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It wasn’t often that one heard music coming from a SHIELD office, particularly pretty good music, so Steve had to follow it down and glance in the doorway.
“…Excuse me-” He started, offering a friendly smile. “I don’t mean to interrupt,” Lies. He definitely wanted to interrupt and ask the blonde agent about the music.

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“Well hello there, sweetheart. Do I know you? Ya look pretty damn familiar. Mm…” He taps a thoughtful finger to his chin as he tries to recall the face before shrugging it off. “Nope, nothin’.” He then blinked and quickly jabbed a finger in her direction. “Oh, hey, wait, you’re that agent that’s always hangin’ around the old timer, right?" 

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//Stevie picked good song. Song make Sharon and Katlyn very happy!

She had me tossing up between this one and Vera Lynn for ages and in the end I was just like WOMAN WE ARE EENIE MEENIE MINIE MOEING THIS SHIT IF YOU’RE NOT CAREFUL and so she picked that one and it sounds so good ;^; Judy Garland’s got a gorgeous voice.

(and this is me and Stevie saying yes, good taste in music Sharon and Kaitlyn, good taste)

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Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom: Tell us an embarrassing story.

When I was doing the Captain America show to sell war bonds, on one stage I had a cue where I was supposed to hop onto it after walking down the front row of seats. …Poor excuse, but we hadn’t /practiced/ that particular part at all, so I sort of…miss-stepped and crashed into the stage instead, and I fell over. The crowd got all quiet and I’m pretty sure the chorus gasped too and I was lying in shock (and embarrassment of course) on the floor until a tiny - she must’ve been 5 or 6?- year old girl rushed over to try and pull me up. I did the work myself but gave her a hug when I stood, and I think the crowd thought it was all part of the show because they cheered when they saw.

…Thankfully, this one was not taped.  

 Not that it matters now, since I just retold it. My agents would’ve killed me.