I found this in a grocery store bathroom. Its the first one I ever saw and it felt nice to find a safe place to dispose of sharps. I usually carry mine around until I can put them in my container at home.

For a while I had a bad habit of leaving sharps in my dads car and throwing them in the garbage but that is NOT SAFE. Sharps that are not disposed of properly put trash and sewage workers, janitors, housekeepers, household members, and children at risk of injury or infection.

Before The Betrayal -- Curse

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • A plastic food container (at least three inches deep)
  • Dry rice or beans (to fill container)
  • Food coloring
  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil (or opaque paper/fabric)
  • A sharp knife
  • Rubber bands


  • Fill the container about ¾ of the way with rice or beans. 
  • Put down a layer of aluminum foil that hangs over the edge of the container - you can draw a sigil to represent retaliation after an inevitable betrayal, otherwise envision that this layer represents your last straw / last bit of patience for this person.
  • Use the food coloring to designate these statements of intent (either by sigil or words) on the paper - “Your betrayal brings disorder and chaos to your life” and “I grow prosperous because of your betrayal”.
  • Lay the paper(s) on the aluminum foil layer. 
  • Put down two loose layers of plastic wrap, and use a rubber band to secure everything so far so that it doesn’t shift around.
  • Add water (food coloring optional) to pool in the plastic wrap layer.
  • Put down one last layer of aluminum foil, secure with rubber band. 
  • The knife is representative of the action of betrayal, whatever that may be. Stab through the layers into the rice/beans (which protects your container) which releases the water to erase/activate your statement of intent(s).
  • Then, you can cook the rice/beans! Eat your enemies. 

What It Does: 

  • This curse is for people who you know are shady and are going to betray you eventually. Some people you meet and your intuition pings. It may not be now, but sometime it’ll happen. 
  • The object of the curse is for it to activate only when they betray you (the metaphorical knife), and for you to receive only blessings from the fallout. 
  • You don’t have to eat the rice/beans afterwards, but it does add to the object of a betrayal transforming into blessings for you. 

anonymous asked:

So exactly what are the ways in which I can tell a real bill from a fake?? So far, I haven't encountered any fakes that I know of, but I want to be prepared for when I do.

Inspect the quality of printing. Generally, fake dollars will seem flatter and with few details when touched. When making real dollars, it involves printing techniques which are unknown and therefore very hard to replicate. You should look for blurry areas, especially in fine details such as around the borders.
Look at the portrait. There should be certain differences that may show you if the bill is fake.
Portraits in fake bills may seem dull, blurred, and flat, while in real currency, the portraits are sharp and contain fine detailing.
On a real bill, the portrait tends to stand out from the background. On counterfeit bills, the portrait’s coloring tends to blend too much with the bill.
Also, use a magnifying glass to watch the rim of the portrait. There must be written “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” repeated along the sides of the portrait. This will look like a solid line to the naked eye. This feature is especially hard to replicate using office machine copiers or printers due to its size and detail.

Check the serial numbers. There should be two serial numbers located on the face of the bill. Look at the bill carefully and make sure that the serial numbers match. You should check if the the color of the serial numbers on the bill match the color of the Treasury Seal. If they do not match, the bill is likely a fake.

Look for watermarks. Use the day light to see if your bill bears an image of the portrait. It can be seen on all $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills series 1996 and later, and on $5 bills series 1999 and later. The watermark is embedded in the paper to the right of the portrait and should be visible from both sides of the bill.

Now, here is what you can do with the help of some materials:

Apply an UV (black) light to look at security threads. Plastic strips (a vertical line) in high-denomination bills should glow a specific color. The $5 dollar bill should glow blue; the $10 bill should glow orange; the $20 bill should glow green; the $50 bill should glow yellow; the $100 bill should glow pink.

Name: Venus Rose 


Gender/sex: M/M


Quirk: Plant morphology: His hair grows into petals, along with his thorned stem growing from the base of his skull which he keeps wrapped around his neck feeling it’s the only part of his skin that isn’t somewhat defended without it. His arms and legs contain sharp spines that can grow to at least 8 inches in length and are coated with an irritant, the spines however can be delicate if they are broken take time to regrow and harden again. The opposite side of his arms contain pheromone sacks, which release an appealing scent when he’s in a good mood or near someone he is attracted too.

Affiliation: UA Second-year - Class 2-A 

Personality: Usually quiet and enjoys his own company, spends most of his time outdoors gardening and reading. Can have a short temper if he is prodded at too much which can result in flare ups. He is a junior expert in plants, herbs and toxins of plants and flowers. He will become more talkative if he can speak about what interests him, aside from plants he also finds bugs and insects fascinating. His favorite colour is pink and he is actually very into fashionable clothes and has to separate gardening clothes to ones he can wear out.

he ate my heart (iii)

“Y-You…You’re a demon?” she was barely able to speak the sentence.

“Yes,” he scoffed. “I’m the demon that you summoned to kiss you, so let’s get this over with.”

part 1. part 2.

10:42 PM

She sat, facing her window as she watched the rain fall down the windows. It had been a long day, dealing with obnoxious and rude people that seemed to have no respect for her or her time. Sighing deeply, she closed her eyes and let her head rest against the cold glass of the window.

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For anyone who might need it, Planned Parenthood does HRT using informed consent for patients 18 and older. I’m not positive about minors, but I’m sure guardians could sign over consent as well. I’m posting this because I have yet to see anyone mentioning this fact. I know finding a gender therapist is not only difficult and expensive, but also a really long process. I would call to make sure appointments are covered under insurance, but all in all I pay $200 a year for the hormones I need. They provide you with a sharps container and all the syringes you need, and are very respectful about your name and pronouns. Feel free to pass this along so that anyone in need knows!

I work at a little anime store in the South. I get some unusual people. But it’s cool. I love it.

I’m 18 and already a manager. I do almost everything for the store and I’m sure I’m going to be promoted to store manager in a few months if I decide to stay on.

We have a wall of real swords next to our register which is connected to a glass case containing sharp items, collections, and FIDGET SPINNERS.
I was halfway behind the glass case and sword wall helping some customers look at and handle swords. This kid, about 8-10, runs up to the glass case and starts slamming his hands down on the glass case. I’m talking full on vertical punches. I’m surprised the glass didn’t break. I ask him if he needs something or has any questions.
He demands to see our most expensive fidget spinner which is about 30 bucks. I tell him I’ll be with him in a moment.
He then starts yelling and punching the glass case demanding it now. I’m wondering where this boy’s parents are. But I act quickly to save the glass case. Tell my sword sale to excuse me and rush a few feet over to where the kid is. He slapped his grimy hand on the glass and demanded to play with the fidget spinner. I tell him it’s 27.99$ and he’ll have to pay for it if he breaks it. He says he won’t pay for it if he breaks it. So I refuse to get it out of the case for him. He gets really angry and after one last punch at the glass, he stormed off.

I thought it was over.
This kid was SUCH a brat!!

He got down and touched EVERYTHING that we had do not touch signs on. He was pushing the stands seeing how far they’d away before they fell. I eventually found his parents in the store and asked them to reign in their kid. The mom said sorry and yelled at him but he continued. He tore down two wall scrolls and tried unplugging our cameras. I was so relieved when they left.

TDLR: Kid was a brat, took down posters, pushed over stands, almost broke glass case.

Playing With Fire [It burns, doesn't it?] Pt. 10

Genre: Mafia!au | (Mature) Fluff. Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

Originally posted by ggukz

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7  | Part 8  | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 |

In the corner of the room sat a slumped over figure, head hung low and breathing shallow. He tried to stand but he was halted by his half asleep legs and his hands cuffed to an exposed pipe running down the wall beside him. His breath hitched, he surveyed the silent room with heavy lidded eyes, no windows, no bed, nothing; just a dark room and the eerie bliss of his thoughts. For some odd reason whoever tied him, probably Jimin, left him one free hand. Was this on purpose? It only took something about an inch long and thin and he’d be out of here. Not a wise decision for keeping someone like him contained. A sharp pain shot to his head suddenly, forcing his body to tense and ache at its own accord. The expected side affects of chloroform and whatever else they did to him while he was under. He pushed his body up the wall to give his lungs a better position to get a deep breath of air. As he exhaled his attention was brought to the faintest sound coming from behind that door.

Being dragged out and seeing Jimin was the last thing he could remember, mentally  he put the pieces together as to where he was; Yoongi’s base, at least I think it is. The one day he tried to take an evening to bring flowers to his sisters grave and this happens, that’s just his luck. The jiggling off the door knob made him freeze, the click of the lock made him frown.

“Hello, Tae.” 

It took very little deciphering to conclude who was standing at the door, the voice, the face, even down to the way he walked made it obvious. He approached him with weighted steps, he’s still so heavy footed, I wonder if he still doesn’t notice? That thought had brought a blank expression to his face, leaving the man to scrutinize the boys lack of concern for his own well-being. Jin stood a few feet from him, crossing his arms and waiting for him to acknowledge him properly. Taehyung shifted momentarily before looking up to lay eyes on his Hyung, he tilted his head. Jin.

“Hyung…” He muttered, his eyes diverting down to the cuff on his wrist, I need these off, if they were off I could take his- No, what does he want. There went his train of thought, as particular as ever.. Jin stalked a bit closer, the way Taehyung sat calmly urged him to draw nearer.

“Now, how did you end up in here Tae, Hm?” Jin asked sarcastically of course, it was quite obvious to anyone where this conversation was going. Seeing as Tae was no longer looking him in the eye but instead at his feet and slowly back up to his eyes. He kept doing it. It was a tactic he developed years back, search his victims for an instrument to cause them pain if needed. Sadist on the go per se.

“You still do that?” He snickered, “Look, It’s not gonna work here.” He squatted down to get eye level with him, leaving Tae no choice but to look at him. “You’re not getting out of this. I came here with a proposition…why don’t you join us?” He stood back up when Tae rolled his eyes, seemingly unimpressed by the threat, and or attempted offer. A sigh left his lips, shaking his head as Tae insisted on paying him no mind, that wasn’t a good a idea.

“Come on, Namjoon isn’t coming to save you. He’s only ever cared about himself, you of all people should know that.” He wasn’t wrong.

Tae scoffed, chewing on his bottom lip, his brows creasing in thought, this was surely a unique set of circumstances. He wants me to join him? He leaned back against the wall, his hair still draping beautifully over his dark eyes as he scoffed like he were out of breath. “Namjoon is loyal to his family, unlike you…”

Loyal? Where was he when they dumped your sisters body over the bridge, huh? Wasn’t so loyal then was he…”

He twitched.

Jin smirked, seeing he remembered the infamous weak spot, his beloved sister. By the way his gaze darkened—his fist clenching and relaxing on their own, he had him right where he wanted him, just a little bit of pushing…

“You see…” He slipped his hands into his pockets with ease, “Y/N is my sister, you know what it’s like to loose a sister, Tae. You know where I’m coming from. And on the subject of loyalty? Kim Namjoon shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. Your sister went in that building and he never went back to save her, and he couldn’t but he wouldn’t, he saved himself.” He hissed, the memory only agitating him more.

“Namjoon left her in a burning building, what is wrong with you? You act like it never happened. He hurt you Tae, got your sister killed and it’s amazing how you still follow him around like a damn puppy, I can give you a better life Tae, a life with less pain.”

He just stared blankly.

“I’ll admit it, you’re good.” He snickered. “Her death really did something to you…” He pried, but still not receiving the reaction he wanted. Needed.

He continued. “You push people to their breaking point and let them tear themselves apart while you watch it all unfold, that’s an acquired occupation given your background…Namjoon used to say that people have what’s coming to them, that there’s no inbetween in this cruel world, black or white, good or bad. Sadly, your Noona was in between, that’s why he got rid of her.”

Deeper, deeper, the wound just gets deeper.

Taehyung yanked at the restraints for the first time, making the cuffs clink against the medal pipe and Jin actually stepped back for a second, fearing he might just get out, but those thoughts were quickly put away at the realization that Tae was capable of a lot of things but the pipe could hold him.

He laughed, walking closer to assert the fact that he has won. “Aw, did I touch a nerve?”

In a split second, the pipe was ripped from the wall, but still attached to his wrist. He swung and soon Jin was pinned to the floor.

“Agh!- Get’em off of me! Wei get the hell in here and help me!” 

His once freshly dry cleaned suit becoming wrinkled and undone. He managed to throw his fist at Tae’s jaw, immediately bruising his baby soft skin, it was like he was soulless.Arcane eyes, heaving chest, he cracked. Grunts and heavy breathing were heard from him as he wailed on Jin, his jaw clenched tight as he held Jin’s collar and used his still cuffed hand to cause the damage.

Jin blocked his face with his arms and finally Wei ran into the room, staring in shock at first. Seeing Tae onto of Jin, the broken cement from the wall near the two of them. Wei didn’t know how to attack, Jin was thrashing underneath Taehyung, trying to get away from the unhinged man and he was pretty hesitant to challenge Tae right now.

“Get him off of me!” Jin barked his command, snapping Wei out of it finally. He managed to pull Tae off for a few short seconds and he even raised his fist to fight but the pipe chained to his wrist was now the source of his misery. 

A muffled groan left Wei’s mouth and he was hunched over, holding his head in his hands as the throbbing intensified and the hearing in his right ear was near nonexistent. Tae had swung the pipe at Wei’s head so hard that you could heard the sound the the medal pipe hitting his skull.

In no time a swarm of guards came in the room to restrain him, he was violently shoved to the ground and held down by his arms. He stilled thrashed around, yanking his arms and legs, almost succeeding a few times.

“Shut the hell up!” With fuming animosity, Wei punched him in the face with enough force to draw blood from his pretty mouth, forcing his head to cock to the side. “Jin, you okay?” Wei ran to help Jin up but he was shooed away by a hand as he stood to his feet with a little unsteady footing. He watched as his men kicked and punched him as he attempted to resist, resulting in low groans of pain. 

From the ground eerily he spoke calmly, “H-how could a son of a bitch like you…have such a doll of a sister like Y/N…” He cooed, a drunken smile on his face, he found this whole ordeal amusing in a sick way. “She’s a sweet girl, pity I had to fuck with her head like I did…” A devious smirk appeared on his lips as he knew that would get to him.

“Stand him up.” Jin ordered.

They yanked him up and held him back by his arms as he struggle very little, he didn’t do so much as jerk away.

“What the hell did you do to her.” He gripped Taehyungs jaw to force him to look him in the eye. “Talk.” Jin hissed. Taehyung peeked through his fringe, his smile wide in a coy manner. Jin assumed he had the upper hand here, but he would soon find out why Tae was smiling ever so gleefully.

“She,” He lifted his head, letting his tongue graze over his lips, “she ran away, Hyung wanted her to learn her lesson…so he gave her to me.” His gaze fixated on him, silently waiting for him to continue. The tension between them was unbearably thick and the only sound that could be heard was Tae’s ragged breathing.

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Eight uses for leftover pumpkin flesh

1. Fashion leftover pumpkin into a nest shape on a lofty, flat surface to attract the orange vegetable hawk, a fierce hunter who lines its nests with the remains of its victims. You can entice the hawk to stay by scattering a few helpless carrots around the local area. Note that your area may not actually want its own orange vegetable hawk; they need constant prey or they will start going for chips and putting up negative reviews of the neighbourhood on the avian web.

2. Lightly dessicate and put on the end of a sharp stick for an unique room decoration which also contains a sharp stick. Every room should have one

3. Add a little salt and puree to a smooth paste. Travel back in time to Dallas on the morning of the 22nd of November, 1963. Lightly coat the stairs in the local book depository building with the mixture, causing Lee Harvey Oswald to slip and fall, thus missing the window of opportunity to carry out the assassination. 

4. Donate it to a living pumpkin which desparately needs a transplant. For example, one of those pumpkins which is being used as an adorable mouse house in a children’s book.

5. Compress into a cuboid block and freeze. Store until you next have some leftover pumpkin flesh. Compress that into a block and freeze as well. Repeat as necessary. Pass these instructions on to your offspring. In five thousand years’ time, when eternal Winter unexpectedly sweeps down from the North, this is how your distant descendents will build the orange tower famed in song and story, and they will honour your name with gin.

6. Drop it behind you as you navigate the maze. If you become lost, you can use it to follow your trail back to the start; or, alternatively, you may have attracted one or more large herbivores to your trail. In this case you may not have a path back, but you will have a new-found furry friend who will love you for life and eat the pumpkins you grow in the cottage in the maze.

7. Scatter it with contaminated pumpkin juice thieved from a high-security lab fridge at midnight, raising it from the dead as a rindless abomination to shamble around your vegetable patch evermore. If you are done with growing vegetables but finding this decision hard to reconcile with healthy eating advice, having zombie pumpkins can be a great excuse. It is definitely healthy to not go near them. They may even help you establish a running routine.

8. Find a portal to an alternate reality. Tip the pumpkin flesh through. If enough people do this often enough, eventually the alternate reality will be overgrown with pumpkin plants. I find pumpkin plants aesthetically pleasing and plan to retire there. Thanks.

Just A Shot

Requested?: Yes

This is a pack mom imagine

Could you do an Imagine were the reader is Scott’s girlfriend and Scott and Liam have to get injections for werewolf reasons so Scott goes and picks Liam up then Liam gets really scared and upset as he doesn’t want them and Scott calls Y/N and she comes and looks after Liam and let’s him sit on her lap and cuddle him. Thank you xx

JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS PROBABLY HATE ME I’M SOOOO SORRY. I apologize for being absent when it came to writing, I just hit a major writers block and didn’t know how to get past it. Although that little drabble I wrote for Scott helped me a teeny bit. I’m seriously so sorry, guys. I didn’t think my writers block would take so long.
Plus, Watch Your Tongue Part 2 should be out sometime this week for those of you who liked it! Please enjoy xx

There was an injection that werewolves had to get to prevent them from getting rabies (or something like that, you weren’t too sure.) Derek recently found out about it and had told Scott that he needed to get it, along with Malia and Liam.

                Malia was fine with it, she was even down to do it then and there. The only problem was Liam, he was hesitant to get it done and

                “You’re going to get rabies if you don’t get the shot, Liam.” Scott argued.

                “Then let me get rabies, what’s the worst that could happen?”

                “You could die.”

                Liam was quiet for some time before quietly agreeing to the injection. Scott called Derek and told them that he, Liam, and Malia agreed to the injections and they’ll get them after school.

                Liam never really told Scott that he disliked needles because, well… it was never brought up. Who randomly decides to tell their pack mates that they’re afraid of needles when it’s not relevant to the situation?

                There were times when Liam felt okay enough to get the injection, and there were times when he was thinking about running away so he wouldn’t have to get them. That was childish of him, but he really hated needles.

                “Hey, you ready?” Scott asked as he came up behind Liam who was putting his books back into his locker.

                Liam cursed under his breath, stood up to face Scott and nodded.

                Scott smiled, and Malia showed up, her car keys in hand. “Are you guys ready or what?” She asked, clearly impatient. The alpha nodded and led Liam and Malia out the front doors of the school.

                During the car ride, it was evident that Liam was nervous. Scott and Malia could both smell it on him. It was overpowering at times, “Could you stop being nervous? It’s just a shot!”

                The younger boy was caught off guard, “W-what me? I’m not scared.” He smiled, trying to play it off, but him bouncing his leg gave him away.

                “You’re shaking your leg,” Scott mentioned, a small smile on his face. “Liam, there’s nothing to be scared of, it’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.”

                “I’m not nervous!”

                “I can hear your heartbeat.”

                “Your nervousness is stinking my car up.”

                Liam looked down at his hands in embarrassment, his cheeks heating up. He mumbled something along the lines of, “Okay, I guess I’m nervous.”

                Malia scoffed, one hand leaving the steering wheel to make a point. Scott found it alarming and put his hand on the wheel while she made her point, “It’s just a shot, don’t be such a baby.” Her hand returned to the wheel. “You were thrown at a building last week and you’re afraid of being stuck with a needle?”

                “That’s different.” He grumbled, turning his attention to the car window where he looked at the scenery.

                The car finally stopped at animal clinic where Scott worked. All three teens got out and Scott led them to the side door that the employees use.

                As they entered, Liam saw three needles sitting on the counter. His heart rate went up as he tried to calm it down, his hands were getting sweaty and he wiped them on the front of his jeans.

                Deaton turned away from what he was doing and faced the three teens in front of him. “Who is going first?” He clapped his hands together, glancing at each one of them.

                Liam looked from the needles to Deaton and back again. He was sure he was going to faint, but held himself together.

                “I’ll do it.” Malia raised her hand and Deaton motioned towards the counter. She hopped up on it gracefully an stuck her arm out.    

                As Deaton was cleaning her arm, he explained, “This is basically a rabies shot that dogs get. Unlike dogs, you only need this shot one time.”

                “Are you saying we need the shots that dogs get?” Malia asked.

                “No,” He said, sticking the needle into her upper arm. Not a flinch what-so-ever. “This is the only ‘dog shot’ you’d need.” He took out the needle after injecting her and threw it in the sharps container. “Next?”

                Scott decided to take one for the team and got on the counter, removing his lacrosse hoodie in the process. Deaton cleaned his arm and stuck Scott with the needle, injected the vaccine and threw the needle in the sharps container. He put his hoodie back on and told Liam, “Really, it’s nothing to worry about.” He assured. “It doesn’t even hurt.”

                Even though he felt like he was being a baby, Liam said that he didn’t want to. Malia, Scott, and Deaton assured him that it was basically painless, the only pain that would happen is if he tensed up. Again, he said no.

                Liam excused himself to the bathroom, while he was in the bathroom, Scott and Malia discussed how to go about Liam getting the shot.

                “I can hold him down?” Malia suggested.

                “No. He’ll get out.”

                “We can knock him out?”

                “I am not knocking him out.”     

                Malia was clearly out of ideas at this point and stayed quiet until the lightbulb lit up in her head, “We can call (Y/N)!”

                Scott was taken back at first because he wasn’t sure why he didn’t think of you first. You were his girlfriend, but Liam had mentioned that you felt like a mother to him in a way. (Stiles thinks you baby him too much but that’s beyond the point.)

                He got out his phone and dialed your number, you picked up after two rings and Scott explained the situation to you. You agreed to meet at the animal clinic.

                Liam came back from the bathroom and Scott told him to sit on the counter. “Only if you promise to give it to me when I’m ready.” He said to Scott and Deaton. Both agreed and he hesitantly got up on the counter.

                Ten minutes passed and Scott’s phone dinged with a text message. He checked his phone and excused himself. A minute later, he came back with (Y/N), Liam’s face lit up.

                “So, I heard you won’t let them give you a shot?” You asked, making your way to Liam. “Why?”

                Liam shrugged, his eyes moved to the ground, embarrassed. “Because shots hurt.” He mumbled.

                You smiled and playfully rolled your eyes, you now reached Liam. “Shots don’t hurt, sweetheart.” You rubbed his arms in a comforting way. “Not if you don’t tense up, at least.”

                He still looked unsure and stared at you with his puppy eyes.

                “Liam, you need this shot.” You pleaded with him, when you saw that he wasn’t budging, you hopped up onto the counter next to him. “Hug me.”


                “You heard me… Hug me.” You told Liam who quickly wrapped his arms around your body. “Now get comfortable because you’re going to get this shot.”

                He had a hard time getting relaxed at first, until you made him breathe with you while you gently played with his hair. In… and out… In… and out. When you felt like he properly relaxed, you nodded to Deaton. He gently grabbed Liam’s arm while you kept a gentle hold on his head.

                Liam jumped a tiny bit when Deaton was cleaning his arm with a alcohol pad, you continued to keep him calm, whispering what Deaton was doing so he wouldn’t be surprised or anything.

                Deaton was readying the needle, “Okay, deep breath in.” You quickly, but quietly said. Liam obeyed, “and let the air out.” You said, he exhaled and Deaton stuck him with the needle. Exhaling had pre occupied him so he didn’t feel the stick.

                The shot was finally over and Deaton threw away the needle in the sharps container, applauding Liam for a job well done.

                “Why are we applauding him for acting like a baby?” Malia asked, mainly to herself, but clapped anyway.

                You smiled and gave him a pat on the shoulder, “See, Liam. I knew you could do it. Needles are nothing to be scared of!”

                Both you and Liam got off the counter while Scott came up to both of you. “Next time we need a different shot, I’m sure you can do it on your own.” He joked while putting an arm around your waist. You nudged Scott, telling him not to be teasing Liam like that.

                “Yeah,” Liam laughed, as he was laughing, his head started to shake his head no. “No.” He smiled joyfully and walked out of the office.

                “At least he was honest.” Malia shrugged, following him out.

sorry that sucked lmao


Dean x Reader

Word Count: 832

Warnings: mention of needles/shots, mention of chronic illness, fluff.

**Sorry if this story is kind of specific, but I have had to explain my complicated form of insulin resistant diabetes and endocrine dysfunction to people, and it’s difficult (like with any chronic illness). Sometimes it’s like trying to teach a cat how to drive a car. I know it sounds silly, but I have thought about how I would explain it to Team Free Will (in another world, haha). So, here’s a story about it. Keep fighting my loves. <3

(Not my GIF)

You gently lowered the toilet seat cover down and plopped down on top of it. You opened the small pouch you had just gathered from the mini fridge in your room and pried it open, gathering your supplies. The small pen-like mechanism inside he pouch slipped from its holder and onto the counter, almost tumbling to the floor. You snatched it right as it rolled off the edge, then slipped a sterile needle onto the tip.

Right as you twisted the cap from the needle, the bathroom door opened. You peered up as you gripped the pen and needle just over the skin of your stomach. “Heard of knocking?” you snapped as you glared at Dean. Your stomach turned as he stared at you, stunned.

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My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 4 - Save Me]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant. 

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 /

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anonymous asked:

Oh yeah it was a request/idea thing. XD I love to see a happy ending or something different like dominant Zen. o uo Maybe his ghoul is a different personality.

I didn’t know what to write for a dominant-like Zen or with a different personality, so here’s a continuation with a happier ending. :‘P

Zen’s lungs burned in protest from all the running. Just how long had he been running for and just how far? He needed to take a moment to breathe, but he couldn’t stop. He can’t; otherwise, the memory of hurting you would catch up with him. He bit you and drew blood from you. It was an accident. He didn’t mean to—

Zen lurched, placing his hand on a nearby wall and bent forward, his free hand moving to grasp onto his twisting stomach in an attempt to calm it. A guttural sound slipped past his lips, his tears hot against his cheeks as shame and guilt clawed at his chest. Why did it have to be like this? All he wanted was to live a normal life with the person that he loved, but in the end, he had hurt you, and not just physically either.

Zen had no doubts that you were hurt by the fact that he had lied to you all this time. Without meaning to, Zen immediately assumed that you must have thought that he was just using you or something. Surely, you must have a horrible view of the man he was now.

He warned you countless times to be careful around others and himself, telling you just how dangerous he was. He should have heeded his own warning, and now… Now he couldn’t bring himself to face you ever again.


The ghoul’s head snapped up at the sound of your voice. He spun on his heel, eyes open wide when he saw you running towards him, the injury he left on your neck still present with your blood seeping through the collar of your shirt. Concern easily overpowered guilt, and Zen ran to you before gripping onto your shoulders so hard that you winced.

“What are you doing here?!” Zen yelled at you, his voice containing a sharp edge with his eyebrows scrunched together. “You’re injured! You should have gone to the hospital!”

“No!!” You raised your voice in turn, silencing the young man before you. You heaved and gasped for air, choking back on your sobs. “I couldn’t risk not going after you and never seeing you again…”

Zen’s eyes searched your face for some kind of hint on what he should do—what you wanted him to do—but all he saw was desperation and fear, yet somehow, it looked different than from before.

“I love you,” you choked out, feeling like your knees were about to give out on you. “Yes, I’m shocked, and I’m scared, but… but we can talk this out, right?”

“I never wanted to hurt you…” Zen whispered after a pause, his voice much softer than before as his hands trailed the length of your arms.

“I realize that.”

The ghoul bit on his lower lip before pulling you towards his trembling form into a tight embrace. “I love you, and I never want to leave you. Please… Even if I’m like this, please let me stay with you.”

You nodded your head against Zen’s chest, appreciating the way it beated for you. “Stay with me.”

The young man breathed out a sigh of relief, pulling back the slightest bit so that he could kiss the injury on your neck, vowing to himself that he wouldn’t allow another accident like this ever again. He would protect you, both from others and from himself if need be.

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Tomalgam Pt. 2 - Tomalgam x Tord

// Hey friends, it’s that time again, it’s time for a second part to a Tomalgam fic I wrote a while ago, here’s the link to the first part:

*theres no sex scenes lemme state that now

Basically, Tord got a cloning machine from Bing, and created what is Tomalgam, and of course he’s already had sex. Speaking of Bing, this fic kicks off with Tord telling the director about the cloning machine and Tomalgam.  Note: Tomalgam’s speaking will be typed normally, it’ll be easier for me to write it and hopefully easier for you, the reader, to read. Tomalgam x Tord. ( @tomalgam )

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Exy or Death Zine TFC Fic Snippet

So, on September 23rd the Exy or Death zine will be released! Yay! Time for your Ravens fix, people! There’s so many amazing fics and such incredible art in here you’ll be amazed!

Here’s another snippet for a fic I contributed for the reverse big bang part, based on @midreky‘s gorgeous artwork - the first part of the fic will be posted in the zine and the rest will be available a month later.

Andrew watched from his position against the far wall in the lounge while Wymack and Kevin showed Hatford and Moreau around as part of the whole ‘this is what you get when you sign the papers’; he was against about the whole Raven charity thing they had going on, about signing two more broken birdies despite the shiny patch of healing skin on Hatford’s left cheek and the wary way that Moreau took in everything. Despite Kevin’s assurances that Hatford had never gone along with any plan of Riko’s and that Moreau was loyal to the kid… something was going on.

“So that’s the tour, basically,” Wymack told the two young men, both of them dressed in black like Kevin, both of them pale as if unused to the sun but Hatford possessing that bright red hair which stood out like a beacon. He was also a little more animated with his emotions – not much, just when compared to his dour companion (Kevin said that Moreau was referred to as Hatford’s ‘shadow’ in the Nest). At the moment, there was a slight bit of contempt on the kid’s attractive face.

“Well, I can’t say I’m impressed,” Hatford drawled, which made Kevin’s face become flushed and Wymack’s to grow blank. “Instead of the shower stalls you could have spent the money on soaking tubs or some private work-out equipment or a few other improvements, and the surface of that track is-“

“It’s not Evermore,” Kevin cut in with a hoarse voice as he pulled himself upright as if to tower over the short backliner. Not a difficult thing to do, considering how short the mouthy little shit was, really.

“It’s not even Columbia State,” Hatford said with a sneer, clearly refusing to be cowed or shamed. Hmm, perhaps Kevin was right about one or two things. Perhaps.

“And yet you’re here,” Wymack pointed out, for once saying something of value as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Despite the subpar conditions and all.”

Hatford gave him a sliver of a smile. “That might be going too far, but sure, we’ll agree with the ‘subpar’ thing at least for the moment.” Behind him, Moreau sighed and murmured something in French while a muscle in Wymack’s jaw twitched and his fingers clenched into fists at the slight to his beloved Exy program. Kevin… Kevin didn’t seem too surprised, so Andrew took it to mean that Hatford usually was this much of a smart-ass. “But you are right on that we’re here about joining your pathetic Foxes.”

“Kid, do you understand how this whole ‘joining a team’ thing works?” Wymack asked, his tone a bit incredulous even as he glowered at the redhead – a redhead who had kept himself out of the man’s reach the entire time he’d been on campus. Interesting.

Andrew was beginning to understand why Kevin hadn’t wanted Dan to return early for this little… hmm, ‘cluster fuck’ came to mind. If Hatford was here for some clever scheme of Riko’s, he obviously was intent on driving Wymack crazy before he ran off with Kevin. Andrew might let him do some damage before he stepped in to knife the little shit.

Hatford gave the coach an almost sweet smile, except for the sharp edge it contained. “Better than you think. I know that you only managed to keep your Class I title last season because of the lazy bastard keeping watch on us, and your striker line for this season is a mess because you have one player who’s still recovering from a major injury,” Kevin flinched at that, “another who has some skill but will throw a game with his refusal to work with his teammates or because he got into a senseless fight, and a second string at best freshman you had to draft at the last minute. I’m not even getting into it with the rest of the team.”