sharon mann

sometimes I think of how hated Sadie is in the INK fandom which annoys me a lot and makes me sad because she’s EXTREMELY inspiring to me as someone trying to get into voice acting. just gah the way she can say things so slow, subtle, and creepy mmm 
and then turn around and yell like a whiny kid, or act like an idiot haha
and and also have super adorable tender moments at times that you wouldn’t even expect from her, awww!!
she’s just…ughhh so amazing I love everything about her but especially that VOICE ACTING. I love almost all voice acting, especially in my fandoms, but rarely am I ever this blown away and overly study a character’s every single word and how they say every single syllable in hopes to one day being able to come close to how amazing of a performance they are able to do. (also her voice actor Sharon Mann voices Jeremy and Aelita from Code: LYOKO and is extremely talented in a lot of other areas of voice acting and acting) and ahhh I love so much that Sadie has a song in every episode, ahhh that singing SO MANY FEELS alkjlkjf so beautiful and powerful and also sometimes subtle again eeeek I love her so much and actually find her super cute and pretty too. uvu I MEAN LOOK AT HER, the fandom thinks she’s ugly just because she has a big nose. SO WHAT she’s a cartoon character okay? ‘Sides I actually really love it and think it looks good on her haha

oki doki sorry but I just…cannot ever think of her without thinking of all this (and more haha) I just felt I had to say this since I feel really bad about forgetting to mention her in inspirations for voice acting. ono; 

…also I found a place you can actually contact Sharon Mann, I kinda want to because again huge inspiration to me but eek shy haha…maybe someday