewolf. If I had not killed him, he would have killed you (Y / N) ”

[Y/N] : “What are you ?”

Klaus : “What ?”

[Y / N]: “You’re not human”

Klaus: “I’m a hybrid. A werewolf and a vampire ”

[Y / N]: “You lied to me”

Klaus: “I have not lied to you, I just omitted certain details of my life to protect you (Y / N)”

[Y/N] : “Why ?”

Klaus: “Listen (Y / N). I’ll tell you one time but not both. I love you. But this love is a weakness for me, each of my enemies could use you to reach me. I could not let that happen. And then .. You are the only person who seemed to see me as I really am, without any discomfort. You were the only person who seemed happy around me. You .. You make my life easier, more bearable. I love you, and I’d love you to be able to accept me as I am, but unfortunately I can not force you to do it. So .. You’re free. You’re free to leave without returning you to continue your life as if I had never existed. I promise you that I understand and that I will leave you alone. ”

Tears stream down your cheeks, it was uncontrollable. This explosion of feelings in you was unbearable. Klaus was different this is true, he was not human that’s true, but it was  a reason enough to let him go ? 

I hope you like it, I’m going to do a second part. By the way sorry for my english but I’m french so it’s more difficult for me. :) 

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How do the nohr siblings take their coffee?

  • Xander - Straight up black coffee with like one half spoon of sugar, just enough to make it bearable. He doesn’t need a nice drink, he needs the caffeine and coffee is safest way to get it. 
  • Camilla - Black coffee with two shots of rum, and sweetened milk stirred in. Hey, if you’re going to have any type of drink, might as well make it a fun one while you’re at it. (ps, underage drinking isn’t nice, kids…
  • Leo - Very cold iced coffee with soy milk. Exactly two spoons of sugar and nothing else. He’s very particular about how his coffee needs to be made, and poor Niles and Odin were forced to learn how to make the coffee his way. 
  • Elise -  Her coffee is more milk and cream and sugar than it is coffee. It’s not even coffee at this point, it’s like a dessert drink now. It needs to be scalding hot so she can wait just the right amount of time before gulping that sucker down.
Fade Away...

Summary: One embrace, her soul lifted. One look, her heart shattered. One sentence, her fate decided. Spriggan Lucy AU. Nalu.

AN: *winks* As you’ve requested, nanakoblaze, my evil twin, a short fic on this crazy headcanon we thought up. Plus a bit of angst to feed that angsty soul of yours, twin~

Parts : Part 2

“Lucy!” The man hollered, his voice echoing across the barren wasteland of what used to be the vibrant city of Magnolia.

Bathed in the bloody light of the setting sun, acres of uneven dirt stared back at Natsu, his eyes searching desperately for the owner of the name.

The war between Spriggans and Fairies left a devastating impact on the once flourishing merchant city. Nothing was let unscathed - shops, homes, the woodlands, even the mighty Kardia Cathedral. All completely wiped out, not even a shard of rubble remained.


The land around him was uneasily silent, the sound of his voice and his feet dragging across the dirt was deafeningly loud, unease blooming out in his chest and twisting his guts with each time he screamed her name, to receive no reply.

He couldn’t even catch her scent, the smell of blood and ash invading his nostrils to no end. His fists bunched up at his sides, utter desperation pumped through his veins and forced his battered body into motion, as he vehemently pushed all dark thoughts into the furthest corner of his head, refusing to let himself sink into despair.

“Please…” He almost pleaded, limping with each step, eyes flickering wildly for a sign, a flash, something.

With every ounce of strength he could muster, he roared, his voice amplified with magic and pure emotion, “Lucy!”

The earth beneath his feet shuddered ever so slightly, hissing and grabbing at his surprisingly still bandaged arm, Natsu’s hand trembled with effort, his breathing labored as he felt the restraint on that magic almost snap in that one moment he lost control.

But despite his efforts, silence was all that greeted him.

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