"I think this is yours" Michael Clifford AU

Your mail is delivered to Michael’s apartment and he brings it over.


Today was an especially long day. I had 3 exams which you I studied for all night and then had work at the Starbucks down the street. So coming home to a warm apartment was quite the relief. 

 As soon as I got home I changed into sweats and put my hair up in a messy bun. Soon I begin compiling the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. I’ve always been a great baker and in no time my small cozy apartment is smelling delightful. 

All Time Low is blasting through the small kitchen, that’s an understatement it’s blaring.

“BACKSEAT SERENADE DIZZY HURRICANE GOD I’M SICK OF SLEEPING ALONE” I sing loudly not caring if I get the words wrong.

As I’m pulling the first bath of cookies out of the oven when I hear a loud knock on the door. Shit I forgot the neighbors can hear me through the walls, oh my god they’re going to be so pissed at me. I open the door to see a rather tall guy with blueberry dyed hair.

“Um, hi. You’re y/n y/l/n, right?” He asks nervously, I notice he has an Australian accent.

“Yeah. What can I help you with?” I ask looking up at him my cheeks turning slightly pink.

“I think that they gave-” he begins but ends mid sentence, “Is that All Time Low?” He asks, his face brightening. 

“Oh, yeah it is. They’re one of my favorite bands.” I smile shyly.

“I love them. I’ve seen them live like 8 times. Sometimes me and my band cover their songs.” He says his face radiant as he talks about music, “Well anyways I came by because they gave me your mail.” He says sticking out his hands full of letters addressed to me. 

I open the door all of the way and take the mail from his hands. “Thank you so very much-?” I begin but then realize I don’t know his name.

“Michael.” he says smiling.

“Michael.” I smile brightly up at him. “Um I’m just making cookies if you wanted to come in?” I offer.

“I would like that very much.” He smiles and steps into my small apartment. “Your place is so cozy.” He says while slipping off his shoes.

“It’s small but it’s mine.” I glance around the apartment making sure it’s not horribly messy. It’s not bad but there’s a lot of blankets all over, when I say a lot I mean about 10. I get quite cold.

I walk over to the baking pan and start putting them on a plate. “So you said you were in a band?” I inquire.

“Oh yeah,” He beams while taking a seat on one of my kitchen stools, “It’s just me and my friends messing around on guitars and singing.” He bows his head looking down at his sweat pants.

“Are you guys any good?” I scrunch my nose as I ask.

“Oh, we think we’re good, but we probably suck.” He laughs as he answers.

“Well I’d like to see you guys play sometime.” I place the plate of cookies across the counter in between us.

“Would you know?” He asks and raises an eyebrow and smiles while reaching for the still warm ooey-gooey cookies. “So what about you, what do you do?” he asks.

“I uh, I work at the Starbucks down the street.” I say while going into the fridge trying to decide what I want to drink.

“Oh, you must be the hot Starbuck’s girl Luke talks about.” He says while laughing to himself.

“Luke?” I think to myself seeing the blonde boys image coming to my mind. “Blonde, quiff, lip ring, pom-pom beanie Luke?” I ask.

He laughs his beautiful laugh again, “Yup that’s the one." 

"How do you know him?”

“Darling he’s my bestfriend, my band mate, my partner in crime.” he contines to laugh. “He’s going to be so jealous that I brought the mail over instead." 

"Why would he be jealous, Michael?” I ask while laughing.

He takes another cookie and points it me, “Because you my dear, make great cookies." 

A/N: Soo this is my first AU tell me what ya think.

Also gif credits to itsfivesos

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