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Chicago’s underground cult hero..SHARKULA aka THIG aka THIGAMAJIGGEE

Shot on 16mm film (by 3129joshua)

SHARKULA Mrs. Doubtfire Video

what I say: Alright look. When I got this submission I was deeply conflicted. This is not my kind of music. I don’t mean that insultingly, I just like to be able to sing along, so instrumental is not really my thing. Also, the recording quality leaves a little to be desired, but they’re new, and that shit’s expensive, so it’s whatever. Upon investigation, I discovered that exactly thirty-eight people like them on facebook. And while it may not be my style, what is this blog for if not helping people whose style it is find this music?? So, here it is: Sharkula. enjoy!

the band says: We’re a new band out of the burgeoning Thunderpsych (not yet defined by urbandictionary. sorry, followers, you’ll have to listen to get it) genre of Philadelphia.  We live together in a crumbling basement where we make noise and VHS tapes. 

Who listens to us? People who like metal but also enjoy smiling.

why the fuck am I interested? It’s catchy and the new song is about the greatest film of all time., facebook

okay and actually watch the video, because they’re clearly having a blast.


Sharkula on Chic A Go Go (2014)

(with Shawn Wharton fencing in the Flint shirt)


“Mrs. Doubtfire” by Sharkula