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Betty’s a serpent

imagine betty being a serpent wife. like out at work/school all day but can put the serpents in their place 

bughead fanfiction

So I came up with this when the episode aired (like 3am my time) so here’s a fluffy fic about that. 

Also slightly A/U to the ending of the episode


The bell rang signalling the end of the day at Riverdale High. Betty Cooper gathered her books and headed to her locker by herself, missing the conversation she would normally have with her boyfriend Jughead Jones.

Just before FP was charged, he had managed to sign custody of Jughead over to fellow serpent Viper who promised to keep an eye on the teen. The younger Jones had also moved to Southside High and was back living at the trailer park. 

“hey betty wait up” Kevin Keller jogged to be next to her. “Archie, Ronnie and I are heading to Pop’s now, wanna come with?”

Betty shook her head as she twisted her locker combination and opened the door “Sorry Kev, I’ve got plans”

“we’ve hardly seen you in months, not after Jughead transferred. We just wana know how you’re doing” Kevin pushed on

“Really Kev I’m fine” he gave her a pointed look “I promise. I’ve just gotta help Polly with some baby things.”

“okay but next time you are so coming with us” he reached to hug her with one arm and walked away. Betty let go of a breath she didn’t know she was holding and after putting away what she needed to, slammed her locker and headed out to her car. 


Kevin walked into Pop’s to see Archie Andrews & Veronica Lodge cosied up in their usual booth. “please no more pda or I might puke” Kevin said sitting down on the opposite side to the new couple.

Veronica shuffled slightly further from Archie “Is Betty not coming?” Kevin shook his head no. “Has anyone really spoken to her after Jughead left?” This time both boys shook their heads no. 

“What about Polly? She’d know” Archie suggested

“Betty said she’s helping Polly with baby things, that’s why she can’t come” Kevin informed

“Really?” Archie asked “cos she’s heading in here with her mom” As if on cue, the bell rang at the door and in walked the other two Cooper women. Polly looked around and waved at the trio as they both walked to a booth. 

“Hey guys” Polly said standing at the end of the booth “how are you?” she addressed them all

“We’re good, you look gorgeous Polly” Veronica replied “Is everything okay with the babies?” 

“Both are healthy and growing as normal.”

“D’you know where Betty is? She said she’d be with you” Archie interrupted. Polly looked speechless then looks to Alice who called her back to their table. “So they’re definitely hiding something” he pointed out “maybe we should visit Jughead, see what he knows.”

“Are you insane Archie? My dad told us all to stay away from the South Side” Kevin whispered loudly 

“Come on Kev” Veronica started “It’s one time. Plus you know some of the gang from Joaquin right?” Kevin nodded slowly “Right let’s go then.” The three walked out and to Archie’s car, Kevin getting into the back and Veronica the front passenger side. 

It was a short drive over to the serpents hang out which had changed since Kevin & Archie’s last visit to a shadier part of town. Daylight was fading fast and the only streetlights working were at the end of the street. Kevin was the first to spot the bar pointing it out to his friends “over there.” The three walked to a corner building with a neon light of a snake which was the serpents logo and the word Scorpion in green.

“when did they move?” Archie wondered out loud

“Just after FP was arrested, Joaquin and I came for his goodbye gathering here. One of the second-in-commands, Viper I think his name was, he and his wife bought this place and re-did it all. A fresh start of sorts.” 

They were a few doors away when the door to Scorpion opened and a man flew out and fell to the ground and Veronica let out a loud gasp. “You know your limit Eli and you know not to mess with Jug’s girl” the person lying down groaned in response. The man standing in the doorway looked out and saw the three teenagers but went back inside instead of saying anything. 

When they walked into the bar, there was a large crowd around a pool table with people placing bets with each other raising by $5 every time. The trio walked round to see Jughead pot the black ball with a trick shot which earned a mix reaction of cheers and groans. Having not spotted them yet, the boy who was donning his very own leather jacket shouted “Alright so whose next?”

“how bout we make it interesting?” A female voice said coming from the bar “both our legacies deserve to find out whose better.” 

“I’m game if you are” Jughead said to someone who was being blocked by the rest of the patrons. The group assumed the other legacy agreed as the crowd cheered.

Viper came to the table “alright, FP Junior vs Ali Junior. Place your bets, this should be fun.” 

As the crowd moved towards Viper, Jughead approached who they assumed to be Ali Junior and kissed her. Kevin gasped grabbing onto Veronica’s arm who in turn wrapped hers around Archies and they all stood back further into the shadows to blend in.


Jughead had approached the girl nicknamed Ali Junior and kissed her “you sure about this Bets?” 

She nodded against his forehead and kissed him again grabbing the collar of his jacket. She pulled away and whispered in a low breath “I’m so gonna kick your butt”

The wolf whistles of the serpents broken them apart “alright kids save that for later” Viper said stashing the money in his back pocket “so whose breaking off?”

Jughead looked at Betty “age before beauty of course” he replied winking

Betty shook her head smiling walking to Viper, she pressed up against her boyfriend and leaned into his ear and said “you’re so gonna get it tonight”.

The others cheered her as she grabbed the triangle to rack up the balls. The blond placed herself on the opposite side of Jughead and leaned forward to break, hoping Jughead would get distracted by her cleavage which seemed to work. The couple continued playing the game like there was no one else in the room, teasing each other and stealing kisses whenever they could until the eight ball was left. 

Neither of them had pocketed the ball in the last couple of shots so the bets went up, more betting for Jughead to win. By this point Archie, Veronica & Kevin had made their way to the front but the two still hadn’t noticed. 
The couple shared a look and Jughead nodded ever so slightly at Betty who leaned over and angled the shot so it hit two sides before ending up in the top corner pocket. Everyone cheered for the blond who had now leapt into her boyfriends arms. Viper’s wife approached the couple with two bottles of beer and whispered something to them and suddenly they looked up at their three friends.

The room went silent with everyone’s attention now focused on the three strangers. Betty who was wearing her own honorary serpent jacket grabbed Jughead’s hand for courage who rubbed his thumb on the back of hers to help calm her down. “What are you guys doing here?” she asked with her best smile on

“We could ask you the same thing Betty” Archie said looking angry “You’re with the serpents now? This is where you’ve been, with these people, instead of hanging out with your friends? Does Alice even know where you are?”

The last question caused the rest of the bar to laugh, Viper was going to speak up but Betty shook her head and replied “These people Archie, are my friends. No not just friends, family. Mine and Jughead’s.”

“Betty these people are criminals” Veronica offered

“Oh and your dad’s not?” she snapped back which earned a few whistles from the gang “Archie my mom’s a south sider, you really think I’d be here if she didn’t trust them?”

The red haired boy looked confused so Viper spoke up “Little Ali was no stranger round here, she grew up at the same trailer park too. Her and FP always getting themselves in trouble. The serpents came naturally to most people at the park, so we snapped those two up as soon as possible. When we found out our boy Jughead here was dating her daughter, we gave her Ali’s old jacket” he pointed to what Betty was wearing 

“Really Betty? Is that what happened because we can take you home if you need a ride instead of staying with the scoundrels. Please B” Veronica pushed

“Watch you’re mouth princess” the voice of another serpent who walked out from the shadows

“Don’t talk to her like that” Archie jumped in 

“Yeah? Or what?” He challenged “You gonna run and tell daddy?” Archie lunged towards the snake attempting to punch him but missed and ended up with a punch to his stomach which sent him flying backwards slightly, the other’s around cheering. 

He grabbed Archie’s jacket and had started raising his fist to punch him when he heard Jughead shout “BP don’t do it” but he raised his fist even higher until the sharp voice of one Betty Cooper cut through the crowd 

“Buster Peters Specter you put him down right now” they all moved to show Betty standing with her hands on her hips Jughead smirking behind her. 

“you got off lucky kid” BP told the boy then dropped him to the floor as Veronica and Kevin rushed to see if he was okay. The older man looked up at Betty and tipped his backwards baseball cap “sorry miss betty” who in return nodded and he walked off. Jughead helped Archie off the floor “follow us” he said as he and Betty led their friends to a room upstairs. 

Jughead unlocked the door and walked in with Betty following, Veronica spotted that the name on the door said Cooper-Jones and showed it to Archie and Kevin behind her. Inside had a large desk which was covered with then teenagers homework, two laptops (one on each end of the desk), a filing cabinet and a three person sofa which was against the side wall, above was a photo of the couple with a white dog. Betty sat down behind the desk with Jughead leaning against the wall behind her.

“Sorry about BP, he’s very” Betty looked to Jughead for the right word

“Protective” he offered “always has been” Veronica scoffed 

“It’s true!” Betty insisted “he’s the oldest of five, his parents were’t really around so he basically raised his siblings himself so he prides himself on family. I’ll get him to apologize to you Arch.”

“What about you Bets? What about your family?”

“Jughead and the serpents are my family Arch. Mom and Polly know I’m here, dad knows I’m safe here”

“Safe?” Veronica exclaimed “these people are dangerous. Just look at Jughead’s dad”

“Don’t bring FP into this, your dad isn’t a saint either Veronica” Betty bit back

“Listen guys, I didn’t come here to fight” Kevin interrupted “Betty are you happy?” 

She looked at Jughead wearing a big smile and nodded “more than ever”

“In that case” Kevin continued “WE are very happy for you, aren’t we?”

Archie & Veronica looked defeated and nodded before Veronica added looking at Jughead “but if you ever do anything to hurt my girl, you’ll be sorry.”

“Don’t worry” Betty laughed “the serpents would get to him first. they like me better” which made the room laugh.

“What’s with the Cooper-Jones sign?” Archie wondered 

The couple looked between them before Betty pulled out a necklace with a silver ring on it. “Jughead proposed last month”


Should I continue?


anonymous asked:

Your writing is amazing! I always enjoy and look forward when a new story comes out! I was wondering if you can do a story when Jellybean comes to Riverdale for the first time since her mom took her to Toledo. Thank you for reading this and keep up with the amazing work!

I’ll give it a try!
Betty tucked her hands deep into the pockets of her grey wind breaker. Winter was brutal in Riverdale and the tiny cheerleading uniform she had on did nothing to protect her against the harsh wind and slowly falling snow. With chapped cheeks and an unreasonably red nose Betty knew she must look a mess, her car was currently being occupied by Polly, her sister was pregnant and she wasn’t about to let her drive around in a car without four wheel drive, if sacrificing her own wheels for the safety of those baby’s was what she had to do, well she was gonna do it.


The sudden sharp sound had Betty whipping around, where had that sneeze come from? The chilly blonde scanned the park, there seemed to be no one around, it was too cold for the residents of Riverdale to be taking strolls.


Finally Betty’s eyes caught onto something huddled by the lamp post to her right, a bright blue parka and black snow boots were peeking out from behind the light.
“Excuse me.” The little voice whispered.

Betty nearly tripped over her own laces as she scurried to the little girl shivering in the corner. As Betty got closer she slowed her steps, she didn’t want to scare the clearly shaken dark haired child.

“Hi love, what are you doing out here in the cold all by yourself?” Betty’s soft voice carried over the wind as she reached out, slowly turning the little girl so she was face to face with her.
A gasp involuntarily escaped Betty’s lips.
“Jelly bean?”

The youngest Jones child looked up at the mention of her name.
“ do you know me? My mom said not to talk to strangers. Like I don’t know that. I’m ten not two, but I’m talking to you now so I guess I don’t really know. Dang it!”

Betty couldn’t keep the smile off of her face, she was so much like Jughead it physically made her heart hurt.

They were no longer together, it had been too much for him. She understood, he was busy and he had a new family, the Serpents. He was happy, that’s what mattered, no matter how much it hurt, how hard it was to wake up everyday and not be able to see his face or hear his voice. The delicate sneeze from the pretty ten year old in front of her shook her out of her thoughts.

“Well JellyBean, I’m a friend of your brothers my names Betty Cooper.”

Something like recognition appeared in the shivering little girls eyes.

“You’re even prettier in real life! Jughead used to talk about you all the time on the phone he even sent a picture. You can call me JB.” The little girl stood taller and grinned shakily.

Betty felt the familiar tug at her heart strings, back when he had loved her.
“Well why aren’t you with your brother?”

Jellybean looked down again
“He wasn’t there, my mom dropped me off and he wasn’t at the trailer, I heard some of the bigger men talking about a bar but I didn’t want to go there, I was scared… I guess.”
Betty nodded understanding clear in her weak smile, she knew all about how Jughead could forget dates and times when it came to the Serpents.

“Well since we’re friends now, why don’t you come with me. I’ll call Jughead and we can have some hot chocolate?”

The little girls sparkling blue eyes looked at Betty hesitantly before she slowly nodded and grabbed Betty’s extended hand.

Time flew quickly on the way to Betty’s home, her sister was at her weekly doctors appt and her parents were away for the weekend.

“And then I showed him my records and he didn’t even know what they were! Can you believe that? I was so..” the dark haired pre teen rambled on as Betty let her into her home, she flopped down on the couch and stared at Betty expectantly.

“Maybe we can have some popcorn?” She asked shyly.

Betty giggled, the jones appetite was a genetic thing apparently.

“Not without milkduds. I’ll go get that started you put a movie in okay love?”

The little girl flew to the movie shelf and Betty smiled, pulling out her phone and taking a deep breath, it had been months since she had texted Jughead.

BETTY: jellybean is at my place. She’s safe, I found her in the park, she said you weren’t at the trailer. I’ll keep her here until you pick her up.

Betty flipped her phone shut and made her way to the kitchen as the familiar theme song to “The Addams Family” filled her living room.

Five minutes later Betty placed two cups of hot chocolate on the table and a huge bowl of chocolatey popcorn in front of Jellybean, the ten year old digging in and pulling Betty down to sit beside her.
They watched the movie in silence for a few minutes Before Jellybeans voice broke the quiet.

“I don’t hear about you anymore.JugBug cries all the time to mom. I feel really sad but mom says he misses you. Where did you go?” She questioned.

Betty choked slightly, her eyes filling with unshed tears.

“I’ve been right here.”

Jellybean snuggled against Betty’s side and turned back to the tv.

“Okay good, I’m glad I found you. Jugheads gonna be so happy.”

Betty placed a kiss on her soft black hair.
“Thankyou jellybean.”

Both of the girls were cracking up at something on the screen when the door swung open abruptly, Jughead standing in the doorway, his eyes frantic as he searched for his sister, immediately letting out an exhale when he spotted her huddled in a blanket, face stuffed with popcorn as Betty braided her long dark hair.

“Juggie!” She called, jumping up and leaping into his arms. Jughead wrapped his long arms around her, squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry JB. I am so sorry, I forgot. I had to do something at the bar but I should have.. i am so sorry.” His eyes caught Betty’s over his sisters shoulder, she was leaning against the arm of the couch, a soft smile on her lips.

“That’s okay! Hey Betts? Can i take a pee break?” She turned from Jughead and stared up at the blond.

Betty smiled and ruffled her hair
“Sure thing, just hurry back, this is the best part.” She winked.

The quick young Jones sprinted up the stairs leaving Jughead and Betty alone in the living room.

Jughead cleared his throat
“I can’t thank you enough, if you hadn’t found her.. I don’t even wanna think about it.. I just.. you saved me again.”

Betty rolled her eyes, flipping her hand out
“It’s no biggie, she’s a pleasure. You know.. you know I would do anything for you.” She whispered.

Jughead closed his eyes tight, almost as if he was in pain.

“Betty.. I..”

She shook her head, gripping the blanket in her palms
“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me.. it happens, people fall out of love.. it’s nothing personal.. you weren’t trying to hurt me.. I..”

Jughead rushed towards her, prying the blanket from her hands.

“No. never think that. I will never not love you Betty Cooper. I love you more than anything in this world. I just.. my life is so dangerous. I miss you everyday, I think about you every second of everyday. I just… I want you back. I want to be with you. But it’s not that easy.” His hands flew to his hair in frustration.

Betty’s hands covered his
“I don’t want easy. I want you. And if that means dangerous, we’ll than so be it. I love you Jughead Jones, every part of you. You’re not pushing me away again. I want to be with you and I’m going to be with you..”

Jugheads eyes softened and he reached out to cup her cheeks.
“I love you.” He whispered against her lips.

“And I love you.” Betty responded, seconds away from kissing when Jellybean rushed back into the room.

“Ew. Okay ew.”

Jughead laughed heartily, his arms tight around Betty’s waist as she giggled.

“So…What are we watching?”

Do I Really Know You? (Jughead x Reader) *Part 4*

Prompt: Part 4?? Pls

I need a part 4 I refuse to let my heart be broken this way

I need to read a part 4! This is so good!!


Warnings: Details of Minor Character Death.


- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

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Images - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

hey, I love your writing! can you maybe do an imagine where the reader faints and jughead look after her or something? Thanks!

Originally posted by riverrdxle

Sorry it’s so short, and I don’t even know what that ending is. I’m just off my game I guess.

“Isn’t this illegal?” You turned to look at Jughead, whose normally bright face looked sharp in the moonlight. Betty scoffed at his question as she continued to wiggle the door with her bobby-pin. You grabbed Jughead’s arm and squeezed it comfortingly. He glanced down at you, due to his height, and smiled softly.

“It may be slightly illegal,” Betty said as she still worked on the door, “but it’s worth it to know what exactly-” The door opened with a small pop and Betty turned to smile at you and Jughead. “To know what exactly is going on.”

The three of you walked into the coroner’s office, peering around the corner of the wall that lead to, what you could only assume, was the autopsy room. Betty walked over to the double doors, ready to push it open.

“Wait!” Jughead whispered shouted, causing Betty to turn around.

“What?” Jughead swallowed hard, looking down at you again.

“Can you handle this Y/N,” he asked softly, “I know that this type of thing kind of-” You squeezed his hand to quiet his worries.

“I think I’ll be okay Juggie.” He smiled at you softly and didn’t pull his hand from yours. Betty smiled at the two of you sweetly before pushing against the doors.

The room was cold, a table with a sheet over it. The outline of Jason Blossom’s body was clear under the sheet. You swallowed hard and you fingered tightened around Jughead’s hand.

“Well if this isn’t nightmare fuel…” Jughead trailed off as Betty walked over to the table. You watched as her eyes scanned over the lifeless, thankfully covered, body of her sisters boyfriend.

“Betts,” you whispered, “we should just find the file and go.” The blonde nodded, walking over to the counter that was cluttered with papers. She split a large stack into two and you walked over, you gaze strictly avoiding the body on the table. As you and Betty looked through the file names, Jughead was taking in the atmosphere of the room; gathering details for his novel. You fingers burned at the feeling of Jughead’s hand, a lingering warmth that made the cold room not so chilly. Even at such a pleasant thought, you couldn’t bring yourself to smile.

Your eyes landed on a file titled : Blossom J. Without thinking about it, you opened the file. You eyes read the cause of deaths section and moved to the pictures accompanying the description. Your head felt light as you looked at the lifeless face of the Blossom boy. The last thing you saw was your hands dropping the file. The last thing you heard was Jughead shouting your name as you blacked out.

When you woke, you were laying down in the back seat of a car. Your eyes opened and you saw Jughead, looking out the window. He looked so pretty when he was lost in thought. He turned his face, looking down at you. Jughead gave you a weak smile as he stroked your cheek gently. The two of you remained quiet, not wanting to break the peaceful air around you. It was almost like there was no murder, that nothing in Riverdale had changed. Sadly, this was not the case. You still rested your head on his lap, unwilling to move away from his comfort.

“Where are we?” You asked quiety and Jughead smiled a little more at the sound of your voice.

“The park,” he whispered and you raised your eyebrows, “it’s only 6. My dad wants the car back by 8.” You carefully sat up, Jughead’s hand resting your back as you did. You turned to face him, but when you met his gaze you only saw worry. “How do you feel? Do you need water?”

You shrugged as the images resurfaced in your mind. Those very pictures served as a rude awakening to you; that nothing in your home town was as sweet as you once thought it was. Jughead wrapped an arm around your shoulder, breaking you from your thoughts. You leaned over, resting your head on his shoulder. The warmth that emanated from him eased the dull ache in your head.

“Ya know, all of this will pass and everything will be okay.” You glanced to the side of Jughead’s face, only to find that he was already looking at you. You leaned forward, pressing your lips to his. The arm that was around your shoulder moved so his hand could cup your face. His lips eased way the confusing thoughts, leaving only one behind : Jughead.

“Thank you,” you whispered against his lips, “for being here.” He pulled away, brushing his nose against yours. You noticed he was smiling, the type of smile you missed.

“You don’t have to thank me for helping you,” he whispered, “I’d do anything for the love of my life.” Heat flushed your cheeks, causing Jughead’s smile to turn into a large grin.

“You know what I mean Jug,” you said quietly, but happy. He nodded softly, leaning in after he did. His lips brushed against yours again, distracting you from everything that had happened. The images of Jason Blossom’s cold corpse faded from your memory, replaced by the feeling of Jughead’s lips on yours.

That’s My Girl -- Bughead Au

Word Count: 1,828

Rated: PG-13

A/N: Because Protective!Juggie is something we could all use a little more of in our lives. (Also on AO3)

Jughead Jones found his fortune at the bottom of whiskey bottle. The new bartender at his usual spot already knew his order, double shot of Jameson and Coke. All he had to do was sit down at the far end of the bar and the blonde haired bartender was already pouring his drink. Tonight was different.

“You drank us out of Jameson last night, Mr. Jones.” The young woman behind the bar rested on her elbows on her side of the bar. There was only one other person sitting halfway down from Jughead in the small, desolate bar. “You want me to get you something else?”

“Just get me some of your cheapest whiskey. And I told you, call me Jughead. Mr. Jones is my father’s name; I’m far too young for that.”

“Coming right up, Mr. Jones.” She teased.

The girl, Betty, took her time. She didn’t have to reach for the cheap bottle of whiskey on the bottom shelf. Jughead watched as she mixed the two brown liquids and placed a yellow straw in the drink. She returned with the drink, but instead of going back to work, she hopped up to sit on the bar in front of Jughead.

“Is there something you want from me?” Jughead asked, taking a swig of his drink.

“Not a thing.” Betty responded. “As you can see, there’s not much going on in this shit hole.”

“So what are you doing working in this dive then?”

“What are you doing drinking in a dive like this?” She threw back.

Jughead grinned, this girl was sharp. “I asked first.”

Betty paused before answering and took a drink from a glass of water from under the bar. “The last place I worked shut down. This job is just a filler until my next opportunity comes around.”

“And what would that be?”

“I could show you sometime.” She teased. Hopping off the bar, she pulled a pen from behind her ear and started scribbling on a napkin. “Stick around until close and I’ll give you a private show.” Jughead raised an eyebrow as Betty slid the napkin to him, revealing ten digits of a phone number. “I’m a dancer, you could say.”

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Am I the only person not worried about Bughead? If anything this episode confirmed to me how endgame they are. I mean despite Juggie unleashing his emotions and being very sharp with her, Betty admitted that she loves him. She was ready to drop Archie and Veronica because of how they betrayed him. Jughead is her family.
I am not at all worried about Jughead not forgiving her. Once he calms down and hears the whole story he’ll come around.
And once she tells him what she told Alice? There’s no question. He loves her too. He was going/probably still will give up the perfect life with his family he’s always wanted, so he can stay with her.
I’m not worried.
My kids are in love.

apritelleorai  asked:

I cant resist asking! Could I make a request? Where Jughead and Betty are hiding from suspect and they run into an abodanoed building and suddenly get caught in the moment? You are so good!!!

Aw I love this! Thankyou!

“Jughead! In there.” Betty shouted pointing to an abandoned building, with doors wide open.

Taking a sharp right, jughead followed Betty into the building, quickly slamming the massive doors shut, locking them inside with the huge piece of wood laying on its side.

what the hell had just happened? One minute they were walking by sweet water river, the next they were being chased by a huge hulk of a man with some kind of baseball bat.

It had been his idea to go to sweet water river, the police could have missed something, Betty had been happy to tag along.

Speaking of Betty he turned to look at her, check if she was okay.

She was soaked, they hadnt even noticed it was raining. Too busy trying to stay alive I guess.

Her perfect ponytail was falling out of its elastic and her white v neck was soaked through, revealing the simple lace lined black bra underneath, he couldn’t help but stare for a bit, he was a guy after all.

He brought his eyes back to her eyes, she was looking at him with the weirdest expression he had ever seen.

“Betty I …”

Seconds later, he was pushed up against the door, her perfectly, tiny hands were pulling at his t shirt and her mouth was ravaging his.

It took jughead all of two seconds to realize what was going on, before he dove in, his fingers pulling the rest of her ponytail from the elastic and burying his hands in her silky blonde hair.

She was pulling at his shirt again, her fingers touching his chest, his stomach, his arms. He didn’t think he had ever felt anything as good as Betty coopers hands on his body.

Pulling away a little he allowed her to pull his shirt over his head before pulling her back into his chest, her fingernails scraping over his back making him moan into her mouth. He reached for the bottom of her tshirt and she didn’t even give him a chance to take it off, she had it on the floor in seconds flat, guiding his hands to her chest.

He took a sharp breathe, testing the waters and squeezing gently, when she sighed softly his exploring increased.

As he grazed his teeth on her collar bone, he felt her bite into his shoulder.

Suddenly a loud clap of thunder scared them both apart.

They were both staring at each other, panting

Jughead spoke first

“Uh yeah, adrenaline and all that” he rubbed his neck trying to calm himself down.

Betty didn’t speak just stared at him for what felt like hours , jughead spoke again

“Listen Betty, we don’t have to ever mention this again I totally ..”

“I’ve been waiting to do that since Jason’s funeral.” She breathed out

Jugheads eyes widened

“Whaaa what?”

She sighed moving over to him taking his hand

“I like you jughead a lot, and clearly you don’t mind me either so why not try it? No matter what we know the friendship thing works, so let’s give a relationship a go”

He was speechless, was he dreaming

Suddenly Betty was insecure

“Unless you don’t want to, I mean it’s totally fine, maybe it was the adrenaline…”

He silenced her by placing a soft kiss to her lips

“Definitely not the adrenaline, okay let’s try.”

She beamed up at him.

“Okay! Umm now we should probably find a way out of here.”

He laughed grabbing her hand

“After you, cooper.”

lost and found xvi

bughead fanfiction - chapter sixteen - unbeta’d


“I knew I did from that first
moment we met. It was…not
love at first sight exactly, but 
familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s 
you. It’s going to be you. 
Game over.”
—Mhairi McFarlane

His father’s asleep on the couch when Jughead arrives home after dropping Veronica off at the airport. He shuts the door quietly and walks over to his dad’s side, grinning slightly at the two dinosaur stickers adorning his cheeks by what he assumes is Tobi’s doing.

He shuts the television off and debates whether to leave his dad as is, or wake him. Grabbing the throw blanket over the couch, Jughead drapes it over his dad’s form and quietly walks down the hall to the room he now shares with Betty.

She’s already in bed, Tobi curled up into her, and Jughead can’t help the feeling of completion he experiences at the sight of them.

The life he’d been living before Betty Cooper dropped back into it was nothing more than routine. He isn’t exactly a creature of socializing, nor is he the type of person to go out clubbing or bar hopping. He was content in staying home, eating takeout and watching whatever film caught his fancy that night. And then he’d sleep, wake up early, go to work, write, and repeat the process. Day in, and day out.

Now, he has something to come home to everyday—someone. Someones. 

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lost and found viii

bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - chapter eight - it’s been a long day, please forgive errors


“Grief is the price
we pay for love.”
—Elizabeth II

Betty wakes up to sunlight on her face; gossamer beams filtered through dusty white shutters that paint themselves over her body still entangled in Jughead’s dark blue sheets. There’s a short moment of incognizant bliss, a drowsy illusion of peace. But suddenly, the quiet is stifling and her thoughts turn immediately to her son.

Jumping from the mattress, Betty doesn’t bother with clothes, only wrapping the sheet around her as she sprints from Jughead’s room to her own, only to realize Tobi’s not inside it.

Fear seizes her heart until she hears the sounds of a children’s show from the living room, along with the unmistakable jingles of his toys. Rushing out into the space, Betty holds the knot of the sheet in the center of her chest, feeling her heartbeat race beneath the skin as her breathing evens out.

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