Magi 30 Days Challenge

Day 5: Favourite shounen’ai pairing.

This is a hard choice, because I have many shounen ai pairings that I like, but I’m going to choose this one:

SharrBaba! (Sharrkan x AliBaba).

I adore this 2 together!!

I imagine their possible relationship as one of those teens romances: AliBaba, the cute pupil, having a crush on Sharrkan, his handsome master. At the beggining, AliBaba would just feel admiration towards Sharrkan, but with the time that admiration would grow into a stronger felling. AliBaba would think that his master would never see him as a lover or something close to that, but still he’d be trying to get his attention and would try to stay by his master side as much as he can (I can even imagine him blushing when he’s sitting next to Sharrkan or something like that xD), because just being at his presence makes him really happy. He would end up confessing his feeling to Sharrkan, but already thinking that he would not be corrsponded, but surprisingly Sharrkan does correspond his feelings; he would think AliBaba is a really cute boy and would admit that he does have a crush on him as well.

As a couple, Sharrkan would be a jealous boyfriend and would like to claim for AliBaba’s attention as most as he can (specially when someone else tries to seduce AliBaba); also he would like to tease AliBaba and show affection in public, while AliBaba is embarrased when someone look at them kissing or showing affection, but obviously Sharrkan would kiss him in public on purpose just to annoy AliBaba.

I imagine something like that for those two xD I know there’s no way that they end up together on the manga or the anime, but one can dream, right? xD Either way, I ship them really hard!! >w<