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Crimson Peak (deleted scene) | ‘Lucille at the piano’

what was johnny cade like before he was jumped?

did he still smile widely when he was with his friends, even if he was treated awfully at home? did he laugh at stupid things ponyboy said; at two-bit’s awful jokes and steve’s creative insults?

was he full of hope? did he always believe there was something better waiting for him somewhere? did he trust people? was he open and loving, his every emotion clear on his face?

could he go somewhere by himself and not have to be afraid?

did dally love the other johnny better? did he constantly dream of johnny being how he was before? did he only want the boy he loved to smile more and laugh for no reason; to not have to be afraid of sudden movements and loud noises; certain sounds that reminded him of sharp rings on callused fingers and not being able to breathe right?

did dally think of johnny after he got beat up and cry silently into his shitty pillow at buck’s, trying to keep his shit together because he was supposed to be the strong one? did he sob quietly, because all he wanted was for johnny to be happy, and he should have been there to do something, and johnny couldn’t be fixed?

did they cry together sometimes; johnny shirtless and bruised, dally trying to quiet him while inwardly breaking? did they ache for something better, sharing dally’s last cigarette under a flickering street lamp at three in the morning?

they were never really okay, were they?

they weren’t.

Monday / Saizo x MC

Week 1

Monday (nsfw)

There’s a moment right before he buries himself inside her where he sees too much, feels too much, there’s just so damn much, he can do nothing as the floodgates inside him batter down. It’s when her gasps go sharp, and her fingers are in his hair, fluttering kisses across his scalp, that she bears her soul open for him. 

He doesn’t think she means to, too lost in a symphony of heat and limbs to notice, but it takes his breath away all the same.

She let’s out a faint puff of amusement, and he looks at her astride in his lap. There’s an imperceptible rise of her brow, at once questioning and taunting. She’s not quite sure why he’s slowed at this particular moment, with her head tilted back and lips parted, panting, but he sees how she lets him off and goes along with it.

He traces his fingers along her waist and up to her breast in a little apology, outlining the underswell of it with his forefinger. From there, like a practiced musician, his hands play her, caressing her, teasing her, until her hips tremble and she moans, easing herself down onto him. All at once they’re back at that juncture where he sees her soul naked for him, blinding in its longing for his heart.

When he slides home to the heat, to the the exquisite tightness, he hears a harsh exhalation. It leaves his lips the moment she arches against him, and he can do nothing but hold her still and wait as the friction sets off a spark in his whole body. He lifts his eyes. Staring back are the colours of the deepest hurricane clouds. She waits for him, holding on.

Then they move.

He makes it last. He makes it last oh so long. And when they’re breathless, coming down, they don’t so much as shift but wilt into each other, content in letting the cool air stroke their skin.

“Saizo,” she breathes out some time later when he’s packing up the sweetness and light and placing them in the corners of his heart.

“Yes, little lady?“

A pause. “You were different tonight. Is everything all right?”

Her breath tickles, like butterflies against his neck. He invites silence into the dark. It echoes against the walls, a cacophony of uncertainty. He wants to say, 

Go to sleep, little lady,

and I’ll tell you some other time,

and I love you fiercely,

and Don’t ever leave me.

But all he manages in that moment is a sweep of her cheeks and a lingering kiss on her forehead, hoping, praying, it conveys everything he means to say but can’t.

“All right,” she chuckles, hand on his heart. “It’s ok. It’s all right.”

And where there was a fluttering before, there is now the sweetest of aches pulling him down and down and down into her warmth, where he sees too much, feels too much, knows too much— where her assurance to him is in every little kiss she plants on his face.

You silly man.

I understand.

I adore you.

I will never leave you.

He holds her hard against his chest and doesn’t close his eyes— to make it real, and scatter nightmares into the moonlight.

Week 1: Masterpost

  • For @ceka122, and all the Kirigakure ladies, because the SLBP Geek Club isn’t doing its thing without you. Enjoy!
Choi Seunghyun -  “Can you guys just fuck already?”

@chanyeolspout​ asked: NEVER too early for TOP!!! So I’ll have him with “can you guys just fuck already?” I love you I’m happy you’re back get KakaoTalk so CL and I can fangirl over your beautiful self being back.

Warning: Contains smut, biting and control tendencies. If that is a trigger for you, please don’t read.

The jagged edge of his angled jaw felt sharp under your fingers as they caressed along it, his piercing gaze not leaving your eyes. Bravely, your shyness drowned in one too many shots of whatever expensive Japanese liquor you were being feed, you allow a brazen smirk to play across your lips in response. The flicker of his eyes to your mouth only causes it to grow, one side perking slightly higher than the other.

Your body shifts closer to his, breasts pressing heavily against his muscled bicep as your knee edges it’s way slightly over the expensive suit pants covering his thighs. Silently you thank the choice of restaurant, a traditional Japanese one, for it’s lack of chairs allowing you to move this close to him. His lips grin deeper, and he bows low to whisper something carefully into your ear, humid breath caressing against it’s shell.

‘Another one?’ He questions with a gesture to the bottle on the crowded table, the smoothness of his low tone sending a shiver straight to your core. A hand comes to cup against the one you were using to explore his jaw, which he pulls away quickly before spreading the palm open, drawing it to his lips for a quiet kiss.

Your shoulders shrug, uncommitted as his smile broadens and his pouty mouth rubs against the flesh of your palm again before he licks a strip down your inner wrist. Tiny pinpricks of  pleasure shoot through your skin at the contact, only fueling the fire that was burning wildly inside you.

You don’t know how this had happened. You don’t know how the supposed plan has gone awry, or how Seunghyun had found you so irresistibly attractive that he’d been willing to sabotage it so easily. You don’t even know why he’d barely been able to look anywhere else but at your cleavage the whole night. As far as you were concerned, you were in the swanky private room of the restaurant as part of a ploy to set you up with someone other than Seunghyun. It had been Jiyong who’d been the apparent intended target - a blind date arranged by a friend and casual in theory. When you’d shown up to the address, however, it had been a different story. The two men, both impeccably dressed in suits, had begun vying for your attention. Seunghyun’s chiseled jaw, his stony gaze and fresh dewy skin had you stunned from first glance, making it obvious within the first few minutes who had the upper hand. It was game over for Jiyong before he’d even poured the first shot with his delicately long fingers.

‘Jesus…,’ Jiyong lets out a slow sigh, reminding you of his presence in the room. ‘Why am I even still here? You’ve clearly won.’ His voice is curt, his position from across the table isolating him from the intimacy of Seunghyun’s touches on your body, and yours on his. It was obvious Jiyong’s comment was directed at Seunghyun, but if it wasn’t for the alcohol that Seunghyun had kept pouring making your head spin you’d probably have paid more attention to it. You would have realized that you were part of something bigger between the two. But honestly, even if you weren’t drunk you don’t know if you would have cared. Seunghyun was intoxication enough.

‘You tell me…’ Seunghyun chuckles, his gaze coming to rest on the upset face of Jiyong, the smirk he’d given you hardening and becoming more sinister.

‘Can you guys just fuck already?’ Jiyong spits nastily, his anger at having lost whatever game they were playing evident as he draws himself up already. ‘I’m done with this. It’s fucking stupid.’

‘Have fun with the ratty club hoes at Cake Shop, my friend.’ Seunghyun’s sentence is punctuated with a chuckle, his eyes leaving you again to watch as Jiyong stands, pushing himself up from the low, non-existent seating of the floor. Before you can even spare a goodbye he is out the door, the sting of his defeat too much for him to bare.

‘Was this some weird game both of you had going on?’ You question, unable to ignore the obviousness any longer.

‘A bet.,’ Seunghyun admits without a hint of embarrassment, another kiss feathering across your wrist. ‘Fifty million weon to whoever you chose to stay longer with, two hundred million weon if said person manages to sleep with you.’ His mouth moves slowly, dotting kisses in a smooth line towards the joint of your elbow. Honestly, you should have felt embarrassed. You should have felt shame in being reduced to a silly little gamble between two friends. But the softness of Seunghyun’s touches had your core melting, and you couldn’t deny that the idea you were a valued prize between the two men was only fueling the heat in the pit of your stomach.

‘I’m only worth 200 million?,’ You pout, playing coy as you attempt to tug your wrist away from him. ‘I’m disappointed.’ His hand grips tightly against your skin, fingernails puckering hard red dents into the flesh as a flash of annoyance appears in his eyes. Your heart flicks a beat of panic before he eases off, and you pout down at him with furrowed eyebrows.

‘I’m not submissive. Not in the least. If this is going to happen, you need to know I don’t play like that.,’ His voice has dropped lower than before, an edge of seriousness crisp in his words. ‘If you want his to happen, you have to submit to me. I guarantee it will be worth your while.’

Suddenly, it was all too overwhelming. His cute flirtatiousness had nose dived, and you were unsure of what you had gotten yourself into. Hiding under his lustful exterior was a dominant big bad wolf - one you had no idea how far would take it.

‘So, you’re saying I just have to sit back and take whatever you throw at me?,’ Your arm tugs away from his, snapping from his hold on your wrist with a sharp jerk. ‘And I’m meant to sit here with a smile while you get 200 million weon out of it? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?’

‘It’s not like that at all. I won’t take it easy on you. I’ll be rough. But if you don’t like something I’m doing, I’ll stop. It has to be consensual.,’ He responds. ‘But trust me, you’ll be smiling through it all. I guarantee.’ His confidence has you believing every word almost immediately.

‘And I’m meant to ignore the fact this is all a game for you? A silly bet with a friend?’ You question, still confused.

‘Would you have said no if you didn’t know about the bet?,’ He counters, an eyebrow raising curiously. ‘The only reason Jiyong mentioned it was because he didn’t want me to win. It’s a tactic. He’s sneaky like that. But I was honest, wasn’t I? I’m not holding anything back, all my cards are on the table.’

He had a point. If you’d never known, you’d still be wowed by his irresistible charm, legs pressing together in a desperate attempt to sate the desire he was making you feel between your legs. Surprisingly, the development of his dangerous edge was not off putting - his honesty in his intentions was refreshing. Most men didn’t make themselves so clear.

‘And we’re doing it here?’ You question again.

‘You’re overthinking it.,’ His silken pink lips turn upwards into a smile. ‘Let’s just play for a little bit. No one will come in. I promise. If you want to stop, tell me.’ He leans forward, palm returning to grip your wrist with a mild force, head tilting towards yours for a full kiss. His mouth opens, free hand reaching to cup your chin and draw you towards him. In a second, his tongue is looping around yours, nails drawing a sharp sting against your face as he drags them towards your mouth. Oddly, the sensation coupled with the delicate emotion of the kiss has a deep groan clawing itself from your throat. It passes on to Seunghyun, and you feel his lips smile against yours.

‘Jesus…’ You say as you pull back, confused at the pleasure such a rough move had offered you.

‘I told you you’d like it.,’ Seunghyun chuckles, fingers gripping around your wrist again in a tight squeeze. ‘I can spot the ones who do a mile away. Even if there was no bet, we’d be exactly where we are right now.’ He releases your hand, a rough shove of your shoulder asking you to lay backwards. You comply immediately, body falling against the cushions on the tatami floor, arranged in a single row along the side of the low table.

Seunghyun is on top of you in seconds, pulling both hands above your head in a sharp twist, and pinning them down as he comes to hover over you. His lips press into you, teeth flashing a sharp bite into the flesh of your mouth. He works carefully to not break the skin, but the sting is still tart and causes your hips to jolt upwards towards him. Pulling away only briefly to relieve himself of the constraints of his suit jacket, the luxe material pulled off his broad shoulders and lost on the floor in a matter of seconds, he sets to work on your neck as one hand still pins your arms above your head.

His kisses are rough, sucking aches against your collarbone that you know will leave bruises in the morning. You don’t have time to think about it, though, because his flurried pace is contagious, and the frantic energy he has is seeping straight into your core. For the first time, his teeth graze against your skin in a deliberate prick and another moan slips from your mouth. Your breathing heavy, chest heaving, you don’t try to hide the pleasure he is giving you - each mark blossoming a sin against your skin you never knew before.

‘Shit…’ Is all you can manage, his heady movement rushing straight to the junction between your thighs. You’d never experienced anything that turned you on so quickly before. Your hip bones press up, and with a smirked laugh Seunghyun’s large hand presses them down towards the floor again.

‘Patience.,’ He coos softly. ‘Let me work on this pretty neck of yours first.’ The palm on your hip bone skips across your torso, the material of your dress hitching ever so slightly as it is dragged upwards. His fingers, long and slender, find their way to your collarbone, caressing gentle circles against the red patches already displaying themselves.

His tongue is on your throat in seconds, teeth soon following to nash against the flesh. A sharp gasp slips from you at a particularly rough bite, Seunghyun lifting his head to check in on you. Your lips form a pout, sadness peeking at the corners of your mouth due to the loss of contact.

‘Hmm?’ You protest wordlessly.

‘Too rough?,’ He questions. ‘I don’t want to put you off on your first time with me.’ You shake your head, cheeks puffing outwards.

‘No. I like it.’ You blink at him behind hooded eyelids, unaware of the effect it would have on him.

‘I told you I could pick it.,’ He chuckles, smile playing softly. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl respond like this, though. Now, let’s go.’ He pulls himself up, offering an arm to you. You take it, and in one swift tug he has yanked you upwards in a sharp jerk.

‘Where?’ You ask, confusion at the sudden change of plan.

‘Cake Shop. I’m feeling like I want to rub you in Jiyong’s face a little bit before I take you home.,’ Seunghyun’s voice is matter of fact. ‘That little shit was all talk this morning. I want him to see your neck and how you let me play with you, so he knows without a doubt what I am going to do to you tonight. God, he’ll be pissed he missed out on someone so into it.’  

You knew that your hair had fallen out from being rubbed against the tatami mat floor. You knew that your lipstick was half smeared across your face and your eyeliner was smudged due to the heated kisses Seunghyun had offered you. You even knew that the low cut neckline of your dress offered no coverage of the deep bruises he had sucked into your skin. But as he reached for his coat, and as he cast a questioning eye back your way after standing, hand out and offered to you, you knew there was no way you could deny him. 

Because a man like Seunghyun, who exuded such natural control, could get you to follow him anywhere. 

Dating Hoseok

A/N: Oh gosh Hobi is a precious baby!! I could probs write about him forever
- Kaitlin
We’ve been sharing ideas for this series the whole time but we did hobi’s together thus it’s the last. Have fun with our dating scenario for mr. Hoe-bi

  • So perky, so smile 25/8
  • Random dance offs
  • And dance lessons
  • You could be in the bathroom brushing your teeth and he’d walk in and be like
  • “We dance?”
  • Can’t sleep - insomnia, makes you talk him to sleep, whispering things in his ear, making sure he knows you’re there
  • Him sitting in front of you on the floor or tucked in close to you in bed so you can play with his hair
  • You frequently find yourself running your fingers across his razor sharp jawline, cupping your fingers around his ear as you reach up to play with his luscious locks
  • Actually drooling while you pet him and bobbing his head as he slowly drifts to sleep
  • Playing video games with you, card games, board games, loves playing any kind of game with you
  • Making you happy all the time, trying to please you, doing what you’re comfortable with
  • So understanding, if you need him to be serious he will still be sunshine but now he’s calm and smiley
  • You have to kill all the spiders bc he too scared
  • You scaring him and him screaming, him screaming when you tickle him
  • Screams at the food you make him, whether it’s good or bad he’s gonna scream at it
  • In short, lots of screaming
  • And of course lots of screaming during sex
  • Sex with him on top is great but not really rough… he would prefer you be dominant and want you on top most
  • You giving him hickeys while ur on top
  • and him loving them *blushie blushie*
  • Doesn’t even bother to cover them up
  • Literally goes up to the guys like
  • “Guess what my Jagiya gave me…”
  • *points to neck*
  • “You guys wish you were me”
  • He takes so much pride in you, always bragging about how great you are
  • He thinks you’re the smartest, beautifulest woman, inside and out. No one can convince him otherwise
  • You wearing his underwear that he’s left at your place casually around the house, not for the sex appeal but bc they’re so darn comfy
  • and he’s so chill about it bc he cares that ur comfy
  • The drawer of stuff he has at your place
  • full to the brim with junk
  • You both have no idea how so much of his stuff has accumulated in your house but he has such weird things to top it off
  • Paddle ball, rubber duck, receipts, A BOOK (does hobi even read for fun? What’s that doing there?), a bunch of packages of soda crackers stolen from the dinner you guys frequent for lunch
  • He only has the essentials
  • He would ALWAYS want to hold your hand
  • Not really into skinship bc he wants your time together to be special and he wants everyday to be full of new exciting, wonderful things
  • he would just randomly start making out with you though
  • Some days he just needs his fill of you so
  • while watching the sports channel and screaming at the teams scoring he tackles you bc he’s so excite and he just starts kissing you like there’s no tomorrow
  • You always watch games with him
  • doesn’t matter the sport
  • or team
  • It’s just fun and an excuse to scream with hobi/get him excited
  • Him buying you random things that you really don’t need
  • “hobi….”
  • “Ye 😊”
  • "Why is there a toaster on the table???”
  • "Oh i saw it and i thought of you ^.^
  • Everyday is fun with Hobi
  • He wants to treasure you
  • Through his sleepless nights and pearly whites he’ll show you the most beautiful moments in life… ;)

Look at what you’ve done to me


“Bryce? Where in the god damn seven oceans are you? The dare’s done! You can come out now!” Delirious called out.

“Yeah man! We’re done playin’ games here, let’s go!” Added Cartoonz as he scanned the area.

Swimming further into the Great White’s home, the shimmering light slowly faded into dimness. After squeezing through the rotting debris of ships, they arrived at the home. 

“Ugh, this is a stupid joke. He probably didn’t even do it!” Delirious groaned, crossing his arms and pouting. 

“Do what exactly?” A voice growled from the shadows as the two turned around to the direction of the voice, revealing Ohm with a concerned expression. “If you are after my seal it’s too late because he’s already mine. I can deal with some snacks right now!” He howled as he laughed insanely, swiping his sharp fingers at the two who shrieked and swam for their lives. They forced themselves to swim into the actual domain of the Great White which only caused him to become even more frustrated. Mysterious twists and turns became even more confusing, the crazy laughter from their potential killer simply just made matters worse.

“Quick Delirious! In here!” Cartoonz pulled his friend by his arm into a random room and slammed the door closed. When they heard the Great White viciously attempt to open the door, they grabbed whatever was available and propped them against the door in a panic. Unexpectedly, the force was interrupted by a voice.

“Ohm, why are you slamming the door? I thought it would be open?”

“There are people around… they’re going to take you…” 

“And who did those people look like?” 

“I don’t know… I think one of them had a blue tail with a bunch of tattoos and the other one had a red tail with some weird cross against his eye.”

The other voice sighed out of frustration, before calling out to the two. “Guys, it’s me. Bryce! You can open the door now, it’s fine.”

They didn’t hesitate in removing the barrier, before opening the door to the Great White rushing towards them. Both had fear run through their veins again, splitting up to form a gap for the attacker to swim through, but then eventually rejoining behind Bryce. The seal gave another frustrated sigh as Ohm swam closer with an annoyed expression and dragged him back so that he would be locked into Ohm’s arms.

“Sorry guys… Ohm get’s a little obsessive sometimes. I learnt that the hard way.” He apologised as Ohm started to growl again. “Anyways, Ohm, meet Delirious and Cartoonz. Delirious and Cartoonz, meet Ohm.” He ended his sentence with a casual shrug. 

I don’t know why but the idea of Kent Parson pre-children and post-children is so amusing to me like before kids when he and Alexei first go public, the reporters would ask him about Tater and he wouldn’t give a shit he’d just say something like “I’m just staying with him because he’s got a huge di–” before he cuts off and sees his PR manager from afar, slicing her sharp, manicured finger across her neck. Kent would just swallow and begin again with, “Ha! Joking. Uh, he’s got a big…personality…” 

Post-kids Parse would cover his son’s ears and hiss at people in public who try to heckle him with, “How fucking dare you swear in front of my son if Tater wasn’t here you’d be missing a limb, asshole.” (”Dad I can still hear you.” “Shh don’t tell your Pa.”) So basically nothing has changed. Tater claims that he’s the one who does damage control in the Parse-Mashkov family but everyone knows he’d be the first to start a fight if it concerned Kent or his tots ( “Kenny let’s not punch the man again–” (overhears guy shit talk about Kent) “…OK my turn.”) 

French Inquisition, A Monthly Rumbelling Fic

Rated: G

Prompt: “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me attention.”

Summary: Rum Gold is of the fervent opinion that his son is far too interested in his love life. Belle French figures that if Bae wants to ask his father about their relationship, she’ll give him something to ask about…

Word Count: 1294


French Inquisition

“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me attention.”

Gold reached across and caught his son’s hand before the surprisingly sharp index finger could find its way between his ribs again, but he did not look up from his notebook and the important specifications of an antique dinner service that he had been asked to value for probate.

“Yes, you are,” he said calmly. He felt Bae wriggle around on the sofa beside him, and then the other hand was jabbing into his side. Gold sighed, put down his pencil, and grabbed the other hand as well.

“Well, you’ve got to pay attention to me now that you can’t hold a pencil,” Bae said sagely. “Unless you’re just going to stare at your notebook for however long because you’re pointedly ignoring me. And parents shouldn’t pointedly ignore their children. That’s neglect.”

The boy had a point, annoyingly; he couldn’t keep working without his hands. With a heavy sigh, Gold relaxed his grip on his son’s fingers and turned to him.

“All right, Bae. You have my full, undivided attention.”

Bae grinned widely. “So,” he began. “What’s going on between you and Miss French?”

Keep reading

‘Only,’ Miss Quill tapped the screen with a sharp finger, ‘this site is deceitful. It promises so much, but it does not deliver. Look at this: ‘Watch Her Slay This Politician’. The video does nothing of the sort. It simply shows a young woman being vaguely rude to an older man in front of an audience of bored people. Honestly, no one even gives her a knife.’ She scrolled through the pages. ‘See – it’s all Tear Him Apart, Destroy That, Shred Him, Ruin Her … The language is all so violent, but there’s nothing behind it. This is the talk of a coward urging others on to fight.
—  Miss Quill discovers clickbait in “What She Does Next Will Astound You”

And that’s like…not to say…Diego can’t be cute? He can. Eating the rocks was adorable, he was a precious child and I think within the span of canon compared to the other mcs he was pretty fucking cute (his devotion to his horse, his overall stature, comparing him to Dio) but like…he’s not Lucy levels of cute. He’s not even Josuke levels…he’s just…flanderized for being the only really “cute one” of the adults (that and Johnny but Johnny has a lot more going for him–Diego gets very little screentime comparatively and thus stuff is diminished).

I also don’t think he’s an endless badass? You know he can be both…he doesn’t have to be one or the other.

I myself like to play him as a guy obsessed with society and machismo and stuff (in a weird vein mirroring Jonathan of all characters), a brooding boy who covers it up with pretty smiles (implied in canon as it is). A boy who will dirty his hands over and over to get what he wants–and yes, it’s sweet he wants vengeance for his mother but don’t forget what he’ll do to get there.

I’m tired of him being treated as a distinct good/bad character. Within the moral compass of SBR he doesn’t really lean either way. He’s selfish and doesn’t care about the larger moral struggle. He is his own man, not evil, not good. Just ambitious. Yes that’s often seen as evil. And yes, he’s pitiful, and that can be seen as cute. But he’s not one or the other…he’s really both.

Fight For Family...Part 3

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Epilogue)

As you pop some popcorn into your mouth, your eyes darting around the table of fresh pumpkins and gourds, you switch your heavy basket to your other arm as you roll the top of your popcorn bag down and toss it on in.

Your arm was beginning to hurt you, and you needed to switch the weight.

As a gust of wind catches the back fabric of your dress, you whip around quickly to catch the fabric, hoping that no one got a sneak peak of anything underneath, but just as you whipped too fast and caught the fabric within your fingers, a sharp pain throughout your pelvic muscles caused you to yip as your basket went crashing to the ground beside you.

And that’s when you heard frantic steps come up beside you.

Grunting as you slowly raise yourself up, you go to squat to pick your basket up as a familiar voice stops you in your tracks and startles you to your core.

“Here, let me get that.”

Looking down as his hands come into view, your body slowly lifting back up as your eyes gaze up his body from his feet, they heavily connect with a familiar set as the hair on the back of your neck begins to stand on end with panic.


David was at the farmer’s market.

Staring at him, completely dumbfound, your eyes dart down to the basket in his hands as you begin to reach out for it.

“It’s alright,” he says breathily as he pulls it back from you, “I can get it.”

But you were stunned in your spot.

And still craving that damn pie.

“David,” you whisper.

The silence that hung between the two of you was more stifling than the crowded tent the two of you hovered underneath, and as the sweat slowly began to trickle down your back now that the wind had dissipated, the sensation ripped you from your trance as your reality slowly dawns on you.

The father of your child was standing in front of you, just now realizing that he was going to be the father of your child in the first place.

“I can carry it,” you say as you take a step forward.

“You shouldn’t be carrying something heavy like this,” he says as he pulls it back even further from you.

“I’m only 17 weeks along, I’m fine,” you bite, your feet lunging you forward as you grasp the handle of the bucket full of fresh goods.

But his hand didn’t relent, and your bodies were closer than they had ever been.

“17 weeks…?” David trails off.

You couldn’t even bring yourself to look him in the eye, staring instead at his chest as he gazed at the top of your head, hoping desperately you would just look up at him so he could behold your dazzling Y/C/E eyes.

You thought about telling him it wasn’t his.  You thought about making up a story about some one-night stand after he broke your heart, and telling him that he was fine…that he wasn’t going to be a father.

But before you could even consider the prospect, your mouth began to run away with you as fast as your brain could process.

“Everything is fine.  She’s healthy and even though I’m technically considered a high risk pregnancy and will probably have a c-section, we are both fine.  No nausea now just an intense craving for rhubarb pie and I thought that they would have some here or at least the ingredients for the pie but I’ve never had rhubarb so I had to look up what it looked like and I don’t see any here but there was some rhubarb pudding and I tried that but the craving didn’t go away.  We’re still in my apartment but that’s fine because I’m on a savings plan in order to save up to buy maybe a little house or a small plot of land to build on.  I wasn’t financially as bad off as I thought so I’ve been able to stock up on a few things already and we really are doing just fine and I’m really glad that you and Hayden are hitting it off because you deserve that family that you always wanted.”

Taking a massive breath as you slowly raise your eyes to the man you had never really stopped thinking of, you find his eyes lightly rimmed with tears as he hooks your gaze and takes your breath away.

There was so much in that paragraph you had just blurted out that he needed to process.


You were having a baby girl?

He…was having a baby girl?

“…you’re still in your apartment?” he asks lightly.

But when the slight disappointment rolled over your face, he quickly began to backtrack.

“I-I-I mean, that’s fine.  Your apartment is…is nice.  It’s in a…a quiet building with-…lots of…”

But you knew he was lying, trying desperately not to disagree with you and start yet another fight.

And it was had for you to suppress a snicker.

“W-…what?” David asks.

“Nothing,” you smirk, turning your head away as you look out over towards his car, trying to suppress a giggle in the process.

It was light heaven itself opened up and shined a light right onto your features, the way your smile lit up your face.

“Hayden and I aren’t together,” David muses lowly.

That caught your attention as you whipped your face back around to him.

“We had-…”

Trailing off as your eyes dance in between his, it was his turn to lower his head in embarrassment and shame as you stare blankly at the top of his head.

“You think I didn’t know?” you ask.

“I just-…I didn’t know if…if you did, or not,” he admits.

“I knew,” you breathe as he slowly raises his gaze to yours.

“I always know with you, David,” you declare lowly.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” he asks, almost pitifully as the reality of his question dawns on you.

You truly weren’t going to tell him.

“I don’t think so…no,” you admit.

The hurt that wafted behind his eyes curled your stomach as you felt involuntary tears rise behind your own.

“You just…deserve your family, David.  It was clearly where you wanted to be instead of with me, and it wasn’t fair that I stand in the way of that any longer,” you admit.

And then, after a bit of a pause…

“…she?” David whispers.

And as you nod your head lightly, you feel yourself grinning with delight as your cheeks begin to flush a deep crimson red.

“What’s wrong?” David asks as he watches the flush taper down your neck, “You feeling alright?”

“Yeah,” you breathe as you nod, a tear of happiness streaking down your face, “yeah, I’m-…I’m alright.”

The happiness that you were experiencing is something he understood all too well.

The problem was that it took him sinking himself into another woman to realize just how happy you had really made him.

And he wasn’t sure if he could come back from that.

But then, he had an idea.

“You still craving some rhubarb pie?”

And as much as you didn’t want to admit it, your mouth began wholly salivating at the mere mention of this mystery pie.

The thick swallow that David watched answered his question as he shifted your basket to his other arm.

“Have you already paid for this stuff?” he asks.

You shook your head no as you turned your watery gaze of happiness back out to his car.

It looked so…out of place amongst all of the others.

“Well, let me go pay for this, and then we can stop by a grocery store I frequent.  They should have the ingredients I need to make you one.”

“You know how to make rhubarb pie?” you ask, shock rolling over your features as you whip your head back towards David.

“I know how to cook anything as long as I can find a recipe,” he smiles.

And you found yourself smiling back at him.


my hands are so desensitized from working at a bookstore that I often cut my hand and bleed all over things before I even notice. just thought you should all know.

and yes that just happened. 

Attraction, pt2

It was cold. It was a lot colder than Shirayuki was expecting. The sun was out, but the bora winds coming from the North were lashing out onto her frigid frame and seeping into her bones. The breeze from the quick movements of riding a horse were not helping in the slightest. Her face raw from the wind, her nose aching from the chill.  

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