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I’m not ready for winter to be over, I’m only attractive because I’m a relatively sharp dresser. I’m a vision in a pea coat with a scarf and jeans, but put me in a t-shirt and shorts and everyone can see what I actually look like and we we really can’t have that


Malcolm X and Redd Foxx reunited in the early 1960′s.

In the early 1940s before converting to The nation of Islam Malcolm Little then known as “Detroit Red” became close friends with Jon Sanford aka Redd Foxx then known as “Chicago Red”. They both were sharp dressers and resembled each other. Both young men worked at Jimmy’s Chicken Shack in Harlem and hustled the street together. Redd confided to Anthony Major, who ran Redd Foxx Productions in the mid-1980s, that Malcolm was the only person he really trusted. “They used to rob places together and sleep on rooftops together. Redd said he knew Malcolm has his back and trusted him. If Redd was in a fight, he could turn his back and know Malcolm was gonna be in the other side, fighting with him.“

For a while they were partners in crime stealing suits and reselling them, dealing marijuana and other petty crimes. They had a falling out as Malcolm’s criminal activities increased resulting in his 6 year incarceration which led to his rebirth as Malcolm X. 

“Malcolm didn’t have the showbiz talent so he didn’t give a damn what he got into,” Redd said. “He’d take on anything to get some dough. He was a little bit more aggressive, but I’d rather be sleeping with a broad and go somewhere [to a club] and do fifteen minutes of comedy.” (Black and Blue: The Redd Foxx Story)

“We became good buddies in a speakeasy where later on I was a waiter; Chicago Red was the funniest dishwasher on this earth. Now he’s making his living being funny as a nationally known stage and nightclub comedian. I don’t see any reason why old Chicago Red would mind me telling that he is Redd Foxx.“ - Malcolm X (The Autobiography of Malcolm X)

Have some Kihyun smut that no one asked for! It’s completely cringe-worthy, and overly cheesy because I was feeling sappy. I hope all of you enjoy this trash scenario until I post the next one!

– Admin Ry

Title: Who’da Thunk It?

Genre: Ahah, I thought this was fluff but it’s actually complete smut

Member: Kihyun

Word Count: 3,717

               The seven of them had been close buddies of yours since high school, but the closest of the bunch was Kihyun. Kihyun had always been a bit of a gentleman. He’d helped you with your studies, and kept you company at night when you needed a friend out in the city or just someone to Netflix or chill with.

               Past graduation, nothing had changed. He’s the same as he was five years ago. Same sharp dresser, same gentleman, same shoulder to cry on. Not that the other guys had grown apart from you; in fact, it was quite the opposite. You couldn’t keep them away. The reason for having Kihyun so close was due to the fact that you felt a rather immediate connection to him. Something that felt so natural in conversation and in company. It was almost comfortable just having him around.

               You smile down at your textbook through your thought, and he places the cup in front of you, effectively distracting you from your schoolwork and your thoughts. “Ah, thanks, Kihyun.” You say, putting your pencil down to lift the hot cup, and bring it to your lips.

               “Careful, [Y/N],” Kihyun says, taking his seat across from you before setting himself up, “they just made it, it’s scalding-“ A yelp from you, accompanied by a jolt of shock, causes him to sigh. “-hot…” He says, a bit deadpanned. He shouldn’t have expected anything more from you, but he had. You let out an innocent giggle and you place the coffee down, taking the cover off to let it breathe out.

               “So what are you gonna work on, Kihyun?” You ask, moving the cup aside so you don’t knock it over, and you look over his books. Come to think of it, the only change from high school was the change in your classes. Kihyun was taking different classes than you were, and his studies were much more difficult.

               “I’m going to finish up a report on one of my Chem labs. I’m almost done with it, so I’ll be able to help you when I’m finished. Sound good?” He winks to you with a smile, pulling out his laptop, and opening a spiral-bound lab book. You blink at how smooth it all looked, and a bit flustered, you stutter out a ‘yeah’, and throw yourself back into your textbook to avoid looking him in the eyes again. He chuckles under his breath, and soon enough you hear him typing away on his keyboard, and you find yourself immersed in your Korean textbook once more.

               About twenty minutes pass, and Kihyun’s stopped typing on his laptop, but you’ve barely noticed it. It wasn’t until he’d been packing away his laptop that you realized he was done. “You’re /finished/?” You ask, not bothering to hide your amazement. Your admiration causes a small chuckle to erupt in his chest before he nods, “I told you, I was almost done.” He says, looking down to your own textbook, curious in what you were working on. “What, did you have, like, a sentence to write or something?” You ask facetiously, and roll your eyes, closing your textbook and shoving it to the side.

               “I’m burnt. I can’t study another minute, or I’m not gonna remember anything.” You say, and Kihyun nods in understanding. “Don’t push it. Stress will only make it worse. If you’re done, you wanna head out?” He asks, and you nod in response. Kihyun helps you to gather your belongings, and as you pack everything up, he goes up to the counter to buy the both of you more coffee to go. He catches up to you at the door, and the both of you leave the coffee shop. It’s brisk and cool out, enough for you to see your breath, but not enough to sting your fingers, especially not with a hot cup in your hands. The two of you continue side by side down the walk way of the city.

               “Speaking of stress, how have you been?” He asks after he hands you your new cup of coffee. You sling your bag over your shoulder to keep it out of your way.

               It was obviously asked for the sake of small talk – the two of you saw each other on such a frequent basis that there wasn’t need for such catching up. But he was genuinely concerned for you, and you knew that. Which is why you indulge him all the same.

               You tell him all about what happened the past week of school, about how your English professor wants two essays by next week, and the speech you gave in your communications class. You tell him how much you’re enjoying your Korean class, and how your professor makes learning the language so much fun. You watch him shift a little in his step at that, as if he has something to say to that, but you shrug it off.

               “I’m glad school’s going well for you, [Y/N].” He says with that signature smile of his, and you melt just a little where you stand. “How’s everything outside of school, though?” He asks, not really wanting the conversation to end there. “I mean, I had a date last night.” You mention quickly, and that gets his attention. He stops a moment, falling behind a few steps. “Did you?” He asks, and you can’t tell if the tone in his voice is there to be condescending, or in genuine intrigue. When you look up to him, he’s looking down at the walk way, and he kicks his foot as he catches up in long strides. You nod, “yeah, I did.” You say, matter of factly.

               Kihyun swallows. “So how’d it go?” He asks, keeping up a façade for a reason you can’t find. So you tell him about your date. “He was a nice boy. Not sure I’d make anything serious out of it.” You say, and he lets out a breath of relief. “It’s too early to make such a decision anyway. It’s smart that you’re not going to jump into anything.” He says to you, though he keeps from making eye contact as he finishes off his coffee, and tosses it into a receptacle at the side of the road.

               That was around the time you arrived at your apartment. The both of you walk up the stairs to the flat, and you let the both of you in, before making your way to the elevator, and finding your door. The entire five minutes was completed in silence, and for the first time, it felt awkward to be in his presence. It had been a while since the both of you had talked about relationships. Not since your ex, but that had you crying at his place for two weeks straight. And not that you knew, but that hurt him just as much as it had hurt you.

               “If it’s not good to just ‘jump into something’, then how do you think I’m going to find a new boyfriend, Kihyun?” You ask, not meaning to sound condescending, but it came out that sort of way. He winced, but that could have easily been your imagination. You place your half-finished coffee on the counter top, and remove your jacket, as does Kihyun. He hangs his jacket over the arm of the couch before finding a seat beside it, and he looks at you — he really looks at you.

               His mind swims with every reason he should just confess to you at that minute, but he holds his tongue in favor of good timing. “I’m just saying that you should consider your options more carefully. Don’t make any rash decisions, and all that fun jazz. It’s alright, we’re going to find you a boyfriend.” He says, a bit forced. You nod, understanding what he meant. Blindly jumping into a relationship was what tore you apart last time.

               “The same goes for you, Kihyun. I don’t think for the five years I’ve known you, you’ve ever been in a relationship.” You say, and take a seat on the bar stool by the island connecting the kitchen and the living room that Kihyun currently inhabited. “But don’t worry. We’ll find the perfect boyfriend for you, as well.” You smile at him, and he opens his mouth, obviously to say ‘thank you’, but he stops. As if to double take, he shakes his head, and he looks at you with scrutiny. “Excuse me?”

               His voice came out a little bland, and you gave a wry look before shifting. “You know.. You’ve always helped me though my relationship issues, I think it’s about time I help you with yours.” You say, and he shakes his head, standing up. “No, not that. Something about… Getting me… A boyfriend?” He asks, giving you an almost devilish grin.

               All of this was confusing to you. But.. wasn’t he gay? “Y.. You mean..?” You ask, feeling a flush come over your face. “I-I just thought… You’d never talked about a girl before, and you were always shy on the talk of relationships, especially with the guys, and so I thought… Maybe you weren’t interested in girls?” You say, trying to defend yourself, but it was hard, especially with that look in his eyes, and that smirk on his face. Kihyun shakes his head before letting out a laugh. A nice, nice, genuine laugh.

               “My dear [Y/N]..” He says, closing the space between the two of you by standing before you, leaning down. He cups your cheek, and you tense under his touch. “I’m not gay. No, no, far from it. My love, my attraction… My desire, for you, is proof enough.” He says, letting his words sink in, before your eyes widen. His features soften as he recognizes the understanding in your gaze, and as you open your mouth to speak, his lips seal yours in a kiss.

               Suddenly, all the pieces fit, and everything flashes behind your eyelids. He loves you, and you realize it now; you’ve harbored something form him, too. The sparks of it ignites in your chest the second his lips press to yours. Just as he pulls away from the kiss, you sling your arms around his neck and pull him back in.

               As if someone opened the gate on a dam, Kihyun’s self-control was lost in a wave of adrenaline, and he lifts you from the stool you’re seated in to your feet, with his arm locked around your waist. Your hands search his hair for an anchor, and your fingers lace into his silken locks just as his fingers dig into your side. The passion between the two of you is hot enough to rival the sun, but that would be too cliché. The both of you are lost in each other’s lips, in your tongues, and your arms. His tongue swirls around yours as he draws your tongue into his mouth. He gives so much tender attention to your lips, to your jaw, letting his lips barely brush your skin. You shiver in his hold, and it shoots him up another wave of adrenaline.

               He leads you over to the couch, where he accidentally pushes you over a little too hard, and the both of you lose your balance. He hovers over you, holding himself up, smirking down at you. “Shall I prove to you I love you?” He asks, before his face softens a little more. “Do you love me, as well?” He realizes this could be all one-sided, and he’s filled with a little panic until he feels your hands press to his chest, your fingers gripping his shirt before you pull him down, “Saranghae, Kihyun.” You say to him tenderly, and his eyes widen. He pulls back just a little, just to take you in, the way your hair is whipped about the cushion of the couch, and especially the way you say his name.

               With that, he dives back in for another kiss, his hands snaking up your shirt to stop just under your bra. His fingers plow under the wire, brushing the sensitive skin under your breast, eliciting a delicate gasp from your lips, and a flush to spread across your face. Breaking the kiss once more to admire his handiwork, and he smiles much more gently, and leans back down to press his lips to your jaw. He works his way up to your ear, kissing and nipping along the way, and all the while pushing your bra up to cup your breasts in his hands. The way your breath hitches in his ear sends shivers down his spine, and eggs him to knead your warm flesh just a little firmly. It works a soft moan from you, and at that point, he knew he couldn’t keep your shirt on any longer.

               He sits up to help take off your shirt and to remove your bra, leaving you half naked underneath him. A blush of his own creeps across his face, and he whispers under his breath, ‘yeoppeo’, before correcting himself, “So, so beautiful..” He says, his hands tracing down your form, causing you to squirm just a little under him. Your arms fold across your chest, and he shakes his head, taking your arms by the wrists, and pinning them above your head as he leans over you once more. “No more hiding. I’m done hiding.. Aren’t you?” He asks in an all-too-husky breath, and he nips your ear as he makes his way between your legs, and brings his lips down your body.

               His first stop is your collarbone, where he bites hard enough to form an outline of his teeth, and sucks at the bruise, hard enough to cause a mark. He repeats the process several times, more on your collarbones, and some on your shoulders. But his ministrations become more and more gentle as he makes his way down to your breasts once more. His hands release your wrists in favor of holding your bare sides, keeping you in place as his tongue darts out to stroke over your nipple. You jolt in his hold, and he keeps you down as he closes his lips around the bud, sucking at it. One hand dares to release you, and slides up your body, to cup the other breast.

               “Kihyunnie..” You whine, and rock your hips up unconsciously, moaning out when you make accidental contact with his crotch. His breath hitches, and you can feel the bulge in his pants even from the slightest contact. He adjusts the both of you on the couch, pulling you up by your thighs so that your ass rested comfortably across the tops of his thighs, almost against his crotch. It was only torture for him, but he knew this would be the best position.

               He continues to tease you, biting and sucking at your breast, and alternating between the two while occasionally rocking forward to grind against you. “P-Please, Kihyun, please..” You beg softly, and reach out. Your eyes are unfocused, but they find him anyway, and you pull him up to kiss him. “Let’s do this properly..” You convince him, and he nods.

               Reluctantly, he pulls away from you entirely, but lifts you from the couch and carries you to your bedroom, which he was familiar with before this whole situation. He kicks the door open, and doesn’t bother to close it as he walks you to the bed, laying you on it and climbing on top of you, a recreation of the position he was previously in. You pull at his shirt desperately, and he removes the sweater vest first, then the button up before he’s finally shirtless. You begin on his pants before he stops you. You look up at him confused, and he only leans in to kiss you. “Before we go any further, [Y/N].. I want you to call me Oppa, even if only once.” He says.

               To him, it was a title that was earned if he’d gotten someone’s affections. In this case, which was something that was important to him. You smile at him, and nod, pulling him in for one more kiss. “Of course, Kihyun.. Anything for you, Oppa.” You say, and he smiles. His lips meet yours, this time with overwhelming passion. He kisses you almost uncontrolled, his teeth tugging on your lower lip, and his tongue sweeping over yours. You moan into his mouth, and he eats it up with a smirk as he tries to take more from you. He’s getting drunk off the sound of your moans, and he doesn’t care. His hands work the both of you out of the rest of your clothes, until the both of you are naked and pressed against each other.

               His hands trail down your body, and part your legs to fit himself between them, but he doesn’t make the motion to line himself up with you. His hands at your knees slide up your thighs, until one hand makes it to your wetness. A finger slicks across the slit of your opening, and you gasp, looking at him with a flushed red face. You know you’re wet for him, and now he knows it as well. He chuckles, swiping his finger across your opening once more before pressing it in.

               This time you moan out to him, as he passes the first, the second, finally reaching the third knuckle of his finger, fully sheathed inside you. He pauses just to let you catch your breath. He curls his finger around experimentally, hearing you mewl and watching you writhe before him. He pulls his finger out slightly, only to slide it back in. He continues this at a broken rhythm of pulling out, sliding in, twisting his hand, and curling his finger until he adds a second, then eventually a third finger. He teases you relentlessly, thrusting fast, thrusting slow, scissoring his fingers, and curling them. He massages inside you, trying to find where it’s most sensitive for later.

               “Kihyun-Oppa, c’mon, I think you’ve had enough fun..” You whine, your hips rolling on his hand for the umpteenth time, and he chuckles, moving with you so you barely get the friction you crave. He finally pulls his fingers from you, bringing them to his lips, and licking them clean. “God, what I wouldn’t give to eat you up right now.” He says, lust heavy and evident in both his voice and his eyes, “but I’ll wait on that for another time.” He can’t ignore the throbbing of his own arousal, and he lets out a choked gasp when he takes hold of himself, pressing the tip to your hot entrance.

               “Are you sure you’re ready..? Are you sure you want this..?” He asks, leaning forward, and pressing your foreheads together. You nod, and wrap your arms around his neck. Your hips roll forward, and he moans out, a curse in Korean falls from his mouth, and you smirk at the fact you got him to break his control, even if just a little. “I’m ready, Oppa. I can’t think of anything more that I want than to be with you, than to be one with you..” You press your lips together, and he takes that as the perfect opportunity to slide inside you.

               Thanks to how well he’d prepared you, you were wet enough to take him in entirely. You gasp as you feel him fill you, and he moans as he feels you envelop him. He forces himself to go slow, to take his time pushing in because he knows how it must hurt for you. Complete to the hilt, he keeps his hips flush to yours as he waits for you to adjust, but the way you rock your hips to tell him to continue has his self-control crumbling. He pulls out only to drill back in, again and again, keeping up a ruthless rhythm in passion and desire.

               You cry out, the friction feeling wonderful as he fills you again and again and again. Hearing him rasp and moan out over you has you shivering, and your nails raking down his back. He catches himself in his clouded lust, and slows his thrusts, keeping them languid and meaningful. He takes his time on the pull, and puts a little more force in the push.

               The contrast has you reeling, and you moan his name louder as he begins to pick up pace in that fashion. It doesn’t take long for him to feel close to his end, and he’s worried he will come before you do. His hand leaves your hip (which might have five tiny bruises in the shape of his fingers in the morning) to go between your legs. His finger finds your clit, and he can feel the effect that has on you as you tighten around him. He moans out, his finger working faster on you as he thrusts a bit harder and a bit faster to help work you over your edge. The slightest change in angle has his thrusts hitting a rather sensitive area, one you can’t tell if it’s painful of pleasurable, but the effect is still the same as it has you tumbling over the edge.

               You come around him with a cry of his name, and he follows shortly after, with a moan of his own. He falls to his forearms to catch his breath, and he enjoys the warmth of your body and the joy of the afterglow before pulling out, and lying beside you. You shift to the side, and you curl against him, to which he welcomes you with open arms, holding you to his hot, slightly-sweaty chest. He smiles and kisses your head.

               “You don’t know how long I’ve loved you, [Y/N].. For too long. Too long, I’ve wanted to tell you. I’ve wanted to love you.” He says, stroking your hair. “You’ll let me love you, won’t you?” He asks, craning his neck down to look at you, and you crane yours up to smile at him. “Of course, Kihyun-Oppa. Only if you’ll let me love you back.” He smiles, and bends down to kiss you.                


Charlie Hunnam's style icon is his 'super sharp' dad

Charlie Hunnam inherited his love of tailoring and gold jewellery from his “super sharp” father.

The Sons of Anarchy actor always polishes up well for red carpet events, opting for a navy Burberry ensemble at the recent London premiere of The Lost City of Z. Discussing his style influences, Charlie named his dad William as someone who had a huge impact on him growing up.

“My clothing influence was my dad,” the 36-year-old told Britain’s Shortlist magazine. “He was a super sharp dresser. He was a scrap metal man, so he had shabby work clothes… But whenever he left the house, even if only going for a pint on a Saturday afternoon, he always wore a beautiful tailored suit, and a lot of gold. Scrap men like a lot of gold, and I definitely inherited that from my old man.”

Charlie is rarely seen in smart attire in front of the camera for work, previously donning biker gear in TV show Sons of Anarchy while his upcoming project King Arthur: Legend of the Sword sees him in medieval get-up. He hopes one day he can get “dolled up and look very suave” for a role, though admits that chance hasn’t come his way yet.

The handsome star previously dabbled in modelling when he was younger after being scouted when clothes shopping with his mum Jane. Asked if it was gratifying being plucked out of the crowd, Charlie noted it was a big confidence booster, although he found it didn’t match the expectations he had of the industry.

“I only did two jobs… (One) was a Wall’s ice cream ad,” he recalled. “It was just me and a girl in a park licking ice cream, but it took five hours. When you’re 17, it sounds like a good job, until you’re on your fifth ice cream and you want to puke. I left with a terrible stomach ache - it wasn’t exactly the glamour I expected.”

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Hey sooo… Just a thought but I’m p sure Crowley acts the way he does and likes the thing he does because:
In Hell, he’s a lowly demon with no power and no real position, someone anyone can push around, and then he gets up to the surface and can PICK what kind of human he’s going to be. So:
“Powerful humans wear suits and ties, so I’m going to be a sharp dresser.”
“Important humans own computers and cars and fax machines, so I’m going to get those things even though I don’t really need them.”
“James Bond is a cool guy that everyone likes and is in control no matter the situation he’s in, so I’m going to be like him.”

Also like consider….crowley getting plants because he wants to feel the feeling of having absolute power over some other living being for once instead of the other way around, but not having the heart to torture humans or small animals to get it.

With Daredevil on Netflix being so good I’m sure there are a lot of new Daredevil fans looking to know more about the history of the comic, or people who have been fans forever but still want to know some new stuff. 

This is the most important thing to know: at one point, to avoid giving away his identity, Matt Murdock made up a twin brother named Mike Murdock who he said was actually Daredevil. He hung out with Karen and Foggy pretending to be Mike for a solid YEAR AND A HALF. 


Mike was a sharp dresser and never showed up in the same room as Matt which??? didn’t make Foggy and Karen suspicious probably because it is too ridiculous to even suspect. 

The best part was when he decided he should marry Karen, but still didn’t want to give up the ruse. 


i would have loved to see how that carried out, Karen only seeing her husband or his twin but neither both and still?? believing it? forever?? amazing. 

sadly, mike ‘died’ in a tragic accident a little more than a year after he came onto the scene. 



As the first show of season three ends, Danny is dropped like a hot potato by Steve as the credit roll and Bill catches the host’s eye. And why not? Billy’s funny, handsome, a sharp dresser. Dan plays it off, as his heart is broken into tiny pieces, snapping his fingers to the music, attempting to deny the fact he is now alone, abandoned down stage. Eventually he cuts his losses and simply exits, pursed by regret for thinking he could ever capture the heart of a man like Steve.


I have realized that I’ve always had a strong fixation on airline attendants. Male, female, it doesn’t matter to me. I like them both. Women however…….. what an amazing journey most of those women literally went through to be attendants. I love the culture of it. The attire of airline pilots and attendants just screams classic 1950s-1960s for me. They are a legit group of people.

SWTOR Livestream Info

- Legacy datacrons confirmed

- Snap to grid added to UI

- Spawn random pet/mount button

- Akk dog combat pet/companion

- Terminal for all Heroic planet missions on the fleet
- Heroics all come with transport to mission
- Level scaling down to planet level (huge change)

- Vendors for the old Rakghoul and Chevin events back - ‘Sharp Dresser’ legacy title will be obtainable again.

- x12 xp replacement for only needing to do class missions for leveling

- Cape mount clipping fixed on most items
- Collections search/filter added
- Red sparkle powder is back (yay)

- New group finder with many added tacticals and SM ops changing daily

Please reblog and add to this if I missed anything important. Was a lot of info!