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Zoe Washburne

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Kara Thrace/Starbuck 

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Princess Leia Organa

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Lady Sif

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Raven Reyes

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Daisy ‘Quake’ Johnson

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Jean Grey/The Phoenix

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Ellen Ripley

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Samantha Carter

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Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valerii/Sharon ‘Athena’ Agathon

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So, I was at the mall today, and walking in the H&M saw this mannequin dressed in an olive green pantsuit. And my first thought was “Why are pantsuits a thing? Like, does anyone actually wear pantsuits? Why would anyone buy an ill-fitting baggy pantsu–”

Then it hit me what this pantsuit would be good for.

And the answer became “I am the person that would buy a $20 baggy olive green pantsuit from H&M.”

Because guess what, real military surplus flight suits? Aren’t actually made for 5’ tall women.Their crotches go down to my knees. But this? This works.

finally, I’m going to borrow some great meta from Rachael which really captures the things that did work with Kara’s S4 storyline, because I do agree with an awful lot of it, even if I have major reservations about how it undermined the catharsis of ‘Maelstrom’

(but now… honestly i think [Kara being at least part Cylon] adds an unnecessary element.  we watched boomer’s meltdown for all of season one and then spent season four watching tigh/tyrol/tory/anders replay it all in their own ways.  at that point adding kara to the mix would have been redundant i think.

and also i think it takes away from her struggle for an identity in the last season.  because the whole point is that kara has no idea what she is.  half-cylon would have been an answer.  probably not her favorite answer.  but it would have been something.  better than nothing.  

(this is really similar to my argument as to why luke copes with vader better than leia.  because a shitty answer to “who’s my daddy?” is better than no answer and luke needed the answer while leia — with bail as her father — never did.  sorry star wars tangent.)

but kara never gets even that.  all she knows is that she is the harbinger of (that is, sent by) death to lead them all to the end (of their journey)… and that she is bill adama’s daughter.  

and that like hammers home one of the ultimate themes of bsg.  that we are who we choose to be.  kara thrace is a lot of things:  a pilot, a soldier, a hero, a fuck up, maybe even an angel.  but really of all those identities and more i think the one that’s always been most important to her is being the old man’s “daughter”.  

it’s the logical and ultimate conclusion to the storyline that began with athena.  that even if she’d been made a cylon she was sharon valerii if she chose to be.  it echoed all down through the four until arriving at kara in it’s most extreme form.  she doesn’t even know what she is but she know who she wants to be and therefore she is.

but it also plays into another theme that features prominently in the finale:  that human, cylon, or otherwise what defines us is, what makes us us, are the people we love and who love us in return.  

i mean every single flashback in “daybreak” underscores that.  adama empty and lost without his crew.  roslin adrift after the loss of her family.  contrast that with the peace they both find in the family they build.  baltar struggling with his father, never quite able to walk away, and finally at the end of the world admitting that he “knows about farming”.  lee never quite able to untangle himself from kara.  boomer who dies keeping a promise to a man she had loved a lifetime ago.  

and then you have athena and helo walking off into the sunset and i don’t think it’s possible to understate the role love played in who she is.  not just helo’s but adama.  ”i know who you are.  you’re my daughter.” could just as easily been said about her.  and the tighs and baltar and caprica.  only tyrol is voluntarily standing alone but even that decision is defined on every level by boomer and by cally.

the two almost seem contradictory:  we are defined by our choices.  we are defined by the people we love.  but i don’t think they really are.  i mean that’s the story of boomer and athena right?  the same love driving them to different choices.