sharp purple

what was the turning point in Emily’s aesthetics, when exactly did she raise her hand to stop the royal tailor and said “we’re done with the white frills and bows, Bartholomew, give me the sharp-edged purple longcoat and high boots”

  • Aries: Spiky, shark-like tail. Blood red and has sharp scales, abrasive to the touch.
  • Taurus: Soft, smooth edges. Forest green in color, with black outlined scales.
  • Gemini: Long, thin tail. Has orange, glimmery scales that are almond-shaped.
  • Cancer: Has a somewhat short tail, and fans out towards the end. Is a gradient violet color, getting deeper towards the tips.
  • Leo: Long, regal tail that fans out in a crown shape. Has glittery and golden colored scales.
  • Virgo: Slightly longer than average tail, with sharp and precise edges. Is a shade of royal blue, would blend in with surroundings, if not for their glimmer.
  • Libra: Bright, neon green. Elongated tail, with fanned out flukes. Sparkles in the sunlight.
  • Scorpio: Jet-black tail, long, and graceful. Matte black, often reflects moonlight.
  • Sagittarius: Bright purple with sharp, jagged edges. Somewhat short tail, can be bruised from many adventures.
  • Capricorn: Indigo, blue-violet tail. Broad and muscular, mermaids with these tails mean business.
  • Aquarius: Holographic tails, reflects light. Often thin tails with fanned out edges.
  • Pisces: Rainbow or multi-colored tails, Piscean tails come in all shapes and sizes.

Made this during FNAF The Musical virtual premiere. I really like these series so I have drawn the main characters of it. I hope you’ll like it!