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Here’s a little thing I’ve been working on! I’m not done with it yet, but I think it’s about time I post something XD
This was supposed to be a cross between burgerpants and grumpy cat, but then something happened and now he’s working at a random store for some reason.
I can still call it Undertale though, right? Maybe?

Got to organizing some of my pens today and I tell myself (and my mother) that there’s worse things I could be addicted to… Here’s what is pictured!(I linked all of them on Amazon, but the sets may be slightly different than what I have)

·       PaperMate Flair Pens

·       Bic Mark It Permanent Markers

·       Bic Cristal (Multicolored set and black set)

·       Papermate Inkjoy Pens

·       Papermate Intro Highlighters

·       Stabilo Boss Highlighters

·       Stabilo Point 88 Pens

·       Sharpie Highlighters (thick and thin)

·       Pilot G2 gel pens

·       Zebra Mildliner Highlighters

·       Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers

·       Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers

·      Papermate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pens (Blue)

·       Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

elephant: round two

on Ao3 | on ffnet

round one

i wanted to get this up yesterday, but life didn’t work that way. whoops. anyway, thanks to everyone in the @ml-network​ for screaming about this with me! it made me want to write this forever tbh.

here are the rules again just in case:

assassin can be played in a lot of different ways, but in this fic they’ll be using the rules i know because it’s easiest for me. here are the basics:

  • everyone gets a target and everyone is getting hunted. if you ‘assassinate’ someone, you get their target. the winner is the last one standing.
  • classrooms are safe zones during class. after class is dismissed, they’re free game. hallways are always free, and outside the school is free (yes that includes your house). there are other safe zones like between certain lockers etc.
  • the weapons you can use are markers inside the school and nerf guns or markers anywhere else. to be ‘assassinated’ you must be hit on the arms or neck with a marker, or anywhere on your torso with a nerf dart.
  • if you know who’s hunting you and you see them within three feet of you, you can yell elephant, and they can’t come after you for an hour. you have one elephant per day. if someone shoots you with a nerf gun and misses, they can’t go after you for an hour

teen rating again because swearing. enjoy!

Alix slams her hands on the table. “Welcome to round motherfucking two of assassin!” she shouts. “Starts at 12:01, same rules apply, but this time, be less shitty. It’s no fun when everyone sucks ass.”

“You got taken out by Adrien walking down the hall,” Nino says smugly.

She glares at him. “Watch it bubble butt I’m come for you,” she snarls. She turns back to the rest of the class. “Join or die.”

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Imagine Jacksfilms applying for a job:
  • Interviewer: why should we hire you?
  • Jack: oh, i have this resume, here
  • Interviewer: oh, thank you. *reads the resume*
  • ....
  • it'sah me.. maerio?
  • Jack: yeah
  • Interviewer: ...
  • that's the only thing written on here.
  • Jack: yeah.
  • Interviewer: in bold lettering.
  • Jack: uh huh.
  • Interviewer: ... with a neon pink sharpie.
  • Jack: yeap.
  • Interviewer: ... a-are you serious?
  • Jack: no, it'sah me, maerio-