i miss when we would have new girl meets world episodes every week and there would be new gif sets and screenshots and quotes all over my dashboard. those were the good ol’ days.


OK everybody. We’re seeing increasingly positive response from Netflix and Hulu but large parts of us seem to be asleep on the other, equally as critical part of this campaign:


On my phone call with a Netflix phone answerer earlier today she said the main problem with Netflix getting GMW is the fact that Disney owns it. So let’s keep using the full power of the fandom but start gearing a portion of it towards wresting this beautiful show away from the Disney douchebags.

Here’s how we’re going to hit them on all fronts:

Tweet @DisneyChannel, @DisneyChannelPR, and @Nbalgemino using the hashtag #DisneyGiveUpGMW. Nicole Balgemino is the Disney Channel publicist in charge of GMW, so if we could get her into this I think that would help.

On Instagram tag @DisneyChannel and @DisneyChannelPR with the hashtag #DisneyGiveUpGMW, and comment #DisneyGiveUpGMW in the comments section of their posts.

I don’t think Disney Channel has an official email, but you can email Nicole Balgemino at

Tell her why GMW is so important to you, and how much it would mean if they would let it continue on another network, say you’ll keep watching their shows live if they let it go. But above all, make sure you’re polite and respectful.

If you feel like it you can write them a letter, address it to

500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91505

BUT, some tumblr bloggers may or may not be trying to set up a postcard thing where a whole bunch of people send postcards within 1-3 days, so bear that in mind if you take this route.

You can call Disney Channel at 1 (818) 460-7477, asking them to please give up the rights to GMW.

Finally - I saved easiest for last - you can sign this petition: asking Disney to give up the rights to GMW. It has way less signatures than the other petition, but it’s just as important. Sign it once, twice, hell sign it 20 times just spread it around.

We’re doing so great with Netflix and Hulu everybody, but we seem to be geared more towards Netflix and I cannot stress this enough: NETFLIX CAN’T BUY IF DISNEY CHANNEL WON’T SELL.

This all being said, we are all doing SO GREAT. I don’t know if you guys saw the phone call that’s been going around, but our messaging has reached Netflix’s internal department. Have hope you guys. We are a powerful, passionate fandom and what with MJ and Co’s recent tweet… 

Keep going you guys!!!

Contact Netflix.

Contact Hulu.

Contact Disney Channel.

And do. not. give. up.

do you think after a while shiro would have gotten annoyed that matt wouldnt shut up about his little sister all the time they were on the mission

matt, in space: you know what else is great about my sister katie

shiro, staring longingly out the airlock: what.

then he meets her and he GETS IT now. he understands EVERYTHING.

shiro, fifteen minutes after meeting pidge: GO. BE GREAT.