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Season 2.

Episode one comes out Saturday April 29th, at 5pm EST.

It’s gonna be fun.

Web Series Wednesday | Couple-ish Season 2
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What? Couple-ish

Who? Created by Kaitlyn Alexander. Written by Kaitlyn Alexander, RJ Lackie and Candice Hudson. Directed by Christian Tribuzio. Starring: Kaitlyn Alexander, Sharon Belle, Mercedes Morris and Premika Leo.

Why Should I Watch? Reasons, so many reasons but the most important reason I’d like to point out: representation and if you’ve followed Couple-ish from season one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Alexander’s writing has a way of reeling you in and thrusting you into the heat of the moment. In a world where being non-binary, bisexual, or even a person of color is often stigmatized, Alexander takes these stereotypes and places them where they deserve to be, up front and center stage.

The second season still follows Dee (Alexander), a non-binary bisexual, Rachel (Belle), a sassy British lady loving lady and Amy (Morris), Dee’s sister who loves to stir the pot but this season we also get the lovely addition of Cal (Leo), Rachel’s co-worker and person who makes Dee stumble on their words, like a lot.

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Fans of the first season won’t be disappointed as the second season is filled with even more wit, more sarcasm, more jealousy and more of Belle’s British accent that makes people swoon.

A few things not cast related that are noteworthy, guest writing appearances from the likes of Lackie and Hudson, next level production value, the editing, oh the glorious editing and so much more. Don’t believe me? Seeing is believing, get your binge on!

Where Can I Watch? The series is 20 episodes in with only a few more left (le sigh) but don’t worry because rumor has it and by rumor I mean Twitter has it that there may be a prequel in the works. Catch the second season below or check out Couple-ish’s YouTube channel for even more goodies!

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Ofc I was thinking bad thoughts about Sharon choking on her hot dog.

Ofc Andrei came in and made me facepalm.


…. that in the background aside, you shouldn’t eat that.

For reasons.

… she ended up kind of actually listening to me tell her not to eat that by virtue of walking past my sims.  xD  Set it right down like she was gonna eat it, sat down to actually eat it, got right back up, meal went poof.

Oh it’s Tarik again.  Wow.  Currently three Wolff brothers on the same damned lot.

You may be wondering why I haven’t had Andrei bite that man yet.  I kind of made a pact with myself that Andrei has to be in werewolf form and on the same lot.  If someone practices fighting with him or something and makes Andrei turn into a werewolf I mean I guess, but I’m not gonna pointedly turn him into a werewolf JUST to bite Tarik.  xD

It’s my way of waffling on the issue and being a cocktease at the same time.

According to past calculations steeped in a ridiculously intimate (read: sad af) working knowledge about his family and the paltry handful of screenshots I had from that era, today is Andrei’s real time birthday.  He’s the ripe old age of three.  xD

С днём рождения, Андрюша!


Reasons to love this show:

It’s HILARIOUS. The script is well written, with just the right amount of sarcasm and wittiness. Most of the jokes/puns are on point! I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel I really must reiterate this point-They put in effort into providing not only accurate subtitles but also witty captions for audiences’ possible internal monologue for each particular scene!

The chemistry and the cast. I knew Kaitlyn Alexander and Sharon Belle would be good from Carmilla, but I never expect to love the other two characters as much as well. In fact, Mercedes Morris who plays Amy Warson, quickly became my favourite within the first few episodes. The love, siblings and friendship chemistry between the 4 characters are also just so good!

Educational. Dee Warson, one of the main characters identifies as non-binary and is played by Kaitlyn Alexander, who also identifies as non-binary. They did give a pretty clear explanation on what their identities meant and I’ve learned quite a bit. I don’t think there are a lot of TV shows that feature a non-binary character…or even LGBTQ+ characters (THAT DO NOT DIE) in general.

And what’s great about this show is the sense of normalcy and positivity it provides about the LGBTQ+ community. Sure, there was an emotional scene about Dee’s parent being uncomfortable with them being non-binary, but other than that, Couple-ish simply comes off as a show about 4 people living and finding happiness, regardless of gender and sexuality. True, it’s not the first TV show with this approach, but it’s refreshing every time I come across a show like that. Because that is still undesirable, perhaps even illegal in some parts of the world.

Also, Sharon Belle in hats ALL THE TIME? YES.

Can’t wait for Season 2! :D