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Is Sonakshi Sinha Reena Roy’s daughter?

The reason for all the speculation was because Reena Roy had a long and intense affair with Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi’s father. Reena Roy and Shatrughan Sinha made a very successful screen pair but their off-screen chemistry was equally strong.

In fact, their affair continued even after Shatrughan Sinha married Poonam, Sonakshi Sinha’s mother. It was an open secret and even Poonam more or less admitted it when she said in a statement, “The truth was that I stepped aside and gave Reena a clear field …I was aware that they had revived their old romance after our marriage.” The speculation about Sonakshi Sinha’s close resemblance to Reena Roy was no idle speculation. The rumor mongers were hinting that she was Reena Roy’s daughter.

In an interview with the Times Of India, Poonam Sinha displayed her irritation about such rumors. In response to a question regarding the resemblance she said, “Absolutely not. She doesn’t look like anyone. Sonakshi is my daughter and she looks like me.”