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no need to apologise, I really enjoy this speculation of yours! Could you do Sharoa, too?

well, that’s good to hear ahaha. I’m kind of worried I’m coming off as an idiot here going off on a tangent about characters i don’t know anything about!

and sure! soo… Sharoa. Sharon. Sharoa. What’s the correct version, anyway? And don’t let me get started on that surname.

  • How I feel about this character:  She’s… adorable. And fun to draw, those curly curly curly curls. I actually used to have a very similar hairstyle to the one she has in highschool. Her love for orange + blue is a bit frightening. Just like the apparent circumference of her legs. I… I like her a lot, too? So many new cool characters in Mask of Miracle C: 

    Anyway. Cute cute cute little Sharon, she’s so happy and excitable in those trailers, it’s hard not to like her. She seems like that sort of person who wears her heart on her sleeve so when something’s not right you can see it straight away. She’s probably a very popular girl at school, being on good terms with everyone. Though probably there are a bunch of assholes who can’t stand her and then poor lil’ sharon cries her eyes out cause someone laughed at her clothes. :c She seems like a very sensitive person, so it probably really gets to her. But being cute and sweet isn’t all she’s about, she strikes me as that sort of person who can be VERY forceful if she has to. 

    Grown up, I think she has matured a lot. Probably not as excitable and squeaky as in her teens, having become much more subtle and refined. I think she’s adapted to her new, wealthy life very well, but she didn’t let the money get to her head. She doesn’t strike me as that sort of person to show off - especially judging by the way she dresses, simple and not very flashy, but elegant nevertheless. She’s probably still quick to help someone in need, and crafty enough to do it in a much subtler way if her help is refused. She still can’t cook for the life of her.

    But adulthood isn’t all fun and easy for her, and with maturity also came responsibilities and tons of stress stress stress. She’s lost her previous innocent attitude and she learned how to hide her emotions… as best she can. She’s probably horribly worried about her husband and the situation in town, but tries her best to maintain a happy facade to comfort him. Doesn’t help much, but hey, she tries. 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Said it before, but Henry, Henry and Henry once more. C:
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Lando and Hershel. Lando’s probably the best person to squee about clothes and stuff with, but when it comes to serious talk, Hershel’s the one to go. They make a cute trio. c: 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I… can’t really imagine her getting together with Lando?
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Same as with Henry. I just want them to be happy together. c: