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I love the way Sara and Ava instinctively trust each other in a fight. 

From the start, they’ve been locked into a power struggle, but the minute they’re in the field this happens.

They’re not just fighting next to each other, they’re fighting with each other, using and building on each other’s strengths, perfectly in sync from the start in ways that usually take partners years to develop.

Using non-verbal queues. 

Agent ‘I’d rather die than ask a screw-up for help’ is suddenly double-checking her moves with Sara.

Even their Extra moves are synced. 

Conclusion: They can strut and bluff and challenge each other, but nothing says respect and trust like the way they intuitively fight together without a moment’s hesitation. 

The rest is theatrical foreplay.

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Okay I’ve been shawol as long as I can remember (I cried so hard today) but I want people to know that Jonghyun is such a sweet little pie He was so kind toward others he listened to their problems and would talk about it even if he would get hate for it... his music spoke for himself on what he was feeling (he was very down to earth) I want him to be loved so much because he was so loving towards everyone just like the puppy he is 💛💛 He put people before him ❤️

My condolences to you dear and the warmest hug I can give  ❤️

Jonghyun was one of the kindest people I saw and I am not even exaggerating.  What broke me apart the most was thinking of all the people he helped but how no one could save him … He chooses well his words and knows how to ease the pain of others. I am going to share some of his beautiful songs and lyrics in his memory that will never sound the same to me after today. And yes his music spoke for himself … too bad I only realize it now …

Just Chill HERE

“Sometimes, I wanna be alone, in my empty room
I wanna lay in bed and not think about anything
Sometimes, I wanna push back all the things
that suffocate me and be quiet
Sometimes I get scared, am I gonna be forever alone?
Everyone thinks it’s a waste but it’s not too bad
I’m gonna be lazy in my quiet room all day, oh
Only gonna sleep”

‘Just chill’ is one of the songs I listened to when it rained. I loved being in a car driving back home while it was playing. I used to think it was just a song about being lazy someday and needing some alone time.but now …

Gloomy Clock HERE (A song he composed for IU) 

I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
at this time, I’m depressed
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
what time is it now? 11:30
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
the gloomy clock ticks
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
why did I eat the ramen? I probably gained weight
It’s raining, it’s raining,
making things sticky, it keeps raining
I’m sleepy, I’m sleepy,
I’m too lazy to do anything

This was the song I listened to when I was reading a book while sipping some tea. It felt so calming and their voices brought peace to my ears. Today just reading how many times the word depressed is written makes me out of words.

1000 HERE (It does have a special meaning to me because of the date it was released)

1, 2, 3, another day quickly passes
1, 2, 3, tomorrow is already almost here
Pressing down on my shoulders,
pinning down the shadows
I need a place to comfortably rest

“Hug me, lean on my shoulder
Have strong trust in me”, you know that saying?
I know even though you don’t say it
That is very touching but
Please tell me even if you know

I listened to this song during my birthday and fell for it. It holds many memories. His voice and the lyrics made it turn like a virtual hug. 

Lonely HERE (Ft Taeyeon)

Baby I’m so lonely so lonely
I feel like I’m alone
I don’t want to make it obvious to you
I’m used to just holding it in
Understand me

This is a song about a lonely love, but … now I cry at “I am used to just holding it in”. Also, I always thought he had a genius voice. You can put him with anyone and he will not only sound angelic but make the one singing with him seem even more appealing. A voice that does not compete but marries any voice and makes it shine gloriously.

I’m Sorry HERE 

Look at us in our memories for a moment
You and me, the two of us inside good memories
We’re laughing, we’re crying
We’ve shared so many moments together

What kind of memories are you left with?
Was I really that indifferent towards you?
I want to ask you, I want to know
Am I really the only one left with good memories?

It feels like I’m always alone
The stories you told me
I thought you were just whining
I thought you always felt the same as I do
Walking the same road as you, feeling the same way as you
Inside my delusion, inside my head, you looked happy

I was bad, I was awful
With my selfish ways until the end
I was awful, you’re still struggling
A happy memory only to me until the end

Don’t go, don’t leave
To you in my forgotten memories
Don’t go, please don’t leave me
You know I’ll collapse like this

You’re still struggling, I’m so awful
Sorry, I’m so sorry
You’re struggling a lot, am I the only one okay?
I’ll still apologize irresponsibly

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m fine now, I’m sorry
I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I am sorry, I’m sorry

This is the song that expressed my feelings towards him tonight. When behind his smile he struggled and only now I realize his songs that I thought were a happy memory to me, some of them were a lonely cry that I didn’t hear. 

Diphylleia Grayi HERE (Skeleton Flower:  It turns transparent when it gets wet and dries white)

You’re a flower that becomes
transparent as you get wet
Our relationship, the white petal
becomes damp because of our remorse
Although, you’re transparent, you don’t disappear
When I can’t see you, I thought you aren’t even hurting
So what you couldn’t hold onto even though you knew
Actually hurts like being ripped apart, like dying
Because I’m drenched in tears
That blatant fault of mine can’t be seen now

This is one of the songs I consider a masterpiece. “When I can’t see you, I thought you aren’t even hurting … ”. Drenched in tears of his farewell I never thought a song I listened to because I found it simply stunningly pleasing will turn into a song that will hit me hard and will be Jonghyun giving me a life lesson even after he left. 

Even if the meaning of the lyrics changed for me, even if now his voice who used to be a soothing melody in the air feels like a beautiful sharp truth I didn’t know at this moment … I am sure that he will still be one of those artists whose songs I will play and love for a lifetime. His words, his existence, his actions were all encouraging. Even his last words on Instagram were ‘I pray you aren’t hurting’. How can we not be hurt when we lost you? And we should be the ones praying for you …

 Today the world lost a kind soul and inspiring man. December 18 will never be just another day. Again my condolences to his family, members, fans, and people who are just sad over this sudden goodbye. 

 May he find peace where he is now. RIP angel.


“In ghost, Thomas smiled at Edith, really smiled; she remembered the glow of flame in his eyes when they had danced the Chopin waltz; the radiance of the firelight on his face in their humble honeymoon sanctuary at the depot. Need had driven him into the darkness, but love had brought him into the light. It had redeemed him.” — Crimson Peak, book.

Venus persona ascendant

Venus persona ascendant is how your sexuality and feminine side comes off to others. When people think of how you are in relationships, this is how they might describe you. “Oh she’s intense”, “oh they really can’t commit and have a new girl every week.” Whatever the case may be, this is how you approach relationships, usually romantic, and this will describe how people see you as a female and if you’re a male, this is the type of female you may be attracted to and how you also approach love.

Aries ascendant: Sexuality comes off as fiery, fierce, straightforward yet endearing and innocent. May have some Arian features such as prominent eyebrows and may have reddish or auburn hair. You approach love intensely yet confident, it should be full of passion and fun and shouldn’t be too complex.

Taurus ascendant: Sexuality comes off very refined, classy, sensual and earthy. These people seem very natural and beautiful. They have Taurus features such as doe-eyes and plump lips with long, flowing hair. You approach love in a very calm and patient manner. You approach love with the idea in mind that it should be simple, but also should provide a sense of security.

Gemini ascendant: Sexuality comes off very fluid, you may approach love matters in a very carefree way. “What’s fun about commitment?” You may have Gemini features, and may have quirky mannerisms, these risings are usually quite endearing and are very charming.

Cancer ascendant: Sexuality comes off very simple yet graceful. You are very beautiful and plump in all the right places.😉 You may have full, plump lips and soft skin. You approach love in a motherly way. You want to nurture your partners. You see love as something that should be full of loving care, cuddles and hugs.

Leo ascendant: Sexuality is seen as sexy, confident and magnetic. You usually have no problem attracting attention as you are get beautiful with regal features. You approach love in a slightly idealistic way and feel as if it’s supposed to be perfect. You want someone to admire and someone to admire you. You love the idea of belonging to someone but not being taken advantage of. You may have Leo features, such as beautiful hair tan, glowing skin and lovely eyes.

Virgo: Sexuality is seen as simple yet enchanting. These types are elegant, modest but attract attention in the most simple way. These exude sensual vibes. They approach love as something that’s not too difficult. They see love as something beautiful yet simple. They come off as very modest in love, not giving too much away. They are usually very beautiful with elegant and graceful movements. They have a certain charm to their movements.

Libra: Sexuality is elegant. These types come off as elegant, graceful, peaceful and captivating. They seem very patient in love but like Leo, may also idealize love relationships. When they first approach a relationship, they instantly become devoted to you it seems and it seems like a fairytale. They have beautiful movements, and usually a lovely voice. The features of Libra re present in their voice, movements, words, and actions.

Scorpio: Sexuality comes off as dark and captivating. These types come off as sexy and mysterious. They approach love in a very intense way and their love nature seems to be oozing with passion. They have scorpionic features like piercing, dark eyes, and have a magnetic and sexy presence.

Sagittarius: Sexuality is bold and exotic. These are the free-spirited types in love. They want love to feel like freedom. Like wind blowing through your hair. Like a road trip. They are passionate and devoted. They have very beautiful features—think Brazilian physical features. This is kind of what they look like. They have a very captivating beauty that takes your breath away.

Capricorn: Sexuality comes off as modest, serious, and dark. They approach love in a very serious manner and don’t take it lightly. They may see love as an achievement. They want to feel secure in love and they want to feel like they’re important to you. They have Capricorn type features, with very defined facial features, like high cheekbones, sharp jawlines with a beautiful smile.

Aquarius: Sexuality comes off as very fluid, they are the types that don’t seem too committed in love at first. You think of these types and wonder if they’ll ever commit. They are very eccentric te magnetic. They have a quality to them that makes you feel intrigued. They have unique physical features, nonetheless captivating. They may not look like your typical standard of beauty, but these types are captivating.

Pisces: Their sexuality comes off very subtle yet beautiful. They approach love in a way that seems to almost always get them hurt. They think love is how it is in the books. They may enter a relationship and at first, look at you as if you put the stars in the sky. They are devoted and see relationships as special and sacred. Their approach to love is somewhat idealistic. They often look quite glamorous—they are ruled but Neptune. They have soft features and look delicate. They have a presence that feels otherworldly oftentimes. Their femininity is subtle, but mesmerizing.

lil nina and lil usnavi have somewhere fancy to be


Isak x Even season 3 + Duolingo (insp.)


(Jeg har bare kjent henne ham i en uke, men huan er mitt livs kjærlighet. • I have only known her him for a week, but she is the love of my life.)