This is a little present for you, because I love you oh so much. We met only a few short months ago on here, but alas, you are already one of my closest friends on here. When I see you on my dash, a smile spreads across my face as I realise my wonderful stace is online! Even if we do not talk for a few days, if I see you on tumblr, I am secretly communicating with you anyway, hoping you’re okay and having a wonderful day (sometimes I’m just too pure lazy to message you this haha).

I’m so glad I have met you here, I consider you one of my closet tumblr friends, and my life is better off with you in it! I know it’s taken months but I am still swimming to you.. I WILL GET THERE ONE DAY.

You are my french queen, the trevino to my wesley and my shampoo soulmate (expect a bottle of shampoo in the post as well for your birthday).. I LOVE YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

How can people not see that Kate Argent and Peter Hale are the best villians of Teen Wolf. The show will be nothing without it’s villains ! the show will be boring without them so stop complaining about it! If you don’t like the badass villains go watch my little pony or something..