Sharon Rooney: Episode 1 Commentary

I was gutted when I read the script that Tix had died – it was so sad that I couldn’t spend time with Sophie (Wright who played Tix). But I was also impressed that they were being so brave with the script.

I had my best friend with me on set and she actually ended up being the girl that pushed me in into the locker. I often use music to help me get into the zone if I have an emotional scene coming up. The hardest part is keeping the emotion going while you’re waiting for your scene to come up – not letting yourself cry before the take.

We shot this all in June and it was baking, annoyingly Rae always wears so many layers so loads of the time I was dying beneath all her clothes.

For one scene where I’m wearing Finn’s jacket I was so hot the crew bought me loads of ice packs – but that just made me hot and damp! Sexy.

I loved having Dan [Cohen, who plays Archie] hold my boobs!

That’s genuine relief I’m showing on my face because that bra was way too big for me. Those bra and pants were way to big for me. When i was wearing them I kept having to yank them up! 

My arm was actually broken for the majority of filming. You might notice my sleeves are pulled down really far during a lot of this series because it’s covering the cast.

I was actually watching Casper The Friendly Ghost Here - it’s the only video we could find! Nico wasn’t actually there when I was filming this, so I’m just looking at nothing.

What’s my verdict now I’m seeing it? Very nice! I have had some people come forward and say the series changed their lives. Which is amazing. But it also makes you think – why has it taken so long for a series about this stuff to come along?

Me and my mum’s relationship is completely different from Rae’s and her’s – we’re much more loving. I’m an only child though so that’s a similarity.

When I saw everyone again at the start of the series, it was like a reunion. I’d been looking forward to seeing Jodie (Chloe) so much. I’m really close to the whole cast but probably closest to Jodie, or Dan (Archie).

We had to film all of the scenes with Ian [Hart, who plays Kester] in one go because he was busy in America. It was tough because they’re often quite intense scenes.

Nico [Mirallegro, who plays Finn] got really annoyed with me when we filmed this scene because I cut out a bit of fabric and put in down my jeans so when he put his hand there his nail got stuck and he couldn’t get it out. It was hilarious!

When you can hear the voice over, they would have had someone on set reading it out to me so I can react to it. But sometimes, when that’s a man or something, it’s really distracting! 

So I really just memorise all the voice over so I know exactly what Rae’s thinking during those scenes. This was the first scene we shot in the new series. ‘You don’t have to kiss me because you feel sorry for me’. I find that a really sad line. But actually when I’ve been at screenings people have always laughed. Including my mum!

They didn’t give me any script for this - just asked me to shout random things. I don’t know anything about football so that’s why I end up saying things like ‘You can score a goal!’

I am so bad at bowling! I couldn’t even throw it straight! That’s definitely not my strike - we had to get someone else from the crew to get one for me!

When I’m saying lines like the gills one, because I’m so involved in the character, I actually forget that they’re meant to be funny. I just mean them! It’s only when I watch it back later that I realise.

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