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Deleted Scene - 4x06 (?)

That awkward moment when you find out that your mother wants to sleep with her boyfriend

I love that Sharon is not asking Rusty’s permission to date. Sharon has put other people before herself for so many years. I’m glad that the idea of Rusty not being enthusiastic about the two of then dating, is not deterring her. She knows that it will just take time for him to get used to the idea of them being together. And I guess he thought that them dating would have nothing whatsoever to do with sex.

I love that little shake he does with his shoulders when he says “with him.”

Jackson Raydor + Relationships aka You suck

Jack + Sharon

Jack is quite simply a mess and it’s interesting to note that the remote and seemingly cold Sharon is attracted to chaos. Sharon and Jack married when they were quite young and very deeply in love. I think that Sharon was attracted to Jack’s charm, intelligence and colorful sense of humor. One has to wonder just why Sharon stayed married to Jack for so long. And I love that Major Crimes came up with so many wonderful and believable reasons why a such a no nonsense woman would stay married to a man that she’d been separated for some 20 odd years before divorcing. Sharon is a person that loves full and falls hard.

Despite Sharon putting up so many walls around her heart; I think that Jack still had a chance at fixing things until he left at the end of “Rules of Engagement”.  
Near the end of season 3 in “Internal Affairs” Jack lets himself into Sharon’s apartment and is revealed to have fallen of the wagon. It’s not clear just what happened for him to start drinking but my thoughts were that the divorce pushed him to fall. He shows up to offer Sharon money that he won gambling. It’s a sucky way to try to get yourself right with someone but it was his way of trying to fix things.

I loved that Jack finally came to the realization that he fucked up. Unfortunately for him, Sharon was past the point of no return and that money wasn’t going to change anything for her. It was pretty heart breaking to see him finally apologize for all the shit he put Sharon through and for her to just look at him with pity and walk away.

Jack + Rusty

To Rusty, Jack is a cool dude with a colorful personality that may know about his past but doesn’t hold it against him. Rusty is readily seduced by Jack’s charm, despite being warned by Sharon. To Jack, Rusty is a way to get back into Sharon’s good graces. As that Rusty is someone that Sharon has taken an attachment to. It also helps that Rusty wasn’t around to witness his failings as a father. Once Rusty learns more about Jack through Sharon, Ricky and Emily he doesn’t have much patience for him anymore.

Jack + Andy

When we are first introduced to Jack Raydor, Andy tells Provenza that he liked Jack and was saddened when Jack moved to Las Vegas. This says to me that back in the day Andy and Jack were most likely drinking buddies. Between the similarities in their personalities (and love of drink) it was probably not hard for them to become fast friends. It might also explain some of the animosity that Andy initially had towards Sharon. It wouldn’t be hard to make the assumption that they reminisced about their failed/failing marriages. Once Andy comes to know Sharon outside of work his opinion of Jack drastically changes.

Andy is what Jack could have become and still can if he can ever get his head out of his ass. Both men are addicts but Andy got himself sober and stayed that way. Andy realized just how much his addiction has effected his relationships with his family, his children most especially. He works to recreate some trust and bond between his children and seems to have a very  healthy relationship with his daughter by season 3.

Jack + Provenza

When everyone in the Major Crimes division is initially amused and charmed by Jack Raydor and his colorful personality. Provenza as the wise older detective can see right through people and that includes Jack Raydor and his bull shit.

Jack + Sharon + Andy

I read a remark that someone made (perhaps) on tumblr about the toothpicks in Sharon’s apartment in “D.O.A.” Sharon comes home to find Jack and Rusty playing poker and using toothpicks as the pot.

Jack to Sharon: “Maybe I owe you for a box of toothpick. What do you ‘em for anyway? You know in 30 years I’ve never seen you put a toothpick in your mouth.”

Why bother pointing something out as silly as toothpicks? Who cares about toothpicks?

Their assumption was that this was foreshadowing the Sharon/Andy romantic subplot. Which now that I think about it could certainly be possible. According to an AMA on Reddit that James Duff did he said that the similarities in Andy and Jack were on purpose. That he wanted to give Jack some of Andy’s flaws that he had overcome. Toothpicks were a bit of a thing for Andy’s character on “The Closer” and the romantic subplot gets it start at the end of the very next episode.

Which makes me believe that Sharon/Andy was an idea they came up with when MC was in development and started the will they won’t they subplot once Sharon was on much firmer ground with all of the characters. Maybe I’m wrong on that but I don’t think so. Why else would Duff give Jack character flaws that he shares with Andy?

I wonder just how much Jack knew about Sharon’s relationship with Andy before they actually started dating. He may have had some idea in “Jane Doe #38” when Sharon decided to adopt Rusty. We know that Sharon was pretty clueless at that time and her motivation for divorcing Jack was because of Rusty. Though part of me does wonder if on an unconscious level her growing relationship with Andy may have been a factor. Something that she wasn’t even aware of. Many of the characters make assumptions about Sharon and Andy’s relationship, Jack could have heard things. Or maybe Jack had no idea about their growing relationship but just that that maybe Sharon dating could have been a motivator to her divorcing him.

After Jack’s apology and realization in “Internal Affairs”, I had hoped that Jack would have gotten himself together. It seems that (maybe) he’s gotten his drinking under control. Instead he’s turned very bitter to the point that I was surprised at just how bitter he got in “Blackout”. He lashes out and uses every opportunity that he can grab onto to hurt Sharon. Using his cunning mind to manipulate his client and the LAPD into a payday for him.

Is it Sharon’s relationship with Andy that caused this bitterness? Jack makes a point (in front of Sharon) of gloating about his relationship with a french girlfriend and that he met her a year previously. As if to say that he’s moved on and not only that but moved on before Sharon did. Later Jack spills the beans about the seriousness of Andy’s condition in front of the entire squad. Sharon wanted her children to have a relationship with their father and now that has bitten her in the ass. Jack is a very smart manipulative person, he knows how to get information out of a person and knows how to use it to his advantage.

I think that Jack realized that Sharon’s relationship with Andy was serious. Sharon is a very private and deliberate person. So her to get involved with a coworker Sharon  - I can see that being a big thing. Plus with Andy moving in with her, even if it was temporarily. I think that really spoke to just how much she cares about him. Where Jack is selfish in his relationship with Sharon, Andy comes to put Sharon first in their relationship.

things I want in season 4:

• Andy commenting or making faces at some beautiful young girl and Sharon being super duper jealous

• Some lawyer or criminal to appreciate Sharon’s body too much and Andy losing control because he’s the jalous hubby

• Sharon being in danger and Andy trying to handle it as best as he can but he just loses it because he can’t lose her, he just CAN’T

• Sharon & Andy kissing hard in her office

• Sharon & Andy kissing hard in her house

• Sharon & Andy morning after

• Sharon & Andy being all smiles and yearning eyes when they’re with the squad

• Sharon being super duper cute when Andy sends her flowers

• Andy being super duper cute when he gives Sharon flowers

• Sharon & Andy kissing as he gives her flowers

• Sharon & Andy saying something like “I can’t lose you”

• Sharon saying “don’t you dare breaking my heart, Andrew Flynn” and then kissing him sweetly

• Andy replying “I wouldn’t dream of it” and kissing her back, swallowing her smile

• Andy & Rusty moments (with Sharon!)

• Shandy x Rusty family feels

• Andy calling her O'Dwyer, making her smile

• Sharon showing Andy pics of her when she was pregnant or when her children were little

• Andy showing Sharon pics of his daughter when she was little

• Andy & Sharon staring at a pic of them at his daughter’s wedding


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Oh no he didn’t! 

Sharon really loves Rusty and wants to help him every way she can. But I think she crossed the line, when she tried to advice him about relationships. She’s still married to a man, who she doesn’t love. And she really doesn’t have a lot of friends.

But when it comes to Rusty.. He really annoyed me during the last season. He really should grow up and appreciate everything she has done for him. (which know.. Everything!)