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Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)

Rose of Sharon blossoms in my front yard this morning after a pre-dawn thunderstorm. 

New Jersey, July 26, 2016

Photos by @mellowcat-artist

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Jealousy Is a Pretty Color on You pt 1 (Steve Rogers)

Pairing: Steve x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff, language

Steve: Seriously? Sharon is actually a very nice- 


Steve: What? I don’t understand why everyone- 


Bucky: She’s a dime and all- 

We’re done with this conversation. 


It wasn’t like you wanted to be at the stupid meeting or anything… it wasn’t like you had a choice or anything… it wasn’t like you wanted to beat the living shit out of Sharon Carter or anything.

Okay, maybe that last part was a lie. 

“Ms. Y/N? Are you with us?” General Ross’s voice is stern and annoying, nothing new. 

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michaelmxll  asked:

hnnnnngh sorry to be An Annoyance but im just trying to finish school calmly but my friend is trying to explain to me why 13rw is so "good" and "accurate" and it pisses me off so much like uuuuuugh let me enjoy my coffee in peace sharon

klallallsman kill them

Hatred will never cease by hatred.  Never.  Hatred can only cease by love.

  ~  Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha

All beings want to be happy, yet so very few know how.  The process of forgiveness is one way for us to remember where our deepest happiness lies. When our minds are full of anger and hatred toward others, we need to ask ourselves, “Who is the one suffering from this anger?”  In most cases, we will realize that we are in fact the ones who are really suffering.  Forgiveness thus actually comes out of the greatest compassion for ourselves.  Forgiveness helps us create the conditions for unconditional love, which can dissolve separation and relieve us of our perpetually unresolved outrage.

This is admittedly difficult.  It is much more difficult to forgive than not to forgive.  National and world political leaders seem to rely on this fact:  It is much easier to unite people with a bond of common hatred than it is to unite them with shared love.

Remember, forgiveness does not mean condoning a harmful action or denying injustice or suffering.  It should never be confused with being passive toward violation or abuse.  What forgiveness is, on the other hand, is an inner relinquishment of our resentment, which is devastating to us in the end.  As forgiveness grows within us, it may take any outward form:  we may indeed seek to make amends, demand justice, or resolve to be treated better.  Or we may find that it’s best to simply leave a situation behind us.

  (adapted from Sharon Salzberg)

Major Crimes Fanfic masterpost

Okay, so I realized I’ve written something like 60 Major Crimes fics since the show started. Most of them have been posted on FFN.

Since many people in the fandom come and go, I thought I’d make a list of all my Major Crimes fics for anyone who might be interested in reading. I am going to list even the ones that are not really good (but I promise to warn you in advance). I will post them according to pairing. Whenever applicable, I will state the relevant season.

Shandy fics:

  • The Sounds of Happiness - Season 4. The explanation behind Andy’s bruise in the winter episodes promo pic. Includes Mother!ship. 
  • Romantic - Season 4. Sharon and Andy spend an unforgettable evening together. Recommended.
  • The Morning After - Season 4. Oneshot. Andy watches Sharon sleep.
  • Fixing Hearts - AU Major Crimes/Grey’s Anatomy crossover. Dr. Flynn meets Dr. Dixon and wants to get to know her better.  Recommended.
  • One Day At A Time - Season 4. Sharon is worried about Andy’s addiction. Episode tag to 4x06.
  • Copy-lating - Season 4-ish. Crack!fic. Taylor finds an incriminating evidence of inappropriate behavior in his Xerox machine and suspects someone from the Major Crimes Division. Recommended.
  • Come Rain or Shine - Season 4. Episode tag to 4x02. Sharon needs Andy to comfort her.
  • What She Needs Him For - Season 4. Episode tag to 4x01. Sharon and Andy’s talk takes a very different form than what Sharon had expected.
  • Puppy Love -  Sharon has a very disturbing night.
  • Für Elise - Sharon and Andy are spending a quiet evening with Gavin and his life partner. The situation becomes emotional when Gavin asks Sharon to play them her favorite musical piece.
  • Trust and Reprisal - Andy gets jealous when Sharon goes out to a dinner with her first boyfriend. 
  • The Bright Side -  An unfortunate incident forces Sharon to make a life changing decision.
  • Sensations - Multi-chapter smut. Sharon and Andy take a few sex advices from a book.
  • Not Running Away - Season 3. An episode tag to 3.19 “Special Master”. What went through Sharon’s head when Andy touched her shoulder?
  • Closest To Your Heart - M rated. Sharon and Andy are basking in the afterglow. 
  • I Never Dreamed Someone Like You (Could Love Someone Like Me) -  Sharon and Andy have an honest conversation and address fears and expectations. 
  • A Twist In My Sobriety - Season 3. Sharon serves as Andy’s buffer at an unusual family gathering.
  • Angels We Have Heard On High - Season 3. Episode tag to 3x15. A missing scene in which Andy gives Sharon a Christmas gift.
  • Something To Look Forward To -  Season 3. Episode tag to 3x13. A few days after The Nutcracker, Sharon and Andy have an important conversation and a dinner that will determine their future.
  • Chocolate Kisses - A kiss…
  • Toy Story - Shameless smut. Sharon and Andy try some sex toys.
  • Free - AU. Sharon deals with an unexpected event that changes the way she defines herself. Andy is there to guide her in the right direction.
  • Dinners and Stuff - Inspired by a Tony Denison interview before season 3 began. Sharon and Andy go on a series of dinners… and stuff. 
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice? - AU. Andy is planning to propose. 
  • Midnight Brooding - M rated. Sharon can’t sleep after her first time with Andy. 
  • Reunion - M rated. Sharon and Andy are invited to a reunion of their Police Academy class, but things don’t go as planned.
  • Intervention - Andy gives Sharon advice about Jack’s gambling habit. 
  • Happy New Dream - New Year’s Eve fic.
  • The Gift - Season 2. Andy and Rusty discuss a Christmas gift for Sharon.
  • Peace & Love - The story behind Sharon’s secret tattoo.
  • Unchained Melody - Christmas/ New Year’s Eve story. 
  • A Married Woman - Season 2. Drabble. Andy’s thoughts after the wedding.
  • His Friend Sharon  - Season 2. Sharon accompanies Andy to Nicole’s wedding. 
  • Happy End - Smutty fun at the beach.
  • Staying Alive - Rusty and Andy comfort Sharon after nearly beind shot.
  • Damsel In Distress - AU. Takes place before The Closer. Sharon and Andy hook up during her FID days. Warning: I received a lot of negative comments about this one. While I understand why some people see this fic as problematic, I would like to explain that this story takes place during a timeframe when Andy was considered a chauvinistic prick and before he has developed respect for Sharon. Keep that in mind while reading this.
  • Captain Captain - Smut. Sharon and Andy play cop and suspect. 
  • Stuck Together - M rated. Multichapter. Sharon runs into a series of unfortunate events in her life, which changes her relationship with Andy. Trigger warning for sexual assault. Not one of my recommended stories. 

Mother!ship fics:

  • Freaked Out -  Based on one of the season 4 promos. Rusty gives Sharon several reaosns to freak out.
  • Heros Never Sleep - After a very stressful day at work, Sharon receives a letter that changes her mood. 
  • Spring Affair - Rusty reflects on some strange new behaviors and habits Sharon has recently developed and reaches one important conclusion (+Shandy). 
  • The Things That Make A Family - Fluffy adopt-a-pet fic.
  • Becoming A Family - A compilation of mini-fics written for prompts given to me on Tumblr and Facebook during the hiatus. I arranged them in an order that made sense, even though technically, they are not related, they are all about the stages of becoming a family (+Shandy). 
  • The Way Back Home - A tragic event from Sharon’s past resurfaces when she and Rusty are cleaning her parents’ attic. Together, they have to deal with the people in their lives who abandoned them. Read trigger warning.
  • Under The Stars - Season 3. Rusty and Sharon go camping. 
  • When Life Gives You Onions - Sharon receives a bouquet that makes her overly emotional and Rusty steps in to help her.
  • Fix You - Season 2. Episode tag to 2x19. Sharon and Rusty have a much needed talk. 
  • Famous Last Words - Angst. Major Character death.  Sometimes it’s better late than never. Sometimes it’s just too late and the opportunity is missed.
  • Life is Full of Surprises - Season 2. On the evening of The Nutcracker, Rusty and Sharon come to an important conclusion (+Shandy).
  • Ecliptic Creatures - Season 2. Rusty learns an unexpected lesson in life. 
  • Suitcase Full of Memories - Season 2. Following the mid-season finale, Rusty is removed from Sharon’s home. The squad is saying goodbye to him. 
  • Strings & Pins - Season 2. An unsuccessful attempt at a crack!fic. Rusty is trying to channel his anger into his art project. 
  • God Works in Mysterious Ways - A discovery in the back of Rusty’s closet helps him and Sharon get a better understanding of life. 
  • Go Veggie - Crack!fic. Rusty has a good reason to clean Sharon’s fridge…  
  • Family Matters - Season 1. After hearing that Rusty is living with Sharon, her mother and ex-husband come to LA. Their visit forces Sharon to deal with some painful truths and events from her past.

Sharon/Jack fics:

  • What You Left Behind - Jack is saying goodbye to his family, only moments before he leaves for his first rehab.
  • Wedding Vows -  Sharon tried to be a good wife and follow her wedding vows.

Sharon/Other and original Characters: 

  • Someone Else - Season 3. M rated. Episode tag to 3x03. Sharon/OC. Sharon takes an evening off from being herself and assumes an alias that leads to an unexpected turn of events.
  • Trick Or Treat - Smut. Sharon has her own original idea of how trick and treating should happen, especially where a certain Agent Fritz Howard of the FBI is concerned.
  • Dreams & Bath - Sharon/Andrea. Andrea has something important she needs and wants to tell Sharon, but things don’t go as planned.
  • 2011 Sauvignon Blanc - Sharon/Brenda. Smut. After Brenda’s testimony in Phillip Stroh’s trial, Sharon and Brenda discover that there is more than one way to share a bottle of wine.  
  • Living People Do - Season 2. Smut. Episode tag to 2x17. Sharon/Emma.  Loneliness brings Sharon and Emma together for one night, but things spin out of control. 

Multi-ship/General fics:

  • Friendly Advice - Season 4. Episode tag to 4x03. As they sit for a coffee after their meeting with Hobbs and Rusty, Judge Grove gives Sharon yet another advice (+Shandy).
  • Fairytale Ending - Sharon/Andy + Provenza/Hobbs. Provenza and Hobbs interfere with Sharon and Andy’s relationship. 
  • Pride In Unit - Season 3.  Sharon has an unusual request for the squad.
  • Sex With The Ex - M rated. Sharon/husband (before we knew his name) + Sharon/Andy. A very complicated story that I can’t describe or finish. Bottom line - don’t read anything past Chapter 2.
  • Wicked Witch - The story of how Sharon originally became known as the Wicked Witch. Goes way before her LAPD days. 
  • A Place For Wendy - Sharon/Andy + Rusty/OFC. Sharon takes in Rusty’s baby sister.    

Emily and Ricky fics:

  • Buzzing Romance - Emily/Buzz. Emily is into Buzz, but he wants her to make sure her mother is okay with their relationship. 
  • The One - Emily/OC + Sharon/Andy. A marriage proposal goes wrong. Sharon tries to help resolving the awry situation.
  • Perfect Family -  6 years old Ricky keeps some terrible secrets from his mother.

So, this entire story played out in my head last night as I tried to go to sleep after this episode (who could sleep after that???), and I thought it would just live in my head, but alas, it found a way out. This is an add-on to 5x10. 

What happened when Sharon and Andy reconnected after that terrifying explosion and difficult case?

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Rest in Peace, Sharon Marie Tate // January 24, 1943 - August 9, 1969 //
“I’d like to be a fairy princess - a little golden doll with gossamer wings, in a voile dress, adorned with bright, shiny things. I see that as something totally pure and beautiful. Everything that’s realistic has some sort of ugliness in it. Even a flower is ugly when it wilts, a bird when it seeks its prey, the ocean when it becomes violent. I’m very sensitive to ugly situations. I’m quick to read people, and I pick up if someone’s reacting to me as just a sexy blond. At times like that, I freeze. I can be very alone at a party, on the set, or in general, if I’m not in harmony with things around me.”

H*llence shippers: “sTOP shipping Danny & Kirsch! Danny clearly only likes him as a friend ! Forcing her into a relationship with someone she doesn’t want is toxic !!!!”

Hollstein shippers: 👀

Carmilla Season 2
  • Elise: I play Laura Hollis
  • Natasha: I play Carmilla
  • Annie: I play Perry
  • Kaitlyn: I'm playing LaF
  • Matt: I play Kirch
  • Shannon: I will be playing Theo
  • Nicole: playing a character who's name is Mel
  • Ian: I am playing Baron Vordenberg
  • Sophia: I'm playing Mattie
  • ...
  • Sharon: I AM DANNY.
  • ...
  • Everyone: Uh, Sharon...don't you mean you *play* Danny?