shasta snow trip

SST 2013 carnage

deadwesty wrote:

Just want to post up a brief note to let everyone know that my co-pilot and I am at home safe. I drove my bus all the way back home as is.

Sucks to wreck such a nice bus, but that’s Shasta Snow Trip. I was pushing the limit like always. Drifting on every turn possible.

My rear-passenger side tire was leaking air faster than expected. I had to put more air in it the previous night with Lou’s portable air motor. At every right turn it felt good, while left turns felt funny to me. I just didnt make the connection between that and the air leak. Then at that turn, the tire didnt have enough psi to stay on the rim while I was drifting and that blew the tire faster than I could blink.

Want to say many thanks to SCZ Surf City Team for helping us put my bus back on its wheels. It seemed to me that my own team was as shocked as I was and let SCZ guys took over.

Important thing here, nobody is injured. I am grateful for that. It could have been worse, going down the hill.