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Pledge Floor Wax- Update.

(Tutorial on process)

With working this a bit more there are things that I should note.

Working with the dried fibers - In some places on the fibers the wax didn’t adhere as much as I’d like to the fibers, but that didn’t prevent the area from not being sealed.

I found that when brushing the wax would come off as dust. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

I’m not sure why it did this, but for the most part it think it had to do with the fibers clumping thickly or not enough wax. Or not enough brushing when damp. Who knows, as this is the first time using this method I don’t have it all down yet.

Flat Ironing your fibers- The heat would make the wax congeal on the ceramic plate. I had to clean the flat iron with a paper towel.

Things to think about when needing to use this method.

Well, the only reason I had to come up with this is because the sharpie method failed. Here are my suggestions, I don’t know if it’s Fact but having worked with the fibers I think the following should be advised.

Do not use hot water curl method, I believe it will remove the wax and then all the hard work was for nothing.

Hair spray worked well with the waxed fibers. I do not know what will happen if you wash and condition the fibers. I do not know what will happen with gel or spiking spray.

The methods that I plan for this is heat set curls and hairspray. I will not be doing a whole lot of other testing as this whole process was to stop the dye from rubbing off. 

I will say that I doubt I’ll be using the sharpie method the next time I dye wig fibers again. This is a lot of labor for a wig. I now have spent 10+ hours dying and fixing the dye. I don’t recommend this method for those with little patience.

While it was fun to come up with a solution, the process itself is tedious. At least the results aren’t bad.

In the first picture you can see bangs are not brushed and the fiber in my hands is. In the second picture you can see the fibers, they are not horribly tangled but they are frizzy. In the last picture is the fiber straightened.

The fibers will not go back to perfectly straight, but I’m happy with the result. When working on the full wig head the fibers were a bit more crusty feeling, but after straightening the fibers went back to fairly smooth.

Hopefully no one will have to do this method, but it’s here if it does happen.