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Check out this fluorite cube - can clearly see growth zoning inside it.

Nate And The AUs Songs

{Hell, I like the AUs and I love doing song oriented posts, so why not}

•Nate: Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time- Panic! At The Disco

•Natemare: Another Way Out- Hollywood Undead

•Flower!Nate: Plant Life- Owl City

•Angel!Nate: Hallelujah- Panic! At The Disco

•Pastel!Nate: Bubblegum Bitch- Marina And The Dimonds

•Assassin!Nate: City- Hollywood Undead
World So Cold- 12 Stones

•Puppo!Nate: Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer>

{PS. If anyone ever wants to use one of my AUs, that’s perfectly fine! I don’t mind one bit– They’re all under free use!}

tfw u briefly start crying in class bc a kid u don’t like is causing the computer to make a Big Noise and the noise is bad and then everything EVERYTHING is awful, just for a moment there, bc of the bad noise???????


I’m planning on writing this as an AU, as well as an anon wanted some HCs, so, here you go–

{Note, this is set in the 1800s in the beginning because I wanted it to be, so 😝}

•Nate gets bitten when he’s twenty, so, he’s forever twenty (with the whole BS about vampires are immortal after they’ve been bitten) after his mother is killed and he’s taken to be tortured by the hive of vampires that attack his home

•After months of this pain and suffering, he manages to escape the hive cold, hungry and exhausted

•Nate stumbles upon an old farm house one night and this nice Irish man takes him in (Lolz, farmer!Jack/Sean, anyone?)

•Jack/Sean helps Nate back to full health, helping to heal up his wounds and such, but notices that Nate can’t eat the food that Jack/Sean serves him– Like, actually can’t because it’s not offering any nurishment for the vamp boi

•Jack/Sean soon notices Nate’s fangs when he talks and realizes what he is

•He doesn’t kick him out however, instead, he starts hunting rabbits and squirrels for him to feed off of because the sweet boi refuses to feed off of humans

•Jack/Sean also teaches Nate all sorts of fighting techniques and survival strategies

•But, this doesn’t last– Nate comes back after a hunt/feed to find Jack/Sean dead and the farm house ransacked

•From that day forward, Nate vows to kill all vampires

•Centuries go by– Friendships come and go, romantic interests spark and die; Nate has come to grips with how fragile human life really is and accepts it

•Flash to the modern world– Hunter is a normal man; He’s adored by his fans, he’s got a pretty good life going for him

•One night, he decides to take a midnight stroll and clear his head, only to be cornered in a back alleyway by two strangers with glowing red eyes, hissing something about feeding

•He’s thinking this is the end for him until a shadow swoops in and saves his ass

•Soon, he sees a pair of glowing golden eyes and hears a melodic voice ask if he’s alright

•Hunter is too dumbfounded to speak, so, Nate takes him home to patch him up, considering he got a bit cut up and bruised while he was being cornered

•When Nate tells Hunter that he’s a vampire/vampire hunter, he’s equally parts petrified and perplexed

•Of course, being around each other so much, they develop a puppy love for each other

•No one is allowed to touch Hunter– Nate is very possessive of his human

•Nate is also a bat boi who chatters and clicks when he’s happy

•Little bat boi Nate who likes riding on Hunter’s shoulders during the day, and Hunter who likes petting his little winged flap flap when he’s editing videos and Nate is hanging from the desk lamp

•Bat boi Nate who also likes jump scaring the hell out of Hunter by popping out of dark rooms and small spaces

•Hunter likes pulling Nate into his lap during the day and playing with his hair while he chatters and falls alseep, happy in his arms

•Though, life can never play in Nate’s favor– The same hive of vampires that kidnapped, tortured and bit him so long ago kidnap Hunter, wanting to lure Nate to his death

•Nate goes into this rage bloodlust mode over this

**I’ll stop here to save the ending, but, I hope you guys like it**