sharpen gif action

Character PSD #5 by AzianxPersuasion  LEGACY


  • This character PSD is best for science fiction themed roleplays.
  • The entire graphic is 500 x 350.
  • Fonts used: OCR A Extended (name) + Orator Std (body)
  • You can change up what text you want on the graphic. You don’t have to have the birthdate or level or occupation. You can also change the traits. The ID number can also be changed.
  • The bars are adjustable. 
  • To change the colors of anything (the bars, border, etc.), I suggest changing the hue/saturation and then changing the inner and outer glow of the blending options.
  • There are two futuristic circuit textures included. I do not own the images. You can choose another image if you want. 
  • Adding faceclaim images may require some knowledge of clipping masks. Lighter images look fine, but darker images or images with darker backgrounds are best. I’d also suggest using photos from promotional photoshoots.
  • Here is a sharpen action to use —> download.
  • In the coloring, there is a curve that is not mine.
    —> download the “gold vase” curve here <— 
  • The animation texture is also not mine.
    —> animation texture credit <—
  • Make sure to save the graphic with “Save for Webs and Devices” or the animations will not move!
  • Please like or reblog before downloading.
  • Do not claim as your own or redistribute.
  • Credit is not required, but it would be appreciated.
  • Download this PSD here.


My very first character psd I’m posting for general use, huzzah! POSTED is probably the simplest character PSD I’ve made to date. If you know how to clip images, you’re pretty much set. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Dimensions: 540 x 300
  • Font: Franklin Gothic Book
  • The coloring and sharpening action used are not mine and can be downloaded here.
    How to install & use Photoshop actions.
  • The image used for the background is mine.
  • Please like or reblog if using.
  • Do not claim or redistribute as your own.
  • Credit is not required, but it would be appreciated.



sharpen action by aurumicons;

can be used in both hq gifs and images. if you use it on bad quality pictures, it will look ugly af. 

to use on gifs, select all frames, convert to timelime, select all layers & convert them to smart object, then play.

for images, simple convert to smart object and play it.

please like if downloading, and click here to download.

also the orignal gif was not made by me, credit to the owner :)


GIF sharpening actions → I’ve had a lot of people ask for these so I figured it’d be easier for me to put my settings in a post. These are just the settings I use on my gifs, I’ve modified them to look however I want but with the exception of the second one I got the original settings elsewhere. These are just modified forms of other settings. Please like if downloading or using! Keep in mind that if you’re using these you must know how to sharpen all layers at once!



BTWMALIK PACK 2.0 (it’s not really a pack but ok)

Hii guys, Mari here. As I hit my goal and it’s also my birthday, i’ve decided to post some things for you. I can’t thank you guys enough for being here with me through the years, so i thought it’d be a good gift for all of you who follow me. Thanks! xx


  • 01 gif action
  • 01 edit action
  • 02 gif psd 
  • 02 edit psd  

Download link: .rar | .zip