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It was the evening of 7 August, 2008, and Crystal Walker left her 5-year-old daughter, Isabella, in care of her great-grandparents, Henry and Sharon Lascelle, while she went to work at a sports bar. Living a couple doors down from the couple was 16-year-old John Freeman. John was a regular fixture at the Lascelle household. He often helped mow the lawn and used their computer and sometimes even slept in the spare room when he didn’t want to pay for heat. He certainly was taken under their wing and would often take advantage of their generosity. 

At approximately 11PM, Henry and Sharon went to sleep. When they awoke, Isabella was missing. They called the police who mounted a search. The first point of call was to go to John’s home. He had been at the Lascelle household that evening so they hoped he knew something about her whereabouts. When police questioned him, he was uncommunicative and told them the last time he saw her was when he left the Lascelle home before they went to bed that night. He didn’t offer to assist in the search and seemed disinterested in the entire ordeal, even standoffish. 

After searching for hours, police were led to a trash can four blocks from the Lascelle home. The person who directed police there was John’s best friend, Tyler Best. Overcome with guilt, Tyler had walked to the police station to reveal what he knew about the disappearance and death of the little girl. John eventually confessed that he had strangled Isabella with his bare hands before asking Tyler to help him dispose of her body. The motivation behind the senseless murder was never revealed, however it was announced that Isabella had not been molested. John was sentenced to 22 years to life.

Black Lesbian district attorney chained to a jailhouse wall and denied medication after writing a check tellers thought was fake

Sharon Henry, a Black lesbian district attorney of San Mateo, walked into a Bank of America and attempted to deposit a check for $27,000 from her domestic partner’s account into hers and withdraw $1,000. The teller looked up a listing for the partner’s name–Kathleen Wilkinson–but it was a different Kathleen Wilkinson than Henry’s partner, and the listing lacked the notation that Sharon Henry was allowed to make the transaction.

The teller called Wilkinson’s family, who stated they didn’t know Henry and the teller called the police. The police, failing to follow protocol, did not call the phone number on the check, and refused to let Henry make the call, put her under arrest. They locked her up and took away her phone and diabetes medication.

Finally, Henry was released two hours later after her partner arrived at the bank wondering where she had gone.

Henry, a prosecutor, has decided to sue Bank of America for negligence, stating that the bank acted the way it did largely because she was African American. The judge has ruled in BofA’s favor, stating that Henry’s suit is an “unjustified” attempt to violate Bank of America’s free speech. Not only that, but the judge ordered Henry to pay BofA’s $50,000 attorney fees.

Sharon Henry is considering an appeal.


This is lovely news - Jennifer Joseph, Sharon Rooney’s colleague from last year’s all-women Henry IV, is in the new series of My Mad Fat Diary!!! She trained with Clean Break Theatre Company and was also in Phyllida Lloyd’s all-women Julius Caesar.

Images: Screenshot from Twitter, 18.02.2015 / Jackie Clune, Jennifer Joseph and Liz Chan in rehearsal for Henry IV at the Donmar Warehouse © 2014 Helen Maybanks / Jennifer Joseph © 2014 Getty DK