sharp on stage

Collab with @stranded-on-mars! They wanted me to work more on their fish arrow fakemon. The designs are mostly exactly the same, where the final stage I tweaked it for it’s own spin. 

Stage 1

Spearanha, the spearhead pokemon. It sharpens itself on rocks along the riverbank to defend itself from predators. However, it is not much of a treat to those who catch it. Ancient civilizations used this pokemon for cutting things.

Stage 2

Archthys(archer+ichthys), the arrow pokemon. Archthys are able to zoom astounding speeds in the air, given enough force. The tip of it’s head is sharp enough to pierce skin.

Stage 3

Symbonarrow(symbiosis+bone+bow+arrow), the symbiont pokemon. It is said that the ‘bow’ and the 'arrow’ of this pokemon are two separate entities. They are known to argue with each other, but when working together, the shot is more precise and powerful. A symbonarrow performs better when it is closer to its trainer. 

The typing would probably be ghost/fighting as stranded-on=mars suggested, but I actually think it could be fighting>>fighting>>steel/fighting!

A note: The bow and arrow are side by side, not in each other. If symbonarrow were to be drawn on the other side, the arrow would be in front, and the bow would be in the back.




Kyary’s new commercial for Sharp’s “AQUOS 4K”, featuring “KPP ON STAGE”!

Misa Kuranaga as Odile, the black swan with Jeffrey Cirio in Swan Lake, November 2014. Photo by Rosalie O'Connor, courtesy of Boston Ballet.

Kuranaga’s greatest moment comes during Act III, when she plays the beguiling Odile, Von Rothbart’s daughter who deceives and tempts the Prince into betraying Odette. Odile is a confident exhibitionist with sharp poses and many center-stage fouettés.