Thompson Twins Quick Step & Side Kick The Collection

“…When I had a high-quality digital version available on one of the many re-releases and compilations, I used that. When I came across a track that hadn’t been digitized straight from the original production masters, I used my (thankfully still well-preserved) vinyl.”

-Derek Donovan, October 2007

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Rome Concert 1980

-downmix sampler-

Three excellent live tracks to serve as a sampler for the whole album, which forms part of the complete 5.1 downmix collection:


From A Fellow MiniDisc User & Talking Heads Fan


thanks for the Downmix you made for ‘Speaking in Tongues’. The audio is outstanding. I added a photo of the MD I recorded it on.



Speaking in Tongues

A 5.1 downmix of 2007.

This makes me happy.
A Golden Premium Disc
and FLAC quality

ON THE LEFT: the Sharoma waveform
ON THE RIGHT: the official waveform

Previous comments include:

“The quality of your Heads downmixes is outstanding. There should be a lot more comments about these. Thank you for your excellent work.”

“I look forward to hearing these downmixes too. Thanks for the hard work and ingenius approach!”

“Words just don’t do these tracks justice. You’ve taken 3 of my favorite albums and made them more incredible than the released versions. No chance we could get the same treatment for Naked, More Songs About Buildings and Food and 77 is there?”

“You’re a genius man, seriously!!”
-Casare Rizza

“Incredible work. As a massive TH fan and a massive Brian Eno fan, the extra 'bits’ that are now audible have blown my tiny mind. Anyway, thanks for the work you’ve done.”

The project will eventually [hopefully] include all eight albums; four have been produced so far:

- 77 [YouTube sample]
- Fear of Music
- Remain in Light [YouTube sample]
- Speaking in Tongues




Speaking in Tongues

5.1 downmix