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How did you find out about twenty one pilots

ohh so basically i saw posts on tumblr and stuff and I was already kinda into fall out boy and panic! so I checked them out - i think the first song I heard was Tear In My Heart, and then I downloaded vessel and then more songs and things…..spiraled from there (this was about a year ago)

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Name: Alaina Mae 

Birthday: June 29th

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: i’m like, 99% sure i’m asexual 

Height: 5’5

Favorite Color: navy and teal. i like blues, okay?

Current date and time: 21 February. 11:15 pm

Last thing you Googled: "where should i go to college?“

First thing that comes to mind: it’s so cold i could cry but my tears would freeze to my face.

Favorite book(s): oh dear god is this hardddddddddddddddd. :c

Favorite movie(s): archie’s final protect and donnie darko

Favorite TV show(s): ouran host club, parks and recreation (suddenly forgets ever tv show i’ve ever liked :c)

Favorite drink: frozen lemon aid is life.

Favorite alcoholic beverage: i’m really not a drinker. like the last time i drank was prom and we had vodka and orange pop, so fancy lol

Last movie I saw in the cinemas: night at the museum 2 lol

Dream holiday: probs visiting some of my rad internet friends. i love you guys.

Dream wedding: warm outside. are beach wedding cliche? well i don’t even care. and it’s going to be navy, teal, and white. and no one is wearing shoes probs. 

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