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I bought a new winter coat the other day and was excited about for once being prepared for when it inevitably snows, here in the great (not so) white north. 

And that made me wanna!! draw winter fashion?? But with my 3rd gym kids because no one can stop me from making my dreams come true B)

ok someone was like, a Ronan/Blue get-along shirt wouldn’t work because of their height but hear me out:

Gansey decides that a get-along shirt is a good idea after Blue and Ronan have another half hour long bickering session.

Blue and Ronan are not happy but, you know what, okay, we’ll get along. and then Ronan picks Blue up by the waist and they chase Gansey around Monmouth all afternoon pretending to be a two headed monster.

“Stop, stop this right now!”

“But we’re getting along!!”

MakoHaruRin week: Day 5 - Domestic/Cooking

wooo so I haven’t been able to participate in Marinka week yet since I had portfolios this week!! But day five is such a great time for me to join since domestic AUs are my faaaavourite!! 

Hopefully I won’t be too busy the rest of the week and you’ll still see some stuff from me uwu

When you love your tiny girlfriend but she’s a piece-of-shit sadist who likes to rile your broody, vampire datefriend up because, “it’s funny.” You just want them to get along. Shinoa, Shinoa please, stop making things difficult ;; 


The hazy air was nothing like the overcast fall chill they’d just left behind. They had longed for summer, and so Cabeswater had given them summer.