sharpedo bluff

  • Dusknoir: Apparently, someone has been leaking information on the Time Gears to Grovyle. The entire guild is under investigation.
  • Partner: That’s crazy. No one here’s a mole.
  • Dusknoir: How can you be so sure?
  • Partner: Because I know these guys. I know everything about them.
  • Dusknoir: Well, you’re a poor explorer if you don’t think Pokémon can surprise you.
  • Partner: Not these Pokémon. Here, watch this. I know what everyone’s gonna do today.
  • Partner: It’s Thursday, so Dugtrio’s gonna leave early to go to Sharpedo Bluff. He talks to the sea there.
  • Partner: Sunflora’s gonna be going over her weekly budget, and Bidoof will be attending a “pizza for one” cooking class at Spinda’s.
  • Bidoof: Tonight’s menu: Pepper-alone-i.
  • Partner: And if I run and leap at Chatot, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.
  • Partner: *runs towards Chatot* Coming in!
  • Chatot: No! I’m holding apples!
  • Partner: *leaps towards Chatot*
  • Chatot: *drops the apples to catch Partner*
  • Partner: …and this is Sharpedo Bluff: the bluff… that looks like a Sharpedo.
  • Hero: Does it look like a bluff?
  • Partner: No, it looks like a Sharpedo.
  • Hero: Is it a Sharpedo?
  • Partner: It’s a bluff that looks like a Sharpedo. For the fifth time, it’s- it’s not an actual Sharpedo.

I know a lot of you liked my Sharpedo Bluff post, I’m very thankful for all the notes ^^

Bu’t I’m sure most of you don’t know what it is for… Well I’m actually going to be animating the full game and today I released a short teaser trailer for it!

Back in the Swing of Things || Closed @ pmdsableyequeen

It had been a little over a week since Grovyle’s group had returned to the past. Rafe was acting just as clingy and timid as ever, sticking close to Phoebe at all times.

They’d finally gotten around to moving back into Sharpedo Bluff, taking the time to prepare new beds for Grovyle and Celebi. After all, if Grovyle was going to be a part of their team, however inactive, they had to give him a place to stay. And they couldn’t possibly separate him from Celebi, especially since they were a couple now.

It was quiet… and certainly not what Grovyle had expected when he came back, Rafe was sure… but the Pikachu couldn’t bring herself to take up exploring again.

What if one of them got hurt? What if they got thrown into another crazy world-threatening scenario…?! What if… she couldn’t handle it anymore…? She could barely handle it before…