The Academy (Page 1)

They don’t really give you a choice.

Drag you around like a dog on a leash, letting you know what kind of bad mutt you are.

But K rarely cared, never much had the chance to take for granted what you might. He wakes up just hoping that he didn’t lose a limb in the process of gaining a quick moment of shut eye. Hell, even the thirst that consumes his body takes a backseat to the nervous tick that gets at him, gripes at him.

He shouldn’t be alive, and just knowing that toys with him, lets him know that he’s just luck’s bitch and he should be so fucking thankful.

I’ve created a temporary tumblr to hold this comic until I decide to officially host it on my own website. For now tumblr is a nice and quick way to upload a gif-licious comic.

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