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I love how Atreus just wants to adopt all the younger people. BEST DAD EVER.

Me too like when I first made Atreus I had no idea he would be such a dad and yet??? He adopts everyone in sight I love it. His warm and need to be a figure to protect and support people is one of my favourite qualities about him.


You’ve learned about C-Major scale, sharps and flats, and the music staff. Now you’re going to learn about asshat key signatures. Looking at the figure below you might be thinking “Fuuuckkk this is bullshit I am not prepared to do this shit man,” Well Ima make this as straight forward as that one bitchy friend is. First lets take a look at those hashtag fuckers, sharps, “BUT WAIT! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A KEY SIGNATURE IS!” fuck man you’re right lemme clear this shit up, key signature’s tell us what major scale we’re in, what note we’re gonna start our scale on. Now I labeled these fuckers for you but you’re probably looking at this shit wondering “man how the fuck did they get G major out of 1 sharp?” well buddie, that one sharp we’re look’n at for G Major is F# (read as F-sharp) the next note up from F# is G, thats how you find what scale you’re in*. “okay I can see that but we got fuckn F# and C# Major over there spooking me out” as you can see in F# Major the last sharp in the scale is E# now we’d normally just say “haha its F major!” BUT WAIT, WHATS THIS!? IT CAN’T BE! E# AND F ARE THE SAME FUCKING NOTE! Thats why we cant call it F major, its gotta go by F# Major, its the same idea with C# Major. You can also remember it because F# is already sharped in F# major’s key signature, so it wouldnt make sense to have the note F in that Key. Whatever sharps are in the key signature stay in the fucking key signature.**

Now with our flat homeboy’s instead of going up we’re going down. The way to figure out what key we’re in, when we’re dealing with flats, is to count how many fuckers there are and go one flat down, like in Db Major we got Bb,Eb,Ab,Db and Gb we just look at what flat comes before the last flat in the key signature and its as easy as that! Now you’re wondering what the fuck F major is doing here, we’ll cover that next lesson, but for now just accept it. 

Next Lesson, my least favorite fucker, the circle of 5ths

*Review the order of sharps and flats, and if this isn’t clear contact me

 **Its the same for flats