Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Oh shit yes, I’ve got an awesome dream poem in my mind. I hope nobody interrupts me while I write it down.

Dr. Shatface: Open the fuck up bitch, I’ve got laudanum

I just have to get this off my chest.....(a submitted post to @sfidressage)

submitted by @youpickformeplease. Firstly, I did see a ring on Sam’s left ring finger when the pictures of him on stage first came out. It wasn’t a glare. It was a ring. Many people are in agreement over this-I know I wasn’t “seeing” things.
So, pictures show up today with a tan line from his ring. YAY-

Secondly, I have been going back on Twitter time lines (I wasn’t on here during the first 💩 Storm with the Crypt keeper and his gross hunchback side kick). So, I wanted to see exactly what went on. Hunchback really started a lot of this mess. He lied about several things one of which he said Terry sent him a “swatch” when he was trying to put together the “watch tower”. It was a computer graphic!!!! LIAR
Also, he attended the Paley panel. He showed a picture of the pamphlet and acted like it was “secret” and he didn’t know if he should be sharing it. Someone informed him that everyone received one of those. What I found most interesting in the Paley panel is he took a picture during it and you can see Cait and Terry looking over at him very uncomfortable- with hawk eyes. He is not hard to miss-I don’t mean to sound vain, but he is an absolute slob. Not to mention, he is HARD on the eyes. I think that’s why we saw Sam look so uncomfortable. At one point-someone posted gifs and you see Sam tell Cait-“act like we are friends”. Botox boy sent his perv side kick to “keep watch” over those two.
Also to note, he is always promoting male actors, ones with gay roles, specifically. I only find it perverted and disturbing that he shows interest in these actors and no one else.
I am really disgusted looking back that Terry was the ONLY one to get involved and tell them to try to cool it down. They were hijacking the fandom attacking woman and fans of the show. A show at that point Shatface hadn’t even looked at. Then to make matters more freakish they were both continuing to attack “shippers”. Saying they were mining for information, etc. Bullying “their friend Sam”. Had either one of them bothered to look at Sam’s twitter feed?!! For the love of Fergus-talk about a guy getting bullied some fans are on there ALL day, every day trying to get him to answer them. Saying good morning and good night. One fan who does this sent him a Twitter message that actually sounded like she was going to kill herself because she didn’t feel “like she belonged”. Again, WTF. Another fan, months out, asking every day when Sam is going to acknowledge her, if she should bring the Italian coffee to the London event. She will bring it one day, the next day no, not unless he responds. This went on for TWO MONTHS. Holy Mother of G!

Now it appears it’s just Shatface interjecting himself into the fandom. He live tweeted himself watching the wedding episode. Fine, but how egotistical does one have to be to think he is so connected to the OL show and actors that anyone cares about his live tweets as if he were Sam himself. It is so very stalkerish and creepy.
I would also like to note that he either sent a fan or had her “reporting” to him at this event. I know because he actually tweeted a couple of people in the area asking if they could “show her around”. One of which was a blue check musician- who said he was “in a dark, dark place at the moment”. Meaning, “no”. This fan fell for it hook line and sinker to be a “spy”. I’m telling you, the stupidity of some of these fans is ASTOUNDING.

So, He BLASTED the show a few days before the highlanderfling. I mean cringe worthy comments. He attacked EVERYTHING about it-the set, the stones. Claire running to slow in an 18th century costume. He actually said he had wished “Claire ran into the rocks”.
WTF??!!! He basically made fun of Stephen’s attempt at acting saying he couldn’t understand one word he said and he needed subtitles. I actually felt like opening an account and Saying “maybe if you didn’t have so much Botox in your face you’d be able to see a little better”. He took “notes” about how “stupid” things were. Is not that bullying? You can have an opinion without being tacky and classless. I make no attempt here with my opinion because he doesn’t deserve it.

Then literally a few days later he is trying to gain the male actors attention-literally AS THEY ARE STARTING the event. Sam and a few others respond, Sam says Crypt Keeper can come to the next one and be an honorary highlander. Well, these dummy woman say, oh what a great idea, etc. WHY-would fans want that POS there? He doesn’t just have opinions about the show, he never read one book- he HATES everything about the show. He is not cast, crew, producer, make-up artist, NOTHING but a shit stirring, jealous, narcissistic, woman hating, TROUBLE MAKER.
But, I digress-
He begins Asking fans if Sam is there.
Again, not bothering to look at his “friend’s” Twitter feed to see fans there berating him for them waiting. “Where are you, Sam”?? “Umm, you are supposed to be here”
“We are waiting for himself” -I’ll let you make a guess as to who that was…
Wouldn’t and shouldn’t that be considered bullying????
Someone sends him a link to where he can find the schedule. His “mole” tweets with him about it being a good time.
Steven Cree entertains Botox, fat face most of the night (after the event). Keep in mind- Sam’s “friend” hasn’t even watched to the point of knowing what Steven Cree’s character is!!!!!
Then the next day, he is trolling and finds the fan who was told to sod off and another fan on Sam’s feed, questioning Sam’s “love” for fans. He starts policing telling other fans to block and report them for harassment.
He also gets wind of a fan “prom pic”. He gets the woman’s Twitter and tweets to her and Sam saying Sam needs to follow my “Rules” on con behavior. He then posts this RIDONKULOUS diagram, of course mocking Sam, yet again. Then woman who think Sam will love them for talking to this star stalker, attention seeker actually BELIEVE that those are the “rules” the fans are supposed to be following. Crypt Keeper tweets it TWICE
To both of them and, to me that is targeting the woman who had the picture taken with Sam like that.
Telling Sam how he should be behaving at his event. Sam responds, jealous Bill?
And, then- and only then do some women stand up (who were there of course or have hopes of meeting Sam in the future) and start saying, “his body,
His pictures”. “Glad you didn’t listen to him Sam”.
But, his mole sends a respectable fan pic and says, essentially, I fanned the way you told me to.
In the meantime, the fan who got told to “sod off” went on fat face’s Twitter and was calling him out for getting involved in what she tweeted. He said she was ruining fan’s good time.
I wasn’t there, I’m a fan and he is ruining MY GOOD TIME.
Somehow- it got mentioned that he needs to do a con with the highlanders and again these stupid woman say, “oh Bill, you have the power, get on it”. LOL
Did you see his con in Boston- no one was there. Then he proceeds to tweet “it’s already in the works”. WHY- again he HATES the show, doesn’t have one nice thing to say about it. Fans don’t know that he doesn’t like Ron Moore or that he has an UNHEALTHY thing for Sam.
Somehow this also turns into he should be given a role in S3. Now there are these Same stupid fans who want float face to have a role in Outlander. WHY????
Anyway, to end my rant and to never bring him up again, I Promise.

He will NEVER be given a role in S3, S4, etc.
He is not a true friend of Sam- if he was he wouldn’t degrade the show or the female lead or the author of the source material. He would have his opinion, but maybe keep it quiet. Kinda like you do when your friend marries a man you don’t like.

He also wouldn’t tell Sam how to run his events and how he should interact with his fans. And, he certainly shouldn’t be making these fans getting pictures taken targets on Twitter.

They will NEVER do a con with him, the woman that are following at the con were annoyed that Shatface would say Anything about picture taking. As a note, his mole reported to him this morning and also someone tattled about more fan pics.

I think if Sam is wise, he should leave Crypt keeper twisting in the wind from now on. He is causing further harm
To the fandom. Some stupid woman say, WS is part of the fandom. No he isn’t, again use your heads- he hates EVERYTHING about the show and he is so Jealous of Sam and his fame, I’m embarrassed for him.
Anyway, thank you for listening. Just needed to get it out so I never bring him up again/

you make some important observations here @youpickformeplease. I agree that control and jealousy could be the driving factors behind this behavior. He seems to resent anyone that Sam is interacting with- even fans. And particularly his relationship with Cait- hence his attacks on shippers who are a public proxy for that relationship.