“We knew who Thomas Sharpe was, we knew he was an aristocrat, an engineer, a dreamer. He was energetic, charming and engaged. He was intellectually gifted and a big thinker, but also full of so much mystery and so much hidden darkness. It was all about how you choose to reveal what he’s hiding. That’s the fun part.” —Tom Hiddleston                                                                                                                                    

bloody-suits asked:

"Yah honestly think yew were gonna stab me in the back again?"

Alexis blinked. The Sniper had moved faster than he’d expected. He cleared his throat. “Not at all, my…friend, “ he chuckled, making a show of flipping the balisong closed. “I was merely inspecting my knife, to make sure it was in proper condition. Nothing worse than a dull knife, non?”