[Part 3 of 4] ShasTaChangRoadtrip | December 2013

After a few days stay at the adorable McCloud Mercantile Hotel, we headed out towards the coast for Eureka. Along the route, we made a quick stopover at Whiskeytown Lake. We didn’t stay long as we wanted to try to get to the coast to catch sunset (which we ended up missing anyway. but saw a glimpse of it at some pullout in the mountains).


[Part 2 of 4] ShasTaChangRoadtrip | December 2013

McArthur-Burney Falls

Situated inside McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in Shasta County. It’s a massive waterfall with a constant flow of water. It is a short and easy hike from the parking lot down to the falls. 

We stopped by here after exploring (read almost didn’t make it out) the Subway Caves in Lassen National Park.


[Part 4 of 4] ShasTaChangRoadtrip | December 2013

This series really should be 5 parts but on the last leg of the trip, I didn’t take my DSLR out at all. Instead I only took photos with my Instax and iPhone.

From Eureka we headed down the coast to our final destination at Ft. Bragg. Along the way we went through parts of the Avenue of Giants. We decided to do some touristy things, like drive through the redwood (not only once, but twice at two different trees!). We also ventured into the woods for a few short hikes where I found some cute mushrooms and the oldest living redwood. It’s so humbling to be in the presence of these redwood groves.