My Favorite Siblings In Television

Jaye, Sharon, & Aaron Tyler- Wonderfalls

Their eldest daughter, Sharon, is a respected immigration attorney and the newest partner at the law firm of Merrifield, Hanson and Aldritch . 

Son, Aaron, is the youngest non-Asian to win the prestigious Fulton scholarship for religious studies and is currently pursuing his doctorate in comparative religion.

Jaye, a daughter, is 24.

fullerverse meme: [½] romantic relationships
 ↳ sharon & beth (wonderfalls)
“I don’t want to be a rest stop on your road to heterosexual bliss. I wanna be one of those spiked mats they use in high-speed chases. I want to rip the rubber off your hubs and I want your car to spin out of control and into my arms and I don’t ever want to let you go. Because I am here to stake my claim. And I will peck to death any bird that gets in my way. And I know that’s a bird and a car metaphor and I think there’s a mining reference in there somewhere, but they all hold! You are mine. I’m never gonna let you go. And I’m not afraid anymore. Just don’t say anything else. Just dominate me.”


greetings from wonderfalls 

caroline dhavernas and katie finneran being absolute dorks 

Supergirl Season 3 casting announcements

I have just remembered that Chris Wood was announced as a Supergirl season 2 series-regular playing a surprise DC character on 20th July 2016. That was just before the San Diego Comic Con.

Other season 2 casting announcements (Katie, Floriana, Tyler, Ian, Sharon) were announced between mid July and mid August and included the name of their characters. Brenda (Lillian) was announced on 24 September and we got nothing about her role. Teri / Kevin Sorbo were cast much later and they only said that they would be villains.

The big bad for season 3 (Odette Annable / Reign) has already been cast and announced. We should get announcements for other season 3 characters during July-August.

I wonder if they will try to keep the secret about other season 3 characters and storylines. They may not want to mention the Legion of Superheroes (maybe Checkmate?).

I am not sure if I prefer the CW PR to tell us that the Legion is coming so we can say “I knew it” and start speculating based on the new info or if I want them to keep it secret so the haters get burnt at the moment when Mon-El’s pod is open and someone say “Welcome to the Legion of Superheroes, Mon-El of Daxam. We were waiting for you”.

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Presents its 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party
By Elton John AIDS Foundation

Sir Elton John and David Furnish will host the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF)’s 25th annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at West Hollywood Park in Los Angeles. The gala event is supported by Presenting Sponsors BVLGARI, Neuro Drinks and Diana Jenkins.

The Foundation’s Academy Awards Viewing Party is the most highly visible and successful fundraising event in Hollywood on Oscar night. Over the past quarter century, this annual event has raised more than $56 million, thanks to the generosity of EJAF’s supporters. These funds help the Foundation to make a real difference in the lives of people at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS, including urgently needed medical care in the Caribbean, innovative treatment and prevention programs in the Southern United States, and national initiatives addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

This year’s event co-chairs are Mahershala Ali, Tim and Jane Allen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Beck, Carrie Brownstein, Naomi Campbell, Jim Carrey, Ciara, Chris Colfer, John Demsey, Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini, Michael Douglas, Ava DuVernay, Stéphane Gerschel, Fin Gray and Michael Melnick, Miranda Harper, Luke Hemsworth, Tommy Hilfiger, Gaby Hoffmann, Stephanie Horbaczewski, Diana Jenkins, Caitlyn Jenner, Quincy Jones, Heidi Klum, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Diana Krall and Elvis Costello, Ryan Kwanten, Padma Lakshmi, Amy Landecker, Fred Latsko, Shelley Lazar, Sandra Lee, Jared Leto, Judith Light, Eugenio Lopez, Rob and Sheryl Lowe, Eric and Janet McCormack, Joe McMillan, Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Daniel Paltridge, Katy Perry, Tyler Perry, Andrew Rannells, Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Zoë Saldana, Jane Seymour, Steve Sims, Kevin Spacey, Britney Spears, Sharon Stone, Steven Tyler, and Denzel and Pauletta Washington.

Since I did one for the places in the Boss series, I’ll do one for the characters. These people are the physical inspirations for the Boss series characters. And this is going to be a really tall post, but I don’t want to hear it because do you know how many times I’ve had that color-of-the-sky post show up on my dash? Exactly.

Sophie Scaife (Naya Rivera) When I started writing the series, I imagined Sophie as looking like Amber Heard, but a couple of people said they imagined Naya Rivera, so… Now I’m really depressed that I described Sophie as being a white woman. But when I write, i just ignore my past stupidity and picture Naya.

Neil Elwood (Anthony Head) Let’s be real, who else was he going to be?

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