sharon steel

What To Expect From Each New Vegas Companion

Having difficulty deciding who to partner up with in Fallout: New Vegas? Well, here’s what you can expect to get traveling with each companion.

Arcade Gannon - self-deprecating humor and fun facts

Boone - feels, so many sad sniper feels. plus one word answers to everything

Cass - sass, alcoholism, and revenge

ED-E - he literally only beeps but you always know exactly what the hell he’s saying

Lily - lots of grandma love + crazy voice called leo

Raul - cool ghoul with an even cooler life story

Rex - hat-shaming. lots and lots of hat-shaming

Veronica - adorableness, dresses, and a smol lesbian in a potato sack punching enemies to death


Trails of Cold Steel & Trails in the Sky heart & star shaped buttons I made. They will be for sale at Anime North 2017!!  :D

I kept the skirt in my closet for years, and would take it out to try on in my own room, never in front of anyone else, and never outside. I almost wore it to school once and ripped it off, putting my old jeans back on at the last second. I was so relieved, and so disappointed, by my inability to ever be myself.

Sharon Steel is a writer I admire. On her blog, Stereo Stories, she’s been doing a series of posts about pivotal moments in her life getting dressed. They are self-deprecating, self-aware, sincere, funny, moving, and wise. We get a look at New York City in the ‘90s through the eyes of a teenage girl eyeing her first pair of Doc Martens surrounded by pals smoking clove cigarettes and thinking about the people they’ll become. She writes about a flowy mystic skirt, the right pair of jeans, the right pair of boots, a Radiohead concert T-shirt. Together, they’re about clothes that mean something and what it is to come into your own. I would read a book of these stories, and I hope one comes of these.

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