In the aftermath of the Imperium’s abortive Damocles Crusade in 742.M41 a Tau Fire Caste Commander, Shas'o Viorla Shovah Kais Montyr (perhaps better known to Imperials as Commander Farsight), led an expeditionary force to reclaim worlds lost to the Imperium. Battling Ork forces under Grog Ironteef, Farsight chased the Greenskins to Arthas Moloch and encountered a terrifying new foe there that rattled him to the core. In the aftermath of the incident on Arthas Moloch, Farsight refused to return to the Tau Empire despite being ordered to.

Instead, he consolidated the worlds he had already captured and established a series of fortified outposts in the Forbidden Zone. As more information has come to light the actions of Commander Farsight have become the source of grave concern for certain members of the Inquisition who perceive a distinct threat to the Divine Rule of the Emperor of Mankind.

In 997.M41, the Farsight enclaves were assaulted by a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken. Farsight himself led eighty XV8 Battlesuit teams to drive the invaders back. The Enclaves next fought alongside the Tau Empire against the Imperium during the Second Agrellan Campaign.