Springtrap56: Art Thief

I’ll be editing this post to include links to all the image set posts with screen caps to accompany this info, since the reporting only allows a single image file to be uploaded with a report. EDIT: Done. Also fixed link for correct form (use /abuse NOT /support!) Links: 

SCs 1: [tumblr user golden-niuty (niutellat on deviantart) having their artwork stolen and reposted by tumblr user springtrap56.]

SCs 2: [tumblr user legitimate-scientist (theStupidButterfly on deviantart) having their artwork stolen and reposted by tumblr user springtrap56.]

SCs 3: [tumblr user leeffi, and tumblr user sharpsart / knockasharp (phoenixbat on deviantart and furaffinity) having their artworks stolen and reposted by tumblr user springtrap56.]

SCs 4: [wolfjedisamuel (on deviantart and furaffinity) having their artwork stolen and reposted by tumblr user springtrap56.]

If you’d like to join in reporting an art thief account on here, start by navigating to tumblr’s help center. That’s at (use the last option, “Some other reason” to get to this form)

There is no specific option here for reporting an intellectual property theft involving other people, unfortunately, so “Some other reason” is the best-fitting option when you’re not the person whose material has been stolen. Because that’s so expansive and non-specific, it’s very important to include plenty of details (and evidence) when reporting. Once you click “Something else,” put the details of your report in the text box underneath the pull-down options. 

Here is what I wrote: 

Art theft/reposting without permission on blog

Blog content is exclusively stolen and re-posted artworks, mainly from other tumblr blogs and artists. All works are fanart of the video game series (and spin-offs) Five Nights at Freddy’s.

User rydi1689 just recently had a successful DMCA takedown for an instance of stolen artwork perpetrated by springtrap56, and it would be good if the springtrap56 account/blog was investigated and taken down, as the entire blog is made up of stolen artworks from many artists. It would also be nice if the entire stolen post could be removed from tumblr (including reblogs) as most people are not reblogging directly from springtrap56, but from the markiplier blog, which has thousands of followers. The stolen image, and springtrap56 blog, is still attached and visible and being spread, further robbing the original artist of respect and attention. EDIT: tumblr staff encourage people to hard-refresh pages. The image no longer shows on markiplier’s blog (noon EST May 16) Thanks for the heads-up, rydi1689!

Artists on this site already have a difficult time protecting their work. When this has been brought to your attention, and is demonstrated as a breach of ToS, tumblr staff should not wait for individual DMCA claims before actually resolving the issue. That puts an unfair burden on creators on this site who abide by the ToS, instead of on staff for enforcing the ToS against accounts found breaking it.

I’ll outline the first five posts on for you below.

1: “Memories”
Post featuring stolen artwork:
Actual artist on tumblr:
and on deviantART:
Original artist posted on their social sites on May 8, 2015. Springtrap56 reposted the stolen works to their own blog eight days later, on May 16, 2015.

2: “Gotta Go Fast”
Post featuring stolen artwork:
Actual artist on tumblr:
And on deviantart:
Springtrap posted stolen artwork on May 16, 2015. Original artist posted to deviantart on April 28, 2015 and to tumblr on April 29, 2015

3: “Don’t forget the music box”
Post featuring stolen artwork:
Actual artist on tumblr:
Original artist posted on tumblr on May 14, 2015, and the art thief springtrap56 reposted the image on May 16, 2015.

4: “What’s up, doc?”
Post featuring stolen artwork:
Actual artist on tumblr:
On deviantart:
On furaffinity:
Original artist uploaded on their sites May 14-15, 2015 and springtrap56 stole and reposted on May 15, 2015, the same day.

5: “The nightmare has begun”
Post featuring stolen artwork:
Actual artist on furaffinity:
On deviantart:
Original artist uploaded on their sites on May 15, 2015, and springtrap56 stole and reposted the same day, May 15, 2015.

If you investigate each and every post on, you will find the exact same thing with every post - the content being shared in each of springtrap56’s posts is stolen from other artists who already posted the pieces to their own social media spaces.

I have uploaded several sets of screen caps, since only single files may be uploaded with a report. Please see my post here for links to all relevant screen caps:

This is the text I included. Feel free to copy/paste if you’d like, or investigate additional posts for yourself to include in your report! 

===> Introduce yourself.

Sorry, that came out wrong, let’s try it again.

You are the PARANATURAL FANDOM, and you generally keep to yourself because, let’s be honest here, not many other people know who you are. You have a strange obsession with PUNS, to the point where you feel almost… disappointing… if you can’t think of at least one for every few sentences or so. Your spectral energy color is BLACK, because it is a FAIRLY COMMON COLOR, and you can make up the most ridiculous FAKE CURSES ever known to man. Also, your HAIR is not dyed, it is NATURALLY LIKE THAT and it may even be spiky to boot.
Your chum handle is insolentSpectral, and “you have a fairly normal typing style besides the occasional non-use of punctuation and the fact that everything you type is in quotations.” Your text color is brownish-orange, and you try to shoehorn as many puns as possible into your speech, as mentioned before.

O holy one, our brightest hour! Shining goddess of rays!
Let nothing here in this whole land your steadiest hand sway!

- an untitled hymn to the goddess of light

Thaes is the big deity in the Craftlands, the one everyone acknowledges the existence of and pays tribute to. She’s said to have created most of the world herself, and is known as the patron deity of knowledge and light.

Technically, her eyes are glowing white, but ever since Herobrine made an unfortunate debut in the Craftlands she was portrayed with her eyes closed. She’s always shown as having short hair, a high-collared shirt, and a divine aura.

In lore, Thaes was the one who banished the god of darkness multiple times and created the elemental gods. Those favored by Thaes often start out at a disadvantage, only to later find themselves becoming great leaders.

She is said to occasionally appear in dreams.

I have art block for what little artsy talent I have, so if anyone wants to show me their Minecraft skin via either submit or tagging (sharpsline), I shall attempt a crappy doodle of it, take a photo, post it and link it to your blog.