sharon rose of cassidy

According to Fallout’s Sex Calculator, Lily Bowen is one banging grandmother.

Lily Bowen: (5*50+8*25+10*13+9*12)/100 = 6.88
Rex: (4*50+8*25+8*13+6*12)/100 = 5.76
Arcade Gannon: (6*50+4*25+6*13+6*12)/100 = 5.5
ED-D: (5*50+5*25+7*13+6*12)/100 = 5.38
Veronica Santangelo: (3*50+6*25+7*13+7*12)/100 = 4.75
Rose of Sharon Cassidy: (4*50+4*25+6*13+7*12)/100 = 4.62
Raul Tejada: (2*50+4*25+8*13+6*12)/100 = 3.76
Craig Boone: (1*50+5*25+7*13+7*12)/100 = 3.5

She’s the only one of the Courier’s companions who comes close to being “good” at sex. Boone is in last place, which makes me sad.

9 = Great
7 = Good
5 = Normal
3 = Bad
2 = Horrible

Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 Companions List

Arcade Gannon - self-loathing sarcastic doctor

Boone - sad sniper, super sad edition

Butch Deloria - trash tunnelsnake dorklord

Cait - scary irish druggie with sad past

Cass - alcoholic sassmaster supreme

Charon - literally a slave??? why does no one mention that??? but a ghoul one

Clover - umm another slave??? wtf fo3 is up with you and slave Companions???

Codsworth - the Alfred pennyworth to your batman

Curie - awww cute lil french robot… oh now sexy lil french synth

Danse - pretty boy racist tin can

Deacon - liar, liar, pants on fire

Dogmeat - best puppy ever

ED-E - emotional beeping

Fawkes - sweetheart super mutant. awww

Hancock - badass cosplaying mayor plus chems

Jericho - rude ex-raider shitbag

Lily - adorable grandma nightkin that calls you dearie.

MacCready - sad sniper, dork dad edition

Nick - toaster detective. only time a fedora is acceptable.

Piper - cute nosy journalist

Preston - truest cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon the roll

Raul - ancient ghoul with so many stories that calls you boss

Rex - hat-shaming robo-dog

Sergeant RL-3 - cool ass Mr Gutsy to hang with

Star Paladin Cross - you’re gonna accidentally call her mom at least four times

Strong - scary super mutant

Veronica - smol lesbian in a potato sack

X6-88 - I’m totally done with ur shit, sir/ma'am


some more companion shenanigans, because, heres this: you can’t stop me ever

things that ive deducted about greg, because hes bad at fighting, carries all the shit, helps heal his partner, and his best quality is that he provides the occasional witty banter without doing any of the actual work: greg is the companion and they are the protagonists

What To Expect From Each New Vegas Companion

Having difficulty deciding who to partner up with in Fallout: New Vegas? Well, here’s what you can expect to get traveling with each companion.

Arcade Gannon - self-deprecating humor and fun facts

Boone - feels, so many sad sniper feels. plus one word answers to everything

Cass - sass, alcoholism, and revenge

ED-E - he literally only beeps but you always know exactly what the hell he’s saying

Lily - lots of grandma love + crazy voice called leo

Raul - cool ghoul with an even cooler life story

Rex - hat-shaming. lots and lots of hat-shaming

Veronica - adorableness, dresses, and a smol lesbian in a potato sack punching enemies to death