—— today   had   been   full   of   so   many   new   feelings   and   emotions   that   jane   had   never   thought   she’d   ever   feel   the   way   she   felt   in   her   office   earlier   that   day   when   hayden   was   there .   there   was   something   about   her .   and   so   jane   wanted   to   figure   it   out .   she   wanted   to   understand   why   her   emotions   were   going   through   a   whirlwind   whenever   hayden   was   around .   or   why   she   went   weak   in   the   knees   whenever   the   girl   was   around .   arranging   a   coffee   date   with   the   girl ,   jane   made   sure   to   arrive   ten   minutes   early   so   that   she   could   order   the   two   some   coffee   and   grab   a    seat   away    from   everyone   in    the   cafe .   jane’s   finger   glided   around   the   rim   of   her   cup   as   she   waited   for   her   coworker   to   arrive . 

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Can we not call Sharna and Artem Shartem? It's almost as bad as when people wanted Nick and Sharna to be Sharter. 😂 I vote Sharnem, if anything.

Lmao!!! 😂😂

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I saw some prank videos on Youtube where these Youtubers would go around with a button called "the sharter" that makes fart noises, and they would go to stores or public places and pretend to fart in public. How would each Nordic react to somebody "farting" on them? And then how would they react to learning it was just a prank?

Iceland would openly express his disgust and splutter nonsense, then would go silent while glaring at the person

Finland tries to ignore it then would laugh it off a little

Sweden wouldn’t really do much except stare at the person

Denmark would jump back in surprise and possibly shout before laughing

Norway would just have a cold hard glare before and after