sharp as



Trick or Treat set #1

Tricked: Stitches the possessed doll, PWModdy the haunted cartridge, Sharp Breath the enchanted armor

Treated: Myosotis the computer, Dream Baker the witch, Gunrunner the white rabbit

[if any of you would like an isolated picture of your above character message me and i’ll send a separate image to you uvu]

Yesterday we were saying how there’s going to be a secret session in Australia and half of the Aussie fans here would know that they’re going but are just pretending, and guess WHAT because other than the fact that the SS happened in LA, we were right about everything else for once

anonymous asked:

...Wigfrid has always made me nervous. Obviously she was an incredibly interesting person and very entertaining to watch, can only handle a spear in the chest a few dozen times before her very presence becomes threatening. I did try to see the whole "hunting me down and murdering me over and over" thing from a different angle, I did try, but...I don't think I ever got used to it still scare me, Wigfrid. Hope your happy that I finally confessed to that.