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(and this is for Gray Card)

1. In need of a helping hand

2. Travel is a state of mind

3. Solitude - pt III

4.Hand-made work

5. Random Acts of Kindness

I don’t have 5 favorite pictures. I can’t choose, i love them all - some more than others, but still, i love them all. Every picture is an experience, through every capture i learn something new, every shot has its story and i cherish them all, in my heart. Every picture that i shot became a part of me, in one way or another.

So, why these pictures? Simply because they seemed to make sense, together :) I hope that you will all enjoy them as much as i enjoyed taking them and i wish to myself and to each one of you a beautiful, creative, inspiring 2014!

June 3, 2014

As i walk anonymously through the crowded Artists Market - carefully protected by my shades and by the pumped up music in my ears, so to block any unwanted noise coming through - i feel my body strain suddenly with an unexpected fear.

Someone got ahold of my hand.

~ Who is it? Does he know me?What does he want? It is someone i know?~

My mind wanders, my heart jumps, my nerves get stiff, thoughts fly all over the place. I do my best to shake it off, i exhale and i look up.

“Happy Holiday!”

Right in front of me, a stranger. An older man. A bright smile, a warm, welcoming handshake. 

Someone i have never seen or met before. Someone i will probably, chances are, never see or meet again.

“Happy Holiday!” i say to him. I smile, i give him a reassured handshake and just as he walks away, it hits me.

It’s true - i might already, all on my own, not be designed as an overly social person - but…what kind of a fucked up world do we live in, if we see such a simple, random act of brotherly kindness first and foremost as a threatening menace?