Maybe you’re in love, and maybe they’re not
1. Stubborn Love • The Lumineers
2. Whatever Happened • The Strokes
3. Space Song • Beach House
4. Sharpteeth • The Octopus Project
5. Business • Catfish and the Bottlemen
6. Country Lane • Telekinesis
7. Smile Like You Mean It • The Killers
8. Mess Is Mine • Vance Joy
9. Lovesong • The Cure
10. Hourglass • Catfish and the Bottlemen
11. Looking Out For You • Joy Again
12. Sway • The Kooks
13. Tongue Tied • Grouplove
14. Age Of Consent • New Order
15. Pale Blue Eyes • The Velvet Underground
16. Indie Rokkers • MGMT
17. Not In Love • Crystal Castles (Platinum Blonde)
18. And Also I’m Really Scared • Fox Academy 19. Bite Down Salvador • Catfish and the Bottlemen
20. Just Like Heaven • The Cure
21. The Killing Moon • Echo and the Bunnymen
22. Vampire Banquet • Fox Academy
23. Pieces Of What • MGMT
24. Undercover Of Darkness • The Strokes
25. 7 • Catfish and the Bottlemen

I’ve seen some posts about this weeks Supernatural episode and that it was ‘alright’.
But may just point out that Ragnarök, here on the silver bullet when Sam’s holding it, is scheduled for the 22nd of February this year, according to Norse mythology!!

It’s the apocalypse and the end of the world in Norse mythology… and you know, it’s 2014.

Check out the wiki pageök

And this one here


The Octopus Project - Sharpteeth

Kids with sharp teeth know a thing or two
About the things they’d rather do

Off for today...

…hope you all will have a lot of fun watching the episode tonight, I’ll watch it first thing in the morning. If any of you lovelies have a link for a working stream (not a live stream but a putlocker link of the file or sth.) I would love you forever if you’d put that link in my ask. :)

Cannot wait to see more Dark!Dean and be emotionally devastated and ridiculously excited about it at the same time.

Sweet dreams and good night!!!


Sharpteeth by The Octopus Project

Official video of one of OP’s singles from their newest album.




The Octopus Project - Sharpteeth

Thinking, yes, my fury would eat all of you, it really could,
the barrista boy, the fat woman with the scone, all of you,
your warm blood would fill my throat
the flesh from your limbs would be chewed and gnawed
the snapping of my teeth would splinter your bones,
your pickled livers would be licked and swallowed,
and finally, the points of my incisors would cut down
into the steaming, warm meat of your hearts.
I would wolf you down
in big, chomping bites.
And you would be gone, all of you,
the planet emptier and quiet,
all your busy rushing silenced
while my unquenchable fury
screams on.
—  Toby Barlow, Sharp Teeth