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Her feet sank into the snow as she walked. Elle was not used to the wintry temperature with its usual clothes, her body shivered slightly. But this is not her biggest problem. Somebody followed the blond-haired girl since a small moment. Is it Redau? Or a stalker? 


She bent towards the ground buries under the snow, an idea popped in her mind. The hand made a snowball, ready to be launched.

“Great special blow Elle’s!”

Yu Liberte was radiant this time of day. Naturally, it still held its exquisite charm at any given time, but once evening had settled in, the air consumed by neither too much heat nor cold, the water arches - the courtesy of Duplemar - displayed beautiful artwork in the form of light against the streets.

Raymond found himself back in his homeland for the purpose with which he was always involved no matter the circumstance, that being business. As an Oswell, it wasn’t only imperative, it was expected. An order received upon birth. What he and everyone else carrying that name would need to strive to uphold.

The only breaks he allowed himself were brief, and this was one such time. Stifling a yawn with a gloved hand, Raymond went over to a bench to sit, only intending to close his eyes for a second.

But his exhaustion had taken the lead in the race, soothing his body in this comfortable position as well as bringing up images of yelling, disappointment, knowledge of means he should not have involved himself with. Little by little, the streets emptied, and left was Raymond, the stern aura loosening from his face as he fell to dreams.

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Asbel glanced over curiously, realizing it wasn’t quite as lonely here as he thought it was. He didn’t recognize this person at all, but he’s quick to offer a friendly smile. 

“Hello! And I thought I was the only one around here. My name’s Asbel Lhant, and you are?"