Selena Gomez | 32 | Actress & Singer | Closed

  • Married to Ashton Irwin
  • Mother to Axel & six months pregnant with second child
  • Best known for her music and the Disney series Wizard of Waverly Place 
  • Currently producing and directing her own series Birds of Paradise
  • CONNECTIONS: Best Friends with Nina Dobrev, Lily Collins, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Dylan O'Brien, Cara Delevingne & more
  • The rest is up to player

seductive-bacon asked:

Hiii! I'm Shirley :3 do you have a fave fanfic you've read?

hi hi hi there !! omg i read too many tbh and it really depends on if it’s 1d or 5sos but my fave 1d fic is either illegally yours (its a louis fic and it’s wild but i luv it so much) or 1996 (a harry au, it feeds my grunge af soul) and my fave 5sos fic is called found (its a mikey au)

  • ship: ash / mike / cal / luke
  • ship name: shaston (this is so cute 2 me omg)
  • compliment: hi yes um ur so pretty ??? like i’m in luv w ur face plS be my frien D ???????
  • lil blurby thing: ok ay so you and ashton would probs go exploring all over the world to do some soul searching together and you’d get a polaroid camera right and just take cute af pictures together everywhere u go so that u can have visual reminders that u both traveled the world together pls i want t hi s to happeN for u

ships ships ships