I think, or at least I hope everyone experiences this, there’s a pivotal stage during growing up and gaining maturity when you realise just how much you’re worth. maybe it’ll be after you’re mistreated in a relationship or by friends or whoever, but a certain level of confidence will come from it. some people will think you’re stuck up, but you’re not. you’re just over the bullshit, over people undermining you and putting you second when you should be first. it’s when you realise you should be the protagonist in your own damn life instead of the pointless secondary character only there entertain the former – it’s when you open your eyes and go “holy shit, I am worth so much more than how I’ve been treated”. and can I tell you, if you haven’t felt this yet, look forward to it, cause it’s the most freeing feeling you will probably ever feel

louis’s team are a bunch of cold, soulless morons i mean it when i say i hope they get away from him quick bc they are hellbent on breaking him to little tiny, irreparable pieces and lol they havent succeeded HA but boy do they keep trying and that’s Nasty