Expectations VS Reality - EYELINER

Isn’t this the truth?


Excellent makeup tips from Sharon Farrell.  Love this girl


Inktober Days 15-21

Day 15: Tricia Helfer from a screenshot of Battlestar Galactica done with Pitt pens and pencil crayons on grey toned paper.
Day 16: Danielle Corsetto from a selfie she recently posted on her twitter feed.
Day 17: Fruit bowl. Pitt pens and pencil crayons.
Day 18: Pitt pens. Thumbnail for a painting I’m about to start.
Day 19: Public transit drawings. Sakura micron in my awesome little sketchbook.
Day 20: Lunch time still life. Extra fine point sharpie and a regular ol blue pen.
Day 21 Pitt pens with a bit of pencil crayon on top. Reference was a still from the most recent video by Sharon Farrell on using makeup to make big eyes.


I’ve been keeping up with the daily drawing, but a bit more shit at updating on here. Sorry! Enjoy!