Shatterdome secret santa gift to dead-lyrics!

Uuuh ok I was going to wait until I got a response from them but I like it so much I can’t wait anymore! Sorry!

It’s been a couple years since I attempted the paper cutout style, but I definitely want to work with it again soon! It was a lot of fun. :)

You know I’m going to want that back

so this is disgustingly late for which I sincerely apologise, but here is my pacific rim secret santa gift for pkmndaisuki! thank you for your patience, and I hope you have a wonderful holidays!

credit also goes to the fantastic dead-lyrics, without whom this would not exist. they put in so much effort to do the colouring, which is pretty much all of the work. thank you so much dear!


Shatterdome Secret Santa gift for Otachiblue. They said they liked Herc/Tendo and Newmann, so I commissioned two pieces from Kaiju Rory for them. The Herc/Tendo one is posted on their blog alone here, and the Newmann one is here. Many thanks to them for being so quick! It was super short notice.

I also wrote two drabblefics for these pictures, although I don’t write that much so quality is… is what it is.

Herc/Tendo - ambiguous timeline

Herc walked into the room bright and early to find it exactly as he’d left it: with Tendo working at his station, and no one else around.

Good thing he’d brought coffee.

“Morning Tendo.”

“Mmrnnggggg mamnn,” Tendo mumbled back.

His eyes were going to fall out of their sockets and look at him from the keyboard soon. But Herc didn’t think he’d be able to tear him away until he was finished, so in lieu of a bed, he’d brought coffee.

“Tendo. Coffee”

Tendo slowly spun his chair around. Even though he was clearly exhausted, his eyes lit up when he saw Herc. And then his eyes slid to the coffee and he started stumbling toward it.


Herc huffed a laugh and pulled him in for a peck on the cheek before giving him his coffee. He’d appreciate it later when he wasn’t such a zombie.

Newmann - immediately post-movie

In the aftermath, they slept. Newton changed into a worn band t-shirt and new boxers, just to get away from the bloodstains, while Hermann took the time to put on his regular sleepwear, even though he was really very tired.

They immediately collapsed onto the bed, mutually deciding to share out of some post-drift strangeness and absolute exhaustion.

When they woke up, they found themselves wrapped around each other, Hermann’s head on Newton’s chest, slightly restricting his breathing but not to an uncomfortable degree. 

Hermann opened his eyes briefly at one point, and then decided yelling was too much trouble at the moment.

It’s not like Newton could get out of bed without waking him up. He’d do it later.

I submitted this to Otachiblue but I don’t know if it worked so I’m posting this and tagging them as well :). 

External image

Shatterdome Secret Santa gift for therustyrobot … hope you like it hon! I had another painting in the works but didn’t get to finish it, so you may get a random extra image sent to you as a surprise at some point. I took a look at your blog and you seemed to enjoy reblogging some funny stuff, so I figured I’d roll with it and do a “Baby’s First Christmas” thing with Mama and Baby Otachi.

(I lost count of how many times my husband groaned, shook his head, or said something along the lines of “Lady, you’ve got an ugly baby!” while I was doing this)

I didn’t participate in the Shatterdome Secret Santa exchange, mainly bc I knew I wouldn’t have the time leading up to the deadline to finish and didn’t wanna let anyone down. Looking at the tags though, it looks like it was really fun!

But I’m getting in a really Christmas-y mood (gonna bake cookies later today with my mom) and I’ve got some spare time coming up, so I’m thinking I’ll be drawing some more Christmas-themed Pacific Rim art soon! <3 (BUT FIRST I am close, so close to finishing that fic! Just a couple of scenes to go. :3) 


So thanks to a sterling performance from the royal mail and the Canadian postal service, my gift-ee for the Pacific Rim Gift Exchange received their parcel only one day after the exchange having only taken 6 days to get to Toronto!

Merry Christmas mynxkitty from me your Shatterdome Secret Santa, I hope you enjoy your Jaeger Academy hoodie and the other small goodies that traveled to Toronto with it :)

I already submitted it to the recipient, whereisbarton, but here’s my piece for the Pacific Rim Gift Exchange!

They asked for something with the Becket brothers as one of the ideas, so I decided to do a whole Christmas morning thing with them.

(Mostly based on the part in the beginning when Raleigh’s all excited and wakes up Yancy. Felt like it was something they’d done a ton of times growing up while I was watching it, and what better time for Raleigh to bother his older brother like that than Christmas morning?)

So, happy holidays, have some Becket brother shenanigans~

This Year

Shatterdome Secret Santa gift delivery for bertholdth

Ten drabbles and two idk medium sized reindeer plops. Newt/Hermann and Raleigh/Mako implied with a little bit of weird drift Jaegery times and not nearly as much baby Otachi as I would have liked. 

I hope it’s something up your alley and I hope you had fun! And a nice day! 

Next time tune in for something similar with less procrastination. 

Thanks to NKNQNLNM for beta, which she while trying to finish her own project. She’s the only reason it’s readable.